Today is wash day. I wash my clothes and bedding. Real exciting!

Do you have a specific day for household chores?

I’m anxious to get things decluttered and cleaned up around here. But I have to sit next to Abi, so I’m not getting much done. If I take my hand off of her that dog will somehow get into trouble.

I’ve been away from the computer a bit. Things got really exciting around here all of a sudden. 

My tub converter, that thing in the middle of the hot and cold spigots that holds the water in the tub, or drains it out, broke over the weekend. 

So when I went to take a bath, I didn’t hardly get any water. And it showered down on me from my handheld shower head while I sat there. I took a shower and water was spraying out of everywhere, so I barely got a decent shower at all. 

Oh great.

I ordered a pizza because as you know I haven’t left Abi in two weeks, so there’s no going to the store to get groceries.

I’m totally exhausted from carrying this dog around and not getting a good shower or bath to relax in. 

So I decided, if maintenance is going to have to change the spigot out tomorrow, then I’m running to Lowes to get one for the bathroom sink faucet.

And then I have to go to the bank, which is in the opposite direction from Lowes. What to do about Abi?

I put Abi and Charlie in the bathroom with their bed, closed the toilet lid, looked around to see if there’s anything they could get into, turn the lamp on, shut the door and head out. 

I grabbed a new faucet at Lowes and went to the bank. I was maybe gone 30 minutes. 

I got home and when I opened the bathroom door, Abi was drenched. DRENCHED!

I had closed the toilet lid. There was no water on. There was no water on the floor.

So, I ask you, how did Ms. Abi get herself wet from head to toe? And Charlie was dry as a bone?

Geez Louise. Tis a mystery for sure.

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  1. It may help to tell yourself you get to sit with Abi and just let things wait. I have a pile of papers to organize. I have been working on a filing system and cleaning closets for fifteen years. Now I have one closet and one plastic tub left. My goals is to finish everything by 2016. It will be frightening when the projects are finished. My family says I have a pile of papers by my chair every time they see me. I have learned to put all the trash I sort on my right side so I always set a garbage bag there. Everything for files goes in alphabetical order on the files on the floor. When I finish the task each day I move the files to a shelf. The shelf part keeps from having papers everywhere when people visit.

  2. That I the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. If she could get in the tub I would guess that there was one last blast of water that drenched her. Is there a shut off valve behind the toilet. I hope you solve the mystery as no of us will sleep. Our little Hank had me laughing like crazy tonight. He snuck through a baby gate and thought he was really tuff stuff. He was running like crazy and sliding. They are just like kids with their energy and mischief. I was wondering about the guy behind you. I bet that pizza tasted good to you both. Hugs

  3. Thanks for the good laugh. What is the saying, truth is stranger than fiction?
    You were so thoughtful to buy pizza for Israel. You are always kind.
    Really like your Christmas present. Am anxious to see pictures.

  4. Brenda, if you're an Amazon Prime member,you need to check out their Pantry service. I live too far out in the country for them to deliver, but sure they do in your area. But I think Amazon has many grocery items, even aside from the Pantry service.

  5. I think Abi nudged open the toilet lid with her nose just enough for her to squeeze into the toilet. Then, after splashing around for a bit, she nudged the lid open again, squeezed out, and it closed behind her. She probably needs a bath with your new faucet now! 🙂 Clever little dog.

  6. I'm sitting here laughing my head off at that little crackpot Abi – how on earth did she get herself soaked??? I hope she didn't get her incision too wet…perhaps a little peroxide on it wouldn't hurt after that. What a goofball she is!!

  7. Did you have to dry your dog? They do the funniest things. My dog plays with his toys. He squeaks them. I call that making me a concert. He takes them outside and inside. He leaves them for days and then brings them in. He leaves them by the legs of the tables, spaces them equal distances on the sidewalk and on the edge of the furniture and the window. My favorite is when he puts one in my chair where he wants me to sit with him. Are you half way through your dog's recovery? It is interesting that you both have foot and leg problems.

  8. Abi getting soaked is a big mystery………..would liked to have been a fly on the wall………that wouldn't have been good either…..they don't like flies. Can't help you with the mystery.
    Am glad you got the spigot situation fixed and now for a nice shower.
    You're thoughtful to get a pizza for a "hungry man".
    Thinking of you,

  9. Oh my word, I think Abi is just a little mischief. haha Hopefully she gets well soon and things get back to normal. If you have to run out, do you have a carrier you can put her in and hopefully keep her safe until you get home?

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