1. Your girls are certainly DIY go getters – like their momma – and your grandkids are beautiful!

  2. Your grandkiddos are growing so fast! And U agree that the family resemblance is certainly evident! Adorable!

    I’m not familiar with toaster ovens … can a cup of water be brought to boil in them to steam the inside much like with a microwave? That would make wiping away splatters much easier.

  3. Handsome grandkids!! SO VERY GLAD you get to see them some. Ours were over today and daughter picked up drivein lunch and then we had my homemade apple pie for a late birthday celebration for grandson. He had asked that I make that. I was glad to do so…it is a laborious task doing apple pies. Especially when making gluten free. I am still not entirely pleased with the crust so more work. Thanks for sharing about your toaster oven…mine is awful inside too. I did not know not to use abrasives and probably have…but it does help to get the grease down…plus maybe more fire safe. I might get one like yours next…if this one ever quits. I would like one a bit bigger…and those cookware look inviting too!!
    So sorry about what Home Depot did to your daughter…I sure hope she finds a better supplier!! Businesses are taking a horrific advantage of customers right now…price gouging among the offenses…bait and switch which was VERY against the law when I worked retail during the 90’s, etc. I had waited since April for a case of Keystone canned chicken ordered from Lehman’s. You can bet I was upset when I opened it…it is Lehman brand…I was sold Keystone!!! So I will open one, see if it is like Keystone. If not? Either they get it back, at their expense, or I will contact the powers that be. So far as I am aware, Bait and Switch is STILL against the law. SHAME on people…and they wonder why a lot of us don’t trust much of anyone anymore!! One more thing…we have had 2 credit cards stolen and used in Texas (where I last was 65 years ago)…due to using them to shop Home Depot. We do have to shop there at times, but always take cash. TWO TIMES?? If I used a credit card there again, I guess it would be my fault whatever happened.

  4. Your gkids are beautiful. Hubby stopped buying at HD since they stopped giving veterans the discount. Hope they take your daughter’s complaint seriously, she probably gives lots of business w her remodels.

  5. great pictures. Of what I can see. that floating ‘next post’ thing. Seriously, I can only read two whole sentences and then I have to scroll up and read two more complete sentences. Very frustrating. Between the header and the floating box that is all I can see at one time. Sorry to complain but it is very annoying after enjoying your blog for so long. sigh

  6. Yes, the inside of toaster ovens get oily and dirty. We’ve tried everything (except abrasive cleaners) to get it clean, to no avail. But we can’t keep buying a new toaster oven every year just because it’s dirty! So we just clean it to the best of our ability and keep using it. I just saw that someone said to try a Magic Eraser. That’s one thing I haven’t tried, but will do so.

    I don’t buy any special pans for my toaster oven. I use sheets of parchment paper for my pans, so they stay clean and nothing sticks.

    Your grandchildren are beautiful!

  7. My grandchildren live in Utah. They were just in Yellowstone. They go about twice a year.

  8. For the inside of your oven try me clean eraser it’s a white sponge that cleans well, not abrasive.

  9. I just ordered the trio set of the baking pans, in red of course. Thanks for the reccomendation. I use my toaster oven exclusively.
    I also love your garden pics, and your container garden knowledge. Your plants always look so healthy in spite of the heat, and midsummer fatigue. You have a lovely, quiet life. Sweet pets, lovely family, and a beautiful garden outside your inspiring apartment. I love reading your posts everday. Thank you for sharing, and being my personal shopper😁

    1. I think you’ll like these pans. I like not having to scrub food out after it’s cooked. Let me know what you think after you use them.

  10. What cute pictures of your grandkids! It’s nice to see them spending time outside in such a beautiful place.

  11. All your grandchildren and girls are darling!!! Wonderful family you have Brenda. I can just taste that great lasagna from Olive Garden as that is what I like from there. I would be furious with Home Depot allowing delivery service like this to represent them.
    People talk and concerns like this are passed around to customers and there is other stores to support if this is how they wish to do business in a time when people can pick and chose a business. It will make or break a business on adapting.

  12. Wow Brenda, your grandchildren look very much like you! You sure can see the family resemblance!

  13. Oh my gosh the kids are getting so big. Lovely backdrop for photos. I hope they are having a blast. Those pans sounds awesome.

  14. Your grandkids are so cute. Glad they are getting to have a little fun during Covid! That is horrible about Home Depot not taking those cabinets up for her. Anytime I have had them deliver heavy things they have brought them in. I guess it is who they hire out to for deliveries. Happy Friday.

  15. Oh wow, lovely grands Brenda! Very glad you are enjoying them from time to time!
    Both look so happy to be on vacay! Will they return to school next month? So difficult making these serious decisions.

    Love your new oven! I could use one. Maybe will consider.
    Enjoy your 😃 weekend Brenda!

  16. Your grandchildren are adorable!

    I’ve had nothing but problems with Home Depot and their contractor service. I had sunscreens put on my home and they drilled into every window and cracked all the glass. Took a year to get them to fix it, and now the fix hasn’t gone the distance. All the seals of reglassing the windows are bad. Irks me.

    Your view out your patio doors is beautiful!

    I also find all this new stuff that you can’t use cleaners on yet they never get clean. I’d like to back to the days of using Ajax. Cleaning without perfumes and a true clean!!!

  17. Your grandchildren are very GOOD looking youngsters, with wonderful smiles. I bet their Mother is very proud of them both.

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