Advice On Which Plant Caddies To Buy

Here is my first little gathering of pots with plants in them that I took photos of this morning on my patio. I also want to advise you on the best plant caddies to buy, which is detailed below.

I’ll be working on the other areas of my patio in the next few weeks. I typically head to the nursery on April 15.

That is a pot of alliums in the back.

How I Arrange Pots On My Patio:

I typically gather around 3-4 pots together in one area and then leave room to walk around them. This guides the eye from one area to another.

My Japanese Maple and Ginkgo Biloba trees are getting their leaves. I need to figure out where I want to roll them to.

Speaking of rolling, remember last year I had most of my heavy pots placed on rolling plant caddies? My teenage grandson lifted them on the caddies for me. Which made my life much easier.

Tip On Which Plant Caddies To Buy:

I have a tip for you though. I ordered various ones at first. The first couple of orders of plant caddies I bought didn’t hold up. So if you’re going to order, it’s best to go with heavy duty plant caddies or you’re probably wasting your money.

The problem with the others is that the wheels often won’t roll under the weight. Which means you have to pull it yourself. And you may as well not have them at all if you have to do that.

I’m going to have to order a few more. And I have learned from experience to buy these in the photo above.

Heavy Weight Plant Caddies Are Best:

Some of my pots are big and very heavy. And these 14 inch wide Bosmere S14410 Down Under Plant Caddies have held up. In fact they have 5 stars on Amazon.

I advise you to not waste your money on the other ones unless your pots aren’t very heavy. And obviously you wouldn’t be buying this size caddie if your pots were light.

The first ones I bought are just taking up space next to my potting bench. If they won’t roll under the weight, they’re useless to you.


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  1. I love your Johnny-Jump-ups and the allium- so fresh and green. And the pots are beautiful. Pansies and johnnies are the first plants I buy every spring too. And then the herbs. This year, as they are correcting building structure issues on the condo, I don’t have access to my balcony – they took off the rail, took off the stucco, and have wrapped the building. It’s necessary, but will take a few months to complete so no beloved garden this year. And my poor houseplants aren’t getting their sufficient light as the windows are covered with the wrap. My cat and I are not happy. One of the other buildings, now complete, took six months to do. There are issues with getting supplies and materials – thanks at least in part to Covid – as I’m sure your daughter has found too. Sorry to moan, but I sure do feel the loss of my garden. I will enjoy yours vicariously.

  2. Love your pots and advise! It’s spring here in the NC mountains. Wish I could send you a picture of my flower barrel. I have an underground propane tank (for my gas fireplace) and needed something to cover the top part that sticks up out of the ground. Turned a large wooden barrel half over, put a plastic tub on top and filled it with dirt. Left a hole in the middle for seasonal potted plants (has a pot of blooming daffodils now). Then planted pansies around pot. Looks great and easy to change out pots!

  3. I’ve never planted alliums before. But I was looking at them in a gardening book the other night. I have bought some zinnia seeds and some sunflowers. I want to try planting as much as I can this year in service to the bees and hummingbirds and other birds too. Last summer the hummingbirds entertained me for hours. They loved my salvia. I tore a muscle in my shoulder and I have to go very slowly and carefully. It caused so much pain that my doctor ordered an MRI. It revealed the torn muscle and arthritis across my shoulders. Getting old is painful. However, I’m still curious so have no desire to leave yet. The caddies look great and I appreciate your information on buying the heavy duty ones. Best to spend once and have something to show for it. Your pots look so pretty.

  4. Your pots of pansies and Johnny Jump-Ups are gorgeous! We’re probably 3-4 weeks behind your weather in my area of SE Wisconsin, but the grass greened up a LOT this morning after we got about 1/2″ rain last evening/night. April “showers” are arriving early, rain and/or snow/rain mix are expected off and on through next week. I noticed that even overnight early arrivals popped up about an inch taller overnight. It never ceases to amaze me.

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