Nearly Two Years With Ivy

Since I got the cat tower for Ivy and play fetch with her most days, Ivy has been losing a bit of weight.

She jumps up to the top of that cat tower with the ease of a leopard in the jungle leaping into a tree.

Ivy & Her Swirly Toys:

And when she brings me a swirly toy to play fetch, she runs after it with all she’s got.

Often she slides right into the furniture. But this does not deter her.

It’s funny. When she strolls back to me with the swirly toy in her mouth, she looks like the cat that ate the canary. She looks really proud of herself.

She strides toward me with finesse. Like she’s practiced for this moment all of her life.

Watching Out The French Doors:

Ivy loves to sit at the French doors and stare out at the bird bath that is just a few feet from the door. She gets really excited when the sparrows all swoop in at once.

I suppose that equates to Ivy TV. Plus the water fountain is just on the other side of the glass, so she can watch and hear that. Ivy loves water.

Because she gets so much exercise now, she really values her naps.

First Few Months With Ivy:

And just for old times’ sake, I looked up photos of Ivy when she first came to live with us.

Charlie and Ivy

This was October 2018 right after she became part of our family. Charlie looks like he’s caught up in a hostage situation.

Whatever have you gotten us into?” he seems to be saying as he stares at me.

Ivy and Charlie

But he was a good sport about it as we watched Ivy and her endless shenanigans.

As long as she didn’t touch him. Which to this day she still attempts to do now and then.

He snaps at her and she rears back and stares at him as if he’s gone off his rocker.

Ivy with paper towel
Ivy in the bathroom sink

Please indulge me for a little trip down memory lane. I take lots and lots of photos of my babies.

Ivy and Charlie

Being the proud mama that I am, of course I have taken lots of photos to share with you.

Ivy with cat toy

Ivy Taught Me To Play Fetch:

She loved those swirly toys from day one. And she plays with them more than with any of her many toys.

These are what she brings to me to play fetch.

She is into everything. And she will pick something up and drag it off if she can.

For the first months Charlie still had that “deer caught in the headlights” look.

Ivy on sewing machine table

I have not been able to create one single vignette without Ivy deciding to rearrange things more to her liking.

Ivy on cat tree

The below photo was when I began to notice that Ivy was obsessed with watching tree leaves scuttle about.

Charlie and Ivy at the door

Ivy became Charlie’s heroine when he saw her catch the flies that so terrified him.

Just this morning:

Ivy Brings My Joy & Laughter:

Ivy immediately infused this home with humor and joy.

From the very first night when I woke up to go to the bathroom and found that she’d crammed a dead cricket into the toe of one of my slippers, I knew we were in for quite a ride.

And let me tell you, there’s still never a dull moment with Ivy around.



  1. I’ve been following your blog since the very first post you’ve written and have enjoyed it immensely. It’s been about 3 years that I’ve been reading — today (for me) is 7/29/22 so I’m a year behind.

    Your caption for the picture of Charlie and Ivy “Charlie looks like he’s in a hostage situation.” made me laugh so hard. Too funny!

  2. We have a dog named Stella who loves to lay on the guest bed and look out the window – especially in the evenings when there are more creatures out there (rabbit, squirrels, skunks, raccoons). My kids and I always joke that she is watching “Stella-vision”!

  3. I really enjoyed your observations about Ivy. She sounds like a fun gal to have around!!! I adored your photos of Charlie and Ivy!

  4. She is unusual, that Ivy…never heard of another cat that liked to play fetch. The cat we inherited some years ago, like to bark like a dog…there are some unusual ones out there…glad you are enjoying Ivy.

  5. I LOVE your photography whether it’s the pets or garden or decor. You capture adorable moments with Charlie and Ivy. She has been a wonderful addition to your family. Have a lovely Sunday.

  6. They’re both adorable,Brenda.
    You take great photos!
    My 2 kitties,Bella and Bud, bring lots of love and laughs to this little house too.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  7. All of the photos of the Ivy and Charlie are delightful. I think Ivy has kept Charlie wanting to hang on to see what is going to happen next with her! Our current two cats are rescues from the Humane Society and they make us laugh so much. Having pets is so good for one’s health.

  8. She is such a beautiful cat. Our Norah will be two in November. We rescued her when she was about four weeks old. Megan fed her like every two hours. She is tiny. Quite the disposition too but loveable only on her time frame which is rare! They certainly bring us so much entertainment and love. I so enjoy hearing about Ivy and Charlie.

  9. Ivy is adorable. I love seeing pictures of her. Her markings are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Bringing Ivy home was the best thing that you could have done for yourself! I hope she brings you many years of joy and laughs ~

  11. Great shots of both your babies! Very entertaining indeed! Thanks for sharing your walk down memory lane.

  12. Wow two years already. Seems like you just adopted her. She came at a time when you and Charlie were grieving for Abby and she was able to fill a little bit of the sadness in your heart. She is such a pretty cat.
    Have a great week ahead.

  13. OH, that first picture of Charlie looking up at you – it was so clear he was saying to you ‘MOM, what have you DONE?!” LOL! Glad Ivy is losing some weight, she needs to and will be all the healthier for it. And probably want to get even more active than she already is. She may end up putting you on the “Ivy Training Program,” Brenda!

  14. It’s so wonderful the JOY our fur babies can bring us. It was two years this past March that MY IVY joined my household. She had been abused and was six years old and I often wondered if she would ever feel comfortable and safe. She didn’t know how to play with toys and was only interested in chasing a laser occasionally. Still no interest in toys. But, she has become a wonderful LOVEBUG and continually shows me her increasing comfort level. No more hissing and biting. Oh, some biting but it is a playful bite and never breaks the skin. What a love and joy! And, they give us far more love than we can imagine. Happy anniversary soon for your Coming Together. I’m so happy for you!

  15. I love seeing pictures of Charlie and Ivy! I laugh at their antics. It always amazes me to see the different personalities and quirks of our pets, and yes, they bring such joy into our lives. I especially liked hearing that Ivy stuffed a dead cricket into your slipper on the FIRST
    night home. She was letting you know who was in charge now!

  16. What a wonderful post. Thank you for the “TON” of smiles you brought to my Sunday, sharing your photos of Charlie and Ivy! Such a wonderful treat, to read and look at happy pictures, in today’s troubled times. Have a nice Sunday with the two Lovies!!!

  17. Brenda, you made me laugh more than once reading the post. Charlie in a hostage situation was my favorite! We do love and spoil our babies! Enjoy your day!

  18. what an absolute JOY this post is to read about the two little JOYS of your life! thank you!
    and never worry about too many pictures of them. it’s wonderful! xoxo

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