1. What a pretty basket! Is it a Longaberger? Look on the bottom for the Longaberger name or logo. I got two baskets at the thrift shop a few weeks ago, but mine aren’t as pretty as yours.

    I love that shade of green paint. Your folding tray will be so pretty when it’s done. Did you buy a sealer for after you paint it?

  2. I really like your basket. Like the color of the wood, the handles, all of it. That Tate Green looks like an interesting color. Like you, I enjoy the color green too.

  3. I think you’ll love the basket, and you did get a good deal on it. I can’t wait to see how you style it and your tray with the rub on transfer.

  4. So glad you are enjoying your thrifting trips. I would have snagged that basket too!

  5. If that’s a Longaberger basket, you got a real good deal.

      1. Brenda, Longaberger baskets ALWAYS are signed on the bottom by the creator. Usually there is a stamp indicating it is a Longaberger product, too.

  6. Love your basket and good for you making the best of a rainy day.Nothing like getting out to new scenery when it’s dismal.

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