More and more people are working at home these days. And if they don’t have a designated office they have to come up with ways to create an efficient work space.

I’ve worked at home for quite some time, and I write my posts from my recliner. But I decided I had to get documents and such in one place. I needed to buy a printer/scanner because sometimes you just need one.

I wouldn’t be able to find my stamps if my life depended on it because I rarely use stamps and always forget where I put them.

But where to put these things that wouldn’t take over another room? I only have a one bedroom apartment, as you know.

I finally came up with an idea so I could organize what needed organizing. To give everything a place so I could easily find it when I needed it.

And all I needed to use was three pieces of furniture arranged in a certain fashion.

Creating a half wall in the open space that leads from my living room to my dining space was the perfect solution. There was more than enough room. And I only used 2 feet.

First I put the little shuttered cupboard adjacent to the wall. Then my grandson and I put together a bookcase that I needed for books and lined it up to the wall next to the cupboard.

This creates the illusion of a half wall.

I realized that I can’t find anything when I need it. I’ve lost my social security card. I couldn’t find my stamps if my life depended on it.

So even though I really don’t need a full office and don’t have an extra room for one, I definitely needed a designated place to put office type things where I can find them.

This is my answer. Two wall areas just for my office space. Instead of an L-shape like you sometimes see, this time it’s an inverted L-shape. Created by putting the cupboard in front of the desk, essentially hiding it from view. And thus wrapped around two walls.

It’s a different style from what I usually choose. It’s more feminine. I was just ready for a more feminine touch for this area of my apartment.

I moved the long sideboard that was here before and put it over by the couch. I’ll show you that another day. It’s just a few feet from where it was.

I ordered a real wood desk this time. Not a fake wood desk that would fall apart in a matter of months, which always seems to happen. I ordered a good comfortable chair.

And that was no easy feat. Due to the coronavirus, it’s very hard to find desks and office chairs, etc., because people are working at home and most everything was sold out.

I wanted a fabric chair with real wood at the bottom and casters so the chair would roll around.

I put the vintage mail box on the wall on the other side of the bookcase to place mail until I have time to go through it. Most of it is stuff I end up throwing away.

I found the little office sign on And the flower and book painting was in my bathroom.

I painted the little cupboard with the galvanized inserts Chiffon Cream. It is chalk paint I ordered from

This cupboard was a bright white before and it looked a bit odd with the other furniture pieces being a creamier beige or sand color.

I ordered a printer. Before I was emailing documents to Kasi at work and she would print them and bring them to me. But she’s working at home now, so that is no longer an option.

I found this laser printer online at Staples for $139.99 and it was ready to go with Wifi. In the past I have had inkjet printers, but you’re always having to order those expensive cartridges.

This printer doesn’t print in color, but I doubt I’ll need anything except black for documents. Time will tell if I prefer a laser printer over an inkjet.

Do you have a preference for one or the other?

I left everything on this wall and brought the typewriter print into the mix. I already had this framed print.

But Kendra was here on Sunday and spotted it. She suggested putting it above my desk and it was a great idea. It hadn’t occurred to me.

I bought the little lamp from Target that is more feminine as well. At the moment I can’t think what the base is made of.

Let me give you a closer look and maybe you will know. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

The last thing I was waiting for yesterday was the organizer on the far right that I put together.

It backs up to the printer and gives me a place to put everything, though the desk does have one drawer. Plus it covers up most of the back of the printer.

I chose this organizer from because it has a place for hanging file folders in the back that I can use.

By lining the shuttered cupboard up with the corner, I created an area that gave the desk its own hidden space. It is, once again, the illusion of a half wall.

I scooted the cupboard in toward the desk and now it is lined up perfectly with the bookcase.

In a very small area, I have a desk and chair, a storage cupboard and a bookshelf. I achieved this by carving out some of the open area that leads to the dining space and using it as a sort of “wall.”

Now I will know where my camera lenses are. My pens and paper and stapler and tape dispenser.

I added a bit of boho decor to the mix in addition to the farmhouse jars and grocery sign that were already here. I guess it’s kind of feminine boho farmhouse style. Eclectic at any rate.

Nothing else had to be moved.

So I have a little dining space on one side and a small office space opposite and I hope to not misplace any more important documents.

If you live in a small space and need to carve out an area like an office space, consider putting a piece of furniture adjacent to a wall that is next to an open area.

I didn’t use more than 2 feet, but that gave me all the space I needed to arrange the desk behind it. In effect hiding it from view.

I thought I had things where Ivy would stay out of them, but she quickly became fascinated with the silver desk organizer.

Last night I found envelopes she’d reached in and taken out chewed up, so I had to put the rest of them in the desk drawer.

Now she’s seeing what else she might be able to pry out. My nosy Ivy Lou is always determined to check out everything that is new and see what she can get into.

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  1. You have some feminine red flower art if I recall correctly. I wonder if that would look lovely instead of the
    Grocery sign over your desk? The red clock caught my eye and made me think of flowers and your beautiful garden. I’m wondering how I might use your space saving office idea.

  2. Beautiful space! You did it again!

    It’s amazing what all you have been able to do in a small space.

    You have a lovely, cozy home.

  3. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas. I love what you’ve done…. and the colors are right up my alley.

  4. Oh, Ivy! What a silly girl she is! As we all know, cats are curious creatures. The fact that she loves exploring her environment is wonderful because it says she finds her home to be stimulating. If she was an outdoor cat, she would be just as curious while exploring that world. You are a loving owner to just ‘adjust’ her environment rather than to punish her for being a happy fulfilled kitty.

    Your office is beautiful! I have one quite similar and find it helps me keep my mind better organized. Yes, I am an ADHD adult.

  5. Such a clever layout, Brenda! Functional and beautiful…such a great way to utilize the space!

  6. Fantastic! I love your “ new room”. So pro and so well organized too. You’re amazing ! You make beauty out of this and that and it’s always so well done.

  7. Brenda, I love your new office space. You have such a good eye for making spaces not only work, but look beautiful as well. I wish you lived closer and I could consult with you in redoing my spaces !

  8. oh me oh my….is this charming, clever, creative or what? Boy what a treat to have seen all these photos today…a grey day in the Carolinas. Well done!!!

  9. Love your new office. You are so creative. First time I read your blog you were using a red fish drained to organize files and I was sold. Don’t post often but read everyday. Blessings for the rest of your day.

  10. Bravo! Very well done and such a lovely little nook you’ve created for an office. I have had both laser and ink jet printers. In the past, I have had HP inkjets, then a Epson color laser printer (they do exist!). I was using the laser for prints to be used in an artistic manner. The laser prints would not run when glued, whereas the inkjet ones would. However, lasers do require toner and drums and the like as well, and ultimately I was not pleased with the quality. Also, laser printers can emit ultra-fine particles into the air which concerns me (although no one seems to be in agreement as to whether they constitute a true danger to human health). I then bought a Canon MG6150 Inkjet after doing a web search for the best archival quality printer, as I print a lot of photos. Since inkjets are relatively new, we don’t really know what their archival quality will be far down the road, but this one scored the best as a decently priced model, using Canon cartridges and Canon papers, which I do. I am very satisfied with this printer. Using Canon inks and the Canon Platinum photo paper, I get prints that are outstanding.

  11. Perfect! You do so well with decorating. They are my favorite posts. I keep my stamps in my billfold. If I find a lost button or an earring around the house then I keep it in the coin section until I can deal with it.
    I hope you will enjoy your office and printer. I have a laser jet.

  12. I love your ingenuity and your ability to maximize your space. It looks like the lamp base is mother of pearl. Have a wonderful day!

  13. That cat must think she is a puppy…never heard of cats chewing up paper stuff!! You have great ideas…I am still in midst of TRYING to finish some organization here in our smallish apt too.

  14. Oh wow!!!! I love this!!! It’s just perfect… and I’ve stopped & admired that picture of the typewriter at Hobby Lobby!!

  15. That looks just terrific the way you designed it. Your small space designs are always so creative and much appreciated.

  16. What a great idea! It really does make all the personal office work easier to have it all organized and in one place. Pretty chair, and I love the vintage mailbox as a holding place for the incoming mail.

  17. Oh my gosh you’ve gone and done it again! It is absolutely fantastic. And I too love all the Boho features. I really like the little cabinet you painted. It has such character. A few years ago I replaced a big desk with a more open Industrial type desk From World Mart. I love it. Who says we can’t mix things up a bit. You always show us how💕

  18. Brenda this is a beautiful, functional and fabulous space. So many are working from home and using the dining table, now they can create a nice space that doesn’t take much room. I love this.

  19. Wow,Brenda! This is wonderful! I wish I could have you come in and give me ideas – I look at things,dither, dither some more, and then let it go. I love the way you use space and color.
    It’s fun for Ivy Lou to have something new to inspect – lol!
    I have an inkjet printer, but would consider a laser in the future. Hope you like yours.

  20. Everything is just lovely, practical and totally organized. I follow your blog everyday and wonder what the square footage of your apartment is?

  21. This space is genius! Love the organizer with the hanging file folders! I would like to work in this calm, peaceful space. Love the cat inspector!

  22. What a great idea! Perfect “office space” for your apartment. Is the lamp made of alabaster pieces? I have a chess set carved of Mexican alabaster that has the same kind of sheen and color variations. Sometimes it is called onyx-marble.

  23. Love it! Great idea and looks great too. You’re very creative in your ideas — just what we all need in these times.

  24. This is fantastic, Brenda! You come up with the best, creative ideas. Everyone needs an office space with a desk and a place to keep their important papers, stamps, pens, tape, stapler, etc.

    A friend of mine who lives in a small home came up with a similar idea for an office space. She has one of those taller, narrow, more open type of bookcases and she used that as a “wall” or divider in a small area of her living room and put her desk behind it to create a semi-private office space.

    Great job – thanks for sharing!

  25. Kudos Brenda!
    Really smart furniture placement; everything is so organized. I immediately saw your antique mail box on the wall (I have one like it but it’s a deeper green) and the typewriter print is perfect! I feel inspired just by looking at your workspace. I love the cream cabinet with the galvanized front. Painting it cream feminized it. The desktop organizer is unique; I’ve never seen one like it.
    I would say your project was a huge success!
    After reading your post, you seem happy… your project really reflects this!

  26. Brenda,

    This is on of the best and most attractive uses of limited space I have seen. You are a very creative decorator, as well as a fabulous gardener.


  27. Looks absolutely awesome!!! Love the desk/chair and the half wall illusion I know you will enjoy your new space it was smart of you to come up with this idea hope you enjoy your day it’s cool and rainy here in Upstate South Carolina I mentioned last week when we had 86/87 temperatures we would have 70’s this week lol we had 67 yesterday and cool today and quite chilly this up/down weather keeps us from putting our jackets up just yet

  28. It looks beautiful. You always inspire me to look around my home for decorating projects to change things up and make my home cozier. I love doing little projects to change my decor. Thanks for sharing Brenda.

  29. It looks great, Brenda. I thought about getting a printer, but I just have to go downstairs to use the one in our communal office space and I really don’t have room for one. Those of us who live in small apartments have to be very creative and once again you have shown that you are. xo Laura

  30. Genius! You are a genius Brenda. Not in a million years would I have come up with that arrangement. What a lovely office space and I Love how you decorated it.

    And just what in the world would we do without a cat inspector to rearrange a few things to set everything just right?

  31. Brenda, you are so talented! There isn’t anything you can’t do ! Your office remodel is absolutely amazing! You should do remodeling for small space apartments. I need one of those desk organizers. I like that it has the hanging file on it! Ivy is so funny, you wouldn’t think she would notice the changes!

  32. Well done, this office space you have created is so well thought out and looks great. Your whole house should be in a magazine showing others what you can do with a small space.

    Ivy loves it too so that is a bonus!

  33. Looks great! Very you with the little unexpected elements thrown in.
    Their curiosity always gets our kitties everytime, I’d be bold enough to surmise they don’t like surprises,lol
    Enjoy your pretty little space👍

  34. What a great way to carve out a work area. Ivy is a funny girl! You’ve given her new things to explore =).

  35. You can’t hide anything from Miss Ivy for very long. I enjoy her antics and pin your fur babies’ pictures. Your new office space is perfect! Love all your accessories.

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