Too Good To Be True

You know how some things just seem too good to be true? I felt that way last night.

I was reading in bed and realized I hadn’t seen Ivy in a bit. I found her in the dark living room pulling the white netting out of the beverage stand that holds my Christmas tree. 

My white Christmas tree was still upright. But she had most of the netting pulled out, had the cord pulled out of the netting where I had carefully hidden it, and some of the ornaments pulled off the tree. Nothing was broken, thank goodness.

“Ivy Lou!”

living room chair

One Smart Cat:

That first night I was lucky I suppose. She left the Christmas tree alone. I thought I might get through Christmas with the tree all in one piece and hopefully nothing broken.

But there she was on the floor pulling it, so she must have stretched that long body of hers out and reached the netting with her front paws.

She is one industrious cat.

Ivy with a toy

This morning I left early, went to Supercuts to have my hair cut (shaved), and then stopped at the store for a few things.

I typically get my hair cut on Mondays because the young woman I like is always working that day.

There was a woman ahead of me, probably around my age, who was also having her hair shaved. It must be a thing now. But her hair cut took longer than mine usually does.

I didn’t figure out why until mine was being cut. J, the hair stylist, said she loves to cut my hair because it all grows in one direction. And that the woman before me has hair that grows in different directions and is more problematic to cut.

Well, I guess my hair does one thing right. When I wore my hair long, it was a frizzy curly mess and you could not tame it. That’s probably why I like the easy route of having it shaved down to my head.

vintage bottles

Good People:

J (I won’t write her name because I don’t have her permission), the hair stylist is the young woman I’ve written about before. She’s on her own raising a 5 year old boy who has a lot of problems and needs lots of care.

She also said it was her 34th birthday. Oh my, she’s just a babe.

We were talking about our pets. She said she’d just acquired a third dog and has several cats as well. This dog she has kept before for the people who I guess adopted him. But he showed up on her door step and was sick. And they haven’t come looking for him.

She took him to the vet and learned that he has heart worms. I wonder if that’s why he was at her doorstep? Maybe they knew and didn’t want to deal with it.

J is such a kind soul. She doesn’t make very much money and gets no child support and can’t turn away an animal who needs her. She said it’s going to cost her $1000 to have the dog treated and she is saving her money to have it done.

I gave her double my usual tip. It isn’t all that much. I usually give her $5 and today gave her $10, which she said would go directly into the dog fund. I wish I had more to give her.

My white Christmas tree

Why is it that kind people like J end up with such a load to bear but can’t stop giving? We need more people like her in the world.

Loving My Christmas Tree Lights:

I came home and plugged in my Christmas tree lights to enjoy. It’s so funny how that one little thing can brighten your whole day.

I’ve had fun with the Christmas decorating I’ve done. And I thought I had things “Ivy proofed.” But that little stinker can think up more ways to get herself in a fix.

Last night Charlie was walking down the hall and Ivy was jumping over him back and forth. Poor Charlie just keeps going as if it’s the most normal thing in the world to have a cat hop-scotching over him.

Charlie on his bed

Busy Little Ivy:

Well, now she’s up on the couch next to me with her front legs around my arm as I type. When I raise my arm, I bring her up with it. She often does this when I’m reading, and gets flipped back and forth as I turn the pages.

My silly Ivy. Such a contrast to steady sweet little Charlie boy.

In a bit I’m going to take Charlie and walk down to the manager’s office. This is her first day back after her first cataract surgery last week. I want to ask how she’s doing.


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  1. Let us know if a fund is set up for your friend’s dog. Try hanging slices of citrus fruit from the lower branches of your Christmas tree. It works for my friend to keep the cats out of her tree.

  2. Oh Brenda, what a sweet girl…keep us posted if she does set up a page. And Ivy…I know the kind. I had two of them. My Scarlett used to climb up the trunk of our tree every year and I would have to pull her out through the tangle of light wires, branches and ornaments. My husband used to joke that it was birthing a baby. She kept us on our toes, for sure.

  3. Brenda, Look at all the wonderful people who read your blog and want to help J! I am one of them. Please let us know where to send some money. I think the Go Fund Me is a great idea! Dale

  4. Brenda, I love your tree, it is so pretty! I love the lights on the tree also and plug ours up when I get up every morning. I think it was so kind of you to extra tip…acts of kindness go so far in someone’s life…we just never know how we are blessing someone! Ivy stories always make me laugh…she is something else!! Love and hugs!

  5. Oh, dear, that poor dog! And your hairdresser already has her hands full with her little boy’s needs. Yet her compassionate nature won’t let her ignore a little dog who is sick and apparently has been abandoned. I know that heartworm is a very serious illness for dogs, but I know nothing about the rate of recovery or cure, if there is a cure. I think a GoFundMe account would be a good idea as well as researching the animal rescue agencies in her area for help. I would certainly spare a few dollars to contribute to a fund if one is set up. I don’t have much money at all, but I always remember the saying–maybe biblical, not sure–that it is through giving that we receive. And so I dig deep and try to contribute to worthy causes as much as I am able. I’ve always joked that I would be a good millionaire because I would be generous with my money! I mean what’s the use of hoarding money if you have plenty and it can help someone else.

    That Ivy, what a little stinker! She’s just a mischevious little toddler kitty! Eventually she’ll settle down and after a longer while she’ll become a reserved little old lady cat! Maybe! She sure keeps you on your toes, though, doesn’t she? And we all get such entertainment out of her doings while you have to do the clean-up! We don’t get to snuggle her, though, so you have some compensation!

    And Charlie–he does look somewhat sad in the photo. But maybe he’s just feeling his age or maybe becoming a more sedate older gentleman. He sure is sweet, though. I hope he’s not feeling sick. It probably makes him tired just watching Miss Ivy Lou!

    I love your little Christmas tree. I can’t wait to get mine up. My younger daughter’s birthday is Dec. 6 and it’s always been our tradition to not put up Christmas decorations until after we’ve celebrated her birthday. We’ll do that on the coming weekend and then I’ll go into action. Because the decorating happens quite late we always leave it up until well into January–at least until Epiphany, on the 6th.

    Hope you have a restful night. Pats for the furry ones.

  6. Your hairdresser didn’t go out looking for another pet, she’s just responding to an animal in need. I’d be happy to contribute when you let us know how.
    I’ve been thinking of cutting my chin length hair short because it’s just too much trouble! Post photos of your hair for us!! And I hope you can think of a way to protect your tree from future damage!

  7. I’m honestly not surprised that Ivy got into the netting around the Christmas tree. I was at Tim’s apartment last night and his roommate’s kitten (who is around the same age as Ivy), Chewy was being her usual, crazy self. She was into literally everything. Brian was trying to help Tim hang some new curtains in his bedroom and we had to lock Chewy out of the bedroom. I told Tim that my blogger friend has a kitty just like Chewy! She was actually pretty good though with letting me cut her claws. I brought over my kitty nail clippers, Tim held Chewy, and I cut her claws. It took us three separate attempts (we gave her breaks when she started to wriggle too much and protest), but we did it.

    Your hairdresser sounds like a very compassionate young lady. That was very nice of you to help her out by giving her a bigger tip. She needs to talk to her vet and explain her dilemma and how she can’t afford the medical expenses for this dog she took in. They might be able to help with either giving her free meds (sometimes vets get samples or unopened prescriptions from people whose pets have passed and never got to use the medicine, etc) or refer her to some kind of program for people who have adopted special needs animals. There’s also Care Credit.

    One thing I have learned in life is that the people who have the least money are usually the most generous – and vice versa. Of course, this is a generalization, but in my own little world, I’ve seen this a lot.

  8. I don’t mean to sound so negative but a person shouldn’t have that many pets if they can’t take care of them. Her first priority should be her son.

    1. No need to be so quick to judge this person based on a sliver of information about her life. Because she wants to find a way to help a sick dog doesn’t mean she neglects her son.

  9. Hi Brenda,
    That is so sweet about your hairdresser wanting to help out that poor dog with heart worm. I had a friend that found a dog sick and took it to the Vet to find out it had heart worm too. It was $1,000 to treat her dog too and then after all the treatment the dog ended up dying and I felt so badly for my friend. I guess this is a big probability they can treat them but it won’t work or the treatment will kill them depending on age.
    If the dog is really old you might want to warn her. If the dog is young then it might work and the dog will survive. I would hate to see her try and gather so much money and then have the dog be to far along and too old. I am sure the Vet has told her all of this stuff. God bless people like her that take in animals that no one else wants. There are some organizations and rescues that will help her with the cost too. She just has to reach out to the shelters near you. If she rescued the dog they sometimes have Vets that will treat them for free or at least help with the cost of the medicine.

  10. I was hoping IVY would leave the tree alone but well, she is a cat and a young one at that. I do love to hear about her antics. I love people who give when it’s hard to give, that is real giving and sacrifice. I love the lights on my tree, it just makes me really happy. I was thinking about my Charlie Kitty today and missing him so much. He did love to curl up under the tree and with the lights on he looked so peaceful. Hugs.

    1. At least the tree is basically right in front of me, or just about four feet from the couch. So when the tree is lit up I’m sitting here. If I’m not sitting here, it is unplugged. So I don’t think she will electrocute herself. I’ve got stuff in front of it, but I will watch her.

  11. Just had to pop in to say hello. Always enjoy your blog and certainly following all the activities of Ivy. I thought you might like to see My Ivy who I rescued in March . Love her to pieces . She was frightened of everything including me. Now, she is quite loving. We are so good for each other! Have a great day.

  12. It sounds to me like those people probs brought their sick dog to her doorstep. Knowing fully well that she’d take care of it and the expense, then after they’ll come looking for it.

    She should call them and tell them what they need to do for their pet. If they ignore it, then she gets to keep the dog after he’s better. I would also have them sign a paper stating that it will be her dog from there on in.

    Now why on earth did they adopt a dog in the first place?!

  13. I couldn’t believe how expensive it is to test for worms (to find out what type it is) – the tests alone could cost $1,000, wowsers. I thought that $1,000 figure J mentioned to you was high but obviously it’s not. I found this article that is very informative about what can cause a dog to contract worms and how to prevent them. They can also be spread from dogs to humans, which I suppose makes sense – but I didn’t have any idea that could happen!

    I would definitely donate to a Go Fund Me page for your friend J to help her canine adoptee if one is started and a link is posted.

  14. Would J take her dog to the same vet you use? If so, maybe you could provide his address and we’d send checks to a fund for this pet’s treatment? …..

    1. I just called for J at Supercuts. They said she had the rest of the day off because it’s her birthday. I was planning to ask her about this, what vet she uses. She will be in tomorrow, they told me.

  15. I’d like to help J out ~ I think I have your addy upstairs; if not I’ll get it from you and send something along for her ~
    Thank you for telling her story ~

  16. Why don’t you put your friend’s dog on Go Fund Me? With your followers if everyone gave $5 it would add up quick. People don’t seem to mind giving money for animals.

  17. Ivy sure ? is a feisty kitty! Give her six months. My bet is that Ivy will calm down considerably. She’s like a 1-1/2 or 2 year old toddler now. Always looking for an adventure, that leads to mischief! I think it’s wonderful Brenda, that Ivy is such a healthy kitty! ❤ Keep us entertained ,,,,, never tiresome!!

  18. That Miss Ivy is something else isn’t she! J sounds like a lovely person and bless her that she is helping all four legged animals who find their way to her door. Your a good person Brenda to have given her a little more than your usual tip. Charlie looks sad in that photo; is he doing okay today? Enjoy your afternoon.

    Carol and Molly

  19. Don’t think this will help with a kitten, but maybe……..
    When I had younger cats, I would put tiny hooks in the wall, and hook clear fishing line to each of them, then around the tree trunk to hold it upright.
    I put most ornaments up higher on the tree, and maybe soft or unbreakable ornaments lower down. (Or none at all on lower branches). If they jumped on tree, it wouldn’t fall over.
    Seems like they didn’t mess with the tree skirt, which was usually a small blanket or piece of fabric.
    Good luck!

  20. I must tell you my horror story. I put some veggies on the stove to cook and walked down to neighbor’s to give her some cookies I had made, and time got away from me. I walked back home, opened the door and the house was full of smoke! The pot had burned up and even the aluminum bottom was black. My poor Priss was under the dinner table scared! I have never been so scared in my life. I could never forgive myself if something had happened to her!
    Food for thought, never leave anything on the stove without being there.
    I am blessed that my precious little girl did not get hurt.

    1. Oh no! Makes me glad I no longer have a stove. I was forever worried I hadn’t turned it off when I was gone. The Breville turns itself off.

  21. Good morning,
    There is probably an independent animal organization that will help her. My daughter has a kitty with a chronic condition and she needed help paying for surgery. It will take a little research on your friends part, but she might find an organization that would pay for all of it. I hope she does. Perhaps she could start a Go Fund Me page. I would be happy to donate a small amount–they all add up.

    Charlie is so sweet and I enjoy hearing about him. Ivy is quite the firecracker!
    Linda, Ella, and Simon

  22. Bless those who give when they don’t have a lot! Ivy makes me laugh she is so smart and Charlie is so sweet!

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