Funny Abi Story

It seems like there is always a funny Abi story to tell. She has quite the personality, my sweet little Yorkie girl.

I wrote about customer service last week if you recall.

Well, yesterday afternoon I was calling my dental insurance carrier. I had just punched in the number, and then of course got the voice recording.

After punching in the account number, the recorded woman’s voice started asking questions. Then waiting for my answers.

After the first question, Abi started hacking/coughing. She has sort of an asthmatic cough at times. It kind of sounds like “h-a-w-w-k-k.”

The recording heard this before I had a chance to say anything. The voice said: “I’m sorry. I did not understand. Please try again.”

So I answered the question again.

Abi, right on cue it seemed, went into another coughing fit. “H-a-w-k!”

And again the recording said: “I’m sorry. I did not understand. Please try again.”

By this time it was funny. I hung up and waited until she was done with her coughing fit, and called again.

You know, sometimes you just could not make up the stories that happen in your day-to-day life. They’re just that crazy.

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  1. I'm still laughing, and some of the comments are a riot too! Sometimes when a telemarketer calls, I just leave the call "open" and set the receiver down and let them hear all my funky household tasks. I get so tired of those types of calls… and your doggy coughing is just too funny! I think I'll chuckle about it all day!

  2. Now when a telemarketer calls put Abi on.
    My Izzy does that. It's loud and annoying. My doctor says it's coughing. Weird for a cough.

  3. I can talk clear as day into the receiver and it still can't understand me. I'm surprised they didn't repeat HAWK to you.

  4. Your pupsters are such dolls!

    It is snowing here in NY yet again, forcing us to close our office. Every time we do we lose thousands. Not a good winter.

    Wish I had a four legged buddy to play with :/. Would you consider renting the pups?

  5. Cute story. I have to make a couple of phone calls where I know I'm going to get a recording. Isn't it refreshing these days when you actually get a real person to talk to. By the way I like your new header. Hope your weather clears up soon. It's been quite a winter hasn't it!

  6. Now I really LOL on that one! It's hilarious. Reminds me of the time I was in my husbands truck and tried to use onstar. It kept saying, pardon, pardon. The more it said it, the louder I got. Finally stopped yelling because it was so ridiculous.

  7. I love your dogs! They're just the cutest! I also love your dog stories. This latest delightful story gives me the giggles. A special thank you for brightening my day!

  8. That IS funny, Brenda. It's amazing that they didn't say that they would connect you with a customer service person.. That's what they say to me when they don't understand what I'm saying or I don't say what they want to hear.
    Bless Abi's little heart.. She's cute out in the snow..

  9. My Rocky has a cough like that too. Any time I am forced to get on the phone, I have to shut myself in the bedroom, because one or both will start barking, or Rocky hacking. Too funny the automated system heard her hacking.

  10. Oh my, Abi's story did give me a chuckle! Charlie and Abi are such darlings, looks like they have no idea it is treacherous in the snow. We are expecting the same conditions overnight and another possible winter storm this weekend. Old Man Winter has certainly been a little huffy this season.

    Stay cozy


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