We’ve been home about an hour and a half. Ivy meowed on the way home, and then started exploring my apartment.

I showed her her litter box, food and water, and bed. And her toys of course.

Charlie is often right behind her, begging her to pay attention to him.

She seems to think he’s a step stool and walks over him.

ivy my kitty

Please forgive the dirt in the above photo. Ivy decided to clean the dust and dirt and cobwebs out from under the yellow pantry.

She has chewed on the computer cord and my hand. Then she decided to lay on my chest while I type, so I have to type with one hand while holding her up with the other.

She has batted at the plants. I’ll have to watch that or put the plants outside.

She has typed much of this post for me and I’ve had to delete it. I have learned to quickly hit save when I see her coming or she will do all sorts of strange things to the computer as she walks across it.

She has capitalized the text, then she managed to zoom my laptop screen up to 200%.

charlie and ivy

Charlie wants so badly for her to be his friend, but he’s kind of afraid of her. He’s always been submissive toward other animals.

So we went to get her at the animal rescue thrift shop. There were four cats in one room of the house, with everything they needed.

This organization charges a little more for their rescues, but I don’t mind paying the $100 because it is quite clear that they take very good care of the pets.

A dog freely walked around the thrift shop.

The way it works, Kelly told me, is that I will have her for two weeks before I pay or finalize the adoption.

Every day I am to email her and let her know how Ivy is doing, and also send photos of her.

They want to be sure it is a good match.


She is very affectionate and sweet.

Charlie is back to trying to get her to acknowledge him. She doesn’t hiss at him or anything. I think they will be great friends. Eventually.

She has checked out everything, and I do mean everything. She first went under the bed, but Charlie followed.

Yep, the plant is going to have to go outside where she can’t go. She is chewing on the pony tail palm and we can’t have that.

She loves to be petted and loved. It took her only about 15 minutes to acclimate herself. Just an occasional meow as she moves from room to room.

Charlie finally grew weary of following her and has backed himself into his spot on the couch on the left side of me as I type. Ivy has now laid down on the right side of me. Abi’s spot.


I made up a little song with Ivy in it and sang it to her all the way home.

She is going to need a scratching post, I can see.

Now she’s in the pothos plant and knocking things around.

I just got up and took every single house plant outside. Had to nip that in the bud.


Charlie is so excited he doesn’t know what to do with himself. I really think he needed a companion.

Ivy likes his bed, as you can see.

She is now on my chest so I’ll have to fix the typos.

If I don’t immediately pet her she rubs her head against me until I do. It is clear that she has been loved and socialized.

Okay, I give up. She’s not going to let me type. She’s chewing the computer cord again. So I’m off to pay attention to my babies.

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  1. Brenda, Ivy has found her forever home! She sounds delightful, and I love that Charlie is curious and excited about his new sister!
    I do think you should let Ivy type us a little story. She just might be a good writer just like you!
    The best to you and Charlie and your new addition!
    Hugs, Peggy

  2. I do believe that Charlie and Ivy will become friends and that friendship will help him a lot. She is a beauty and you are very lucky to have found such a nice kitty. I also love her name! A fitting name for a plant lover like you.

  3. Be careful about plants around cats. Some house plants can be toxic to cats. Poinsettias are one. I think the Humane Society has a list somewhere on their website. You could probably find that info are other cat sites as well.

    Ivy is very cute! You and Charlie will love her!

  4. Sounds like Miss Ivy comes from a good situation but now in an even better one… called home. Love that sweet Charlie is inquisitive but not aggressive. Hope they develop a grand friendship and enjoy each other’s company ❤️

  5. So happy to hear Ivy has fit in so well and Charlie has accepted her. I know everyone would love to see Charlie and Ivy sleeping together. It is so adorable to see a kitty and doggy snuggled up together.
    Again Congratulation on your new fur baby.. Have fun.

  6. My heart is so happy right now. I loved everything about this post. Ivy is so beautiful and I love the pics of her and Charlie together. Can hardly wait for more to come ! So glad that things are going smoothly so far ( except for the poor plants and computer cord ! )

  7. Sounds like Ivy is fitting right in already! That is SO neat… so good not to have to go through weeks and weeks of getting used to each other! Sounds like both Charlies and Ivy need each other! When we took in rescue kitties, they each had their own place to sleep, either on our bed or in a chair.. we would put a special blanket down for each one, and they got used to having their own. I think it’s good they can each have their own spot. I got a crocheted pink baby blanket from the thrift store for our first rescue girl, and 3 years later, it is still “hers” and she loves sleeping on it! Our second rescue (boy) kitty, has his own blanket on a different chair in the living room, and no one goes there but him. I remember both of them as kittens LOVED getting on my computer keyboard! And they loved sleeping on top of it as it was warm. I had to learn to close it when I left it, as invariably one or the other would walk on it and ruin whatever I was working on, or change all my desktop around, or something crazy. I also ended up making a spot for each one as a kitten, to lay down BESIDE the computer (not ON it!) and they could sleep there while I was working (I put down an old flannel pillow case for a little bed). It took awhile for them to learn not to walk on the keys, but they did learn. Now they always steer clear of it and daintily walk around the keys. They can learn certain things they are not supposed to do. Also… I gave up on house plants too, as they either dug in them, chewed them or knocked t hem off the window sill.. so no more house plants, except one that sits on top of the refrigerator! I’ve also learned they each like their own litter box, so good thing you only have one cat! I think Charlie and her are going to be fast friends… and sounds like YOU are smitten already!

  8. I was so excited to read this post! It sounds like Ivy is doing great and I’m so glad that Charlie likes her. She has obviously been well socialized if she’s not hiding in a “strange” house. Uh oh, she’s just like Monkey who is always getting into my plants! I can’t tell you how many he has knocked over or chewed on. His favorites are spider plants so I’ve had to put those in places he can’t get to (on top of a stool, for example). I hope she does well with not bothering you at night and lets you sleep!

  9. Brenda, I checked and I did miss your post yesterday. I looked at all the pictures of the kitties you posted of them at different ages. I’d forgotten how sweet they are when they are tiny. And I am curious about the color of Ivy’s eyes–from the photos they look to be grey. And I know that when kittens are tiny their eyes are a blue-grey color, but Ivy’s look like they are staying grey. They are very beautiful. She’s a keeper, for sure.

  10. What a happy surprise! I must have missed a post because I had no idea you were thinking of adopting another pet. Ivy is a very pretty little girl and seems to have a dynamic personality! It sounds like Charlie is out of his mind with excitement and that they are really bonding. So cute that they exchange beds with each other. That’s a great sign of acceptance on both their parts I think.

    You will be a little busier for a while until Ivy–what a nice name–is fully adjusted to her new home. But she isn’t wasting any time acting like she belongs with you and Charlie, is she? What a sweet picture the two of them cuddling with each other must make. I know we’ll see lots of the two of them and their antics from now on.

    I think you made the right decision and luckily Ivy was the absolutely right choice. I think you all will be happy together. Congratulations, Brenda and Charlie! And Ivy!

  11. She is a beautiful cat and appears to have a great temperament. So cool that she didn’t hiss ay Charlie. I love cats and miss mine. He’s been been gone 2 years this month. You are brave to choose a kitten. They can be rambuntious! Best wishes as allof you become friends!

  12. Ivy is such a charmer. We know who’s boss in your house, now, lol. Enjoy your first sleepover. Charlie is smitten, for sure. Hugs to all of you.

  13. This was a very happy post and it’s a pleasure to read. I love that Charlie is doing so well with her. And Mama doesn’t sound too bad either!!!!!

  14. Sounds like Ivy is a good fit. I couldn’t keep indoor plants when I had cats because they ate them and liked to eat cut flowers as well. They liked oat grass, that I grew for them. Charlie is such a good boy with Ivy! I really like the two week trial to allow time to know if a pet is a good fit. ?

  15. Welcome to the family Ivy! Brenda I am so excited for your and Charlie! I am so looking forward to more tales of your adventures. I hope that she is Charlies’ companion!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. I’m so happy for you and Charlie!! I read your posts … but I’m not much of a commenter. However … animals always have my heart. I’m so glad you got Ivy … you will both enjoy her. I love cats and dogs together!

  17. Oh boy, I am going to enjoy seeing photos of Miss Ivy! She looks pretty and curious, and it sounds like she is affectionate. If she gets along with Charlie, then, you definitely have found THE cat for your little cozy place. It sounds like you got her from a very good rescue facility. The only thing I’m worried about is the pink bed — how does it fit with your decor!?! Maybe Ivy and Charlie will be curling up together before long!

  18. She is adorable! Sounds like she is well socialized and will be great friends with Charlie. So happy for all of you! Oh yes, Annie loves to eat my plants. I only have two inside now. I’m smiling at the walking across you and the computer, such a cat thing! Hugs!

  19. So happy for you and Charlie! I love her name and I hope Ivy and Charlie will seal their friendship quickly!

  20. Great news for you and Charlie. I know it is going to be quite delightful around the house! The wonderful new memories you shall make. Congrats to all.

  21. What a lovely kitty, I didn’t expect her to be so big. I can tell she is going to be a handful! I am very pleased that Charlie seems to like her.

  22. Congratulations on your beautiful new family member. I can’t believe how comfortable Ivy is in her new surroundings. And with Charlie too. A very well socialized girl indeed. It’s so cute how Charlie is interested in her. Even if they are never close, Ivy will provide countless hours of entertainment for him.

  23. Just WOW! I have waited most of the day to read this post (I was out running errands most of the day) and it was sure worth the wait. I am so glad that you love to take photographs because the photos tell the story of Ivy’s first day at home with you and Charlie. I’ll bet you will all sleep well tonight (well unless Ivy decides that none of you will sleep)!

    Wonderful post!

    1. Yes, you’re right about that. She’s been sleeping awhile. She wore herself out and Charlie wore himself out following her around.

  24. I am so happy for you and Charlie, I think this is what you both needed and you were right to wait awhile. Now, you have 2 very cute companions

  25. Congrats on the blessed event ! She’s a beauty. As I was driving thru town, I saw a black & white kitty cat out in a yard. Looked like Ivy and reminded me that you were to pick her up today. Since Charlie didn’t eat his lunch I was wondering about his daily boiled egg, did he pass that up too? Aww!

    1. I am getting ready to make his egg for him. If he doesn’t eat that I will be worried about him. I think he’s just too excited.

  26. Sometimes a distraction is just what we need when we are grieving over the loss of one of our pets. It doesn’t take away our grief, but I think it makes it more bearable. I know the last thing I wanted was another dog at the time, but evidently he needed me and I needed him. Sometimes we can get the most loveable pets just when we need them the most. Ivy sounds like she is exactly that and just what you and Charlie need right now. It seems as though fitting in is not a problem for her at all! So very happy for you and Charlie, and Ivy too! What a cute name for her.

    1. I was so worried we’d have a week or so of her hiding. But no, that wasn’t the case at all. Right now she’s sound asleep on Charlie’s long bed. And he’s asleep all curled up in hers.

  27. Oh the antics of these two special very loved buddies are going to be something else, I can see that already. It’s so funny thinking of Ivy settling into Charlie’s bed ! You did the right thing to keep Charlie’s mind active with a new friend. I can’t have plants or fresh flowers around in my house cause they get chewed on here. I use those flat scratching boards that lay on the floor for my cat. They are $5 for a single one and at holidays I buy the wider ones for their present. You might have pieces of cardboard around but keeps them happy so I don’t mind sweeping it up. You will come up with what works best cause you are a smart pet owner.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post now!!!

  28. This is so wonderful! We went all out when we got our Katy almost 4 years ago and bought a fairly tall cat tree/scratching post combo. Worth every cent She still uses it.

    1. I almost bought one yesterday. But it was a little pricey and I was having to buy so much stuff. I’ll get one though. If I had rope and some wood I could probably make one. But I’d have to get that too. So might as well just buy a scratching post.

  29. Ivy is just wonderful! Here is hoping Ivy and Charlie become great friends. Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. So so happy for you and Charlie. She is a lovely little girl. She will help you both, I believe. It is so hard when they leave us but as someone pointed out to me, would you rather never had them in your life? I can honestly say no I would never give the time up with them cause the happy out weights the sad. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  31. What a cutie ! The only plants of mine that Fluff bothers are anything like a spider plant , or other plants with similar type leaves . Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. I decided to play it safe and take them all outside. I hate to take that big Monstera plant out, but we do what we have to do.

  32. Adopted pets from a shelter or rescue are the best! I’m worried about that cord chewing – what if she bites through? What would happen to Ivy if she got jolted? What would happen to the electricity – could it start a fire? I’m wondering if there are such things as cord guards. Ivy is cute as a button and she sounds very affectionate. Thank goodness Ivy and Charlie appear to be cool with each other!

  33. This post made me laugh and had me in tears. I think Miss Ivy is going to fit right in and I predict she and Charlie will become great friends. She is just what you two needed. I’m looking forward to reading more about Charlie and Ivy.
    Carol and Molly

  34. Such wonderful news! So glad Ivy and Charlie are doing so well on the first day. Lots of love in your home!

  35. We had a cat that was the second cat in the house. It took a long while for him to accept that he was okay. Then one day when I was really exhausted and asked him to move off the couch so I could lie down. For the first time, he said, no, I was here first. I put a throw pillow on top of him and laid my head on it. I heard loud purring through the pillow. After that I woke up one day and his head was on the palm of my hand and his paws wrapped around my arm, like a hug. He and our other cat became best buds and played every day.

  36. Oh Brenda! There are tears in my eyes as i type this. Ivy seems to be just what both you and Charlie needed. To be truthful you and Charlie may have been exactly what Ivy needed, too. A loving and protective home! I really can’t wait to hear the tails of your two charges. Abi will always live on in your heart but you’ve just showed us all how big and welcoming your heart actually is! Have a wonderful weekend together!


  37. She’s lovely! If she is eating houseplants, it might be a good idea to grow some lawn grass in a little box. Cats do search out grass as it helps with coughing up the fur balls – EEEEUUUWWWWW!

    1. Or I’ll get her some growing catnip. The plants are outdoors now, so won’t have to worry about it. She is a bundle of energy and poor Charlie is panting and worn out, but he won’t stop following her. He’s no longer climbing over me all day!

  38. Such a happy story–I am glad for you and Charlie. The picture of the two of them is so cute! I think you were right about Charlie needing a little friend. Enjoy your little family.
    Linda, Ella, and Simon

    1. I’m so glad he’s having a blast. She’s just found something to knock over and make a loud noise. Will have to get up and see. Charlie normally is terribly afraid of sudden noises, but he’s smitten and will not leave her.

  39. It sounds like Ivy is fitting right in! And giving you another furbaby to love on.
    I have given up on indoor plants …..we have 2 kitties plus my dog , Dixie .

      1. LOLOL!!! oh darling bean! this whole adventure is just making my day.
        I am so happy. thanks for the smiles here. I had to see the pics again. 🙂
        Charlie Ross. Abi Rose. Ivy… ??? she needs her second family name Mom!

  40. I’ve been giggling while reading this delightful post! I adore cats! Their escapades are so darn cute. Also, just love their comforting purring. It is like music to my ears. And Ivy is a beauty! I love her pretty markings. I’m just thrilled for you and Charlie…

    1. Charlie has worn himself out following her everywhere. She is doing great with him and he with her. He should sleep well tonight after all this exercise.

  41. Wonderful Brenda!
    Pets do amazing things for us. Ivy looks and is about (maybe a bit older) age when we rescued & adopted our kitten I named “Martini” ,,,,, Do not even recall her having a name. Reason was that lil girl had huge black spot on her cheek! Looked like an olive, which = a Martini ,,, haha! She provided years and years of fun and laughs for us. A humorous kitty! Can’t wait to see more pics & stories! Charlie & Ivy will be best buds!! ❤

    1. Charlie lies on the couch next to me for awhile, then he’s off looking for Ivy. The litter just arrived from Chewy’s and I put the box on the floor and she’s in it. You know how cats love empty boxes.

  42. LOVE everything about this new adventure! Love how Charlie accepts Ivy (and vice versa) and how diligent the rescue is about making good matches. I love how Ivy will have a forever home with you. The only thing I think might be a good idea is to slightly alter your plan to keep Ivy strictly indoors. Now, I don’t mean to let her roam free outside your enclosed patio – you are very wise to keep her an indoor cat. But I mean that as she gets older and comfortable in your home, she would probably enjoy basking in the sun outside with you and Charlie in pleasant weather. My 6 cats are all strictly indoor pets – but they all enjoy time out on the second story deck (no access via stairs) – they chase leaves and bugs and just sit and blink in the warmth. I think Ivy would like that too! You could try some sort of a leash until you are positive she won’t vault the fence and go shopping at the strip mall next door!
    THANK YOU for rescuing!

    1. Once I get her figured out better, I might do that. I just don’t want her running away. For now she’s an indoor gal.

        1. It’s always best to keep cats indoors. If you ever decide to bring her out on the patio, just make sure that there’s no gaps under the fence that she could slip under.

  43. I’m so happy for you and your new addition to the family. Sounds like everyone gets along and the more the merrier! Best of luck and much happiness.

  44. Thanks for the great, big, goofy grin on my face as I read this!!
    What a clever girl she is, finding out right away what she can and shouldn’t do!
    I’m looking forward to more stories and pix of the pair of them ~
    Hugs ~

    1. I was anxious about this, but she fits right in. Charlie is doing well with her and she with him. She is a good match for our little family. Charlie’s so excited he won’t eat his food that he likes at noon.

  45. LOL! exactly like having babies in the house. or toddlers really!
    I’m so glad you did this. I think you and Charlie will love having her in your little family.
    hope it continues to go well. sounds like you’re all three off to a good start! xo
    except I hope she doesn’t get to lie on his bed until she’s ‘invited!’ that is Charlie’s bed! lol!

    1. I can see she’s not going to need the quiet and darkness of the walk-in closet, so I just brought her pink bed in here and put it next to Charlie’s bed on the couch. She is not at all scared of anything. She is not shy either. Not one bit.

  46. Brenda,
    Congrats on Ivy. She is such a pretty cat. I hope she and Charlie will become friends soon. It just takes a little time. I am sure she is frightened from being taken from the other cats and now is in a new home. Once she gets to know you and Charlie better she will know it is safe and I think you will have a sweet new little family member.

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