It’s rather cool outside this Friday morning and the sun is shining. Yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor.

As I drove through town, I noticed that the leaves are turning. It’s one of my very favorite times of year. When the leaves turn and the colors are so vivid.

Finally they will let go of the branches and swirl to the ground.

I’ll have to take my camera and maybe go out to Woodward Park to take photos. I normally also do that in the spring, but due to Covid 19 I didn’t this past spring.

Doctor’s Visit Yesterday:

My doctor told me to double up on the Gabapentin. And finally, sometime during last night, I was pain free. So I went back to the smaller dose this morning.

In other news Ivy apparently had a wonderful time while I was gone. She tore up the paper in my printer.

Something is going on with Ivy. She won’t play fetch. And she doesn’t bring her swirly toy to me throughout the day like she did.

Something’s Up With Ivy:

I went so far as to get her swirly toy and throw it several times. She just stood and stared at me.

I tried to think what in Ivy’s life has changed in the past few days. Wondering if maybe that was it.

She Got A New Food Bowl Stand:

Well, I finally found a wood food bowl stand that is tall enough for her. I’d read that cats having to bend down to eat are prone to throw up.

I’ve bought several, but they were never tall enough. This one is probably at least a foot tall, so she doesn’t have to bend over.

And A New Litter Box:

And I also got her a new litter box. The biggest one I could find. I did this because I got tired of getting up in the middle of the night when she accidentally turned the other one over. Not on purpose. But trying to clear the high top jumping out.

It isn’t pleasant to get up during the night and turn on the light and clean up that kind of mess. So I got her one with a lid that she can go in at the front.

The other one had the hole to get in at the top. But as she got so big, I took it off. Fearing she would strangle herself getting in or out through that hole.

She doesn’t act sick or anything. Maybe she’s just going through a phase.

Do you think cats go through phases?

Charlie went to the groomer this week and wanted to show you how handsome he looks.

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  1. Ivy is simply being Ivy I have two who are so dramatically different I am surprised they get along. Pixel is more laid back and could care less what is happening he is a big boy and I also had the same trouble of the box being dumped. He is so large I had to take the top off of mine but got the arm and hammer weighted box so he can not turn it over, I also have one that has a lid and the stinker likes to go in that one even though he barely fits. Now the younger cat who is only about a year difference runs thru this place like he just stole something most of the toys are his, and he sometimes will play and sometimes not. He loves anything paper from store receipts to printer paper, to TP, he will tear it up and drag it all over. Charlie looks wonderful!

  2. I’ve lived with cats for over 50 years. One thing they do is once they have you trained they often get bored. They want to go to another activity. She will probably find a new one or rest and go back to playing with you. They are just like humans that way. They like to learn, especially when as young as Ivy.

  3. I think animals react to the change of seasons just like people do, or maybe she’s just got what I called the “restless itchies.” You feel restless and you know something isn’t sitting quite right with you but you just can’t put your finger on what it is. I don’t see any reason why animals wouldn’t get them the same as people sometimes do, although under different names. The restless itchies pass, sometimes quickly, sometimes it takes a little longer, but they always go away, and I often don’t ever know what it was that may have triggered a bout. They didn’t come very often, and as I’ve gotten older come to think of it, I haven’t had a case of the restless itchies in years. Maybe something hormonal is going on, too.

  4. Charlie looks so handsome and Ivy is a beautiful girl. I bet she’ll play again when she feels like it. With cats it’s always their way or the highway. I’ve learned to just mind my cats and do as I’m instructed. I’m the adult but they are definitely in charge. Wondering where you found these cat feeding stands ? I’d like to get two for my cats.

  5. Sometimes it’s just a fur ball trying to work through their system. When she feels better, she will act a little crazy with relief, if that’s what it is.

  6. Yes, Ivy is growing up and probably won’t be as playful as often, but will STILL get into mischief! Also, bringing new things in, like the new litter box and food stand, can put them “off” for awhile, at least it does with my rescue kitty who is now 5 years old. Anything new that comes into the house, she has to inspect it and then acts upset for awhile, as she likes her things kept the same. Any time we change anything, or put something on “her” chair, then she is upset.. I can tell by her demeanor. She’ll also pee on any new things we bring in, like a box or sacks of groceries, if we set them on the floor!

  7. Ivy is growing out of her teenage antics, I believe.
    My older kitty, Baby, still has her zoomies and crazy moments once in awhile, but they are not an all day event anymore. My little one Merci Kitty, a few months younger than Ivy, is still at it, energy 24/7. I can see Ivy growing into an adult kitty.
    Charlie is such a handsome little guy!
    I love the beginning of Autumn season too, and all the changes that go with it.

  8. Cats are just characters. Our cats will seem like sleepy old men one day, then the next day they are chasing each other all over the house. Right when I say that the tuxedo has never been interested in toys, he starts batting around a catnip mouse in a way I’ve never seen him do before. So I have no idea what they will do next. As for trees changing, this is such a more colorful fall here in Kentucky than it was last year. There are some brightly colored maples in the neighborhood. When out driving, we are seeing some bright red thickets of staghorn sumac and lots of golden colors in other trees and shrubs. Last year stayed very muted and mostly brown. Hope you can get out and see some colors this fall.

  9. Perhaps Ivy is reacting to the new items you’ve used to replace her old ones..
    even tho replacing was for her comfort.. ie ,,litterbox and food stand..
    My cats have always used a large sterlite storage tub minus the lid…
    sitting on a large mat to catch the litter on their feet as they exit.
    the destruction of your printer paper could be her retaliation to her new gifts?
    hopefully she’ll soon return to her usual playful self..making you once again a happy Cat Mom

    1. I agree with Lou. The new litter box could be the issue. I took the flap off of my kitty’s new litter box assuming she wouldn’t like it. You might try that. Charlie is gorgeous.

  10. Yes…cats do go through phases. And…you did change two things…her feeding bowl and her litter box. I’m sure she will come around, but she’s probably just being stubborn. Lol! Patience is the word of the day Brenda.

    Cute pic of Charlie! Stay safe! 😉

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