Ivy’s Morning Demands

This morning I woke up to Ivy meowing at me. I knew what she wanted, so I got up and put a little food in her bowl. I’m not giving her much at a time now because I don’t want her to get too fat.

I give her probably the equivalent of a tablespoon of dry food.

I laid back down and before I knew it she was meowing again. I raised my head and there she was standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

I knew what she wanted again. She wanted me to turn the water in the bathtub on to a trickle so she could drink it.

Now I change their water probably five times per day to keep it clean and fresh. But Ivy has decided she prefers the trickling water in the bathtub.

She will sit in the tub and watch me turn the handle until the water is coming out in a fine stream. When it pleases her she will hop up to the side of the bathtub and drink from it.

And I thought cats were supposed to be independent creatures.

She wasn’t finished with me. Now she wanted me to get up and prepare their morning breakfast. Charlie now gets half an egg because both times I’ve had a Shipt delivery they cannot find eggs.

And Ivy gets about a tablespoon of gravy style cat food. She won’t eat anything else but gravy style. She’s quite the picky puss.

Ivy reminds me of Abi, who will be gone two years next month. Ivy loves the spotlight.

When I pick up the camera to take a photo of her on the couch, she will often roll around and spread herself out even more when she sees me aiming it at her. She is quite the actress.

Charlie, on the other hand, avoids the camera. He will look down if he catches me picking it up. It’s hard to get a clear photo of him.

What would I do without these two munchkins?

Ivy is now asleep on the couch. She plays all night and sleeps much of the day. Charlie is of course on the left side of my leg on the recliner.

The only time I go out really is to take him to his acupuncture appointment, which will be tomorrow. They are taking every precaution there. I pull up and one of the techs walks over to my car with a mask on and takes Charlie inside.

When his treatment is finished they call me to pick him up, same thing. They bring him to my car.

It really seems to help him, so I will keep doing it.

That’s just what a mama does.


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    1. I hadn’t been giving her more wet food because she didn’t seem to want to eat it. But I have read the article and will figure out the adjustments. She likes about a tablespoon at a time or she will leave the rest. Maybe I’ll try giving it to her more times a day.

  1. Try instok.org to find eggs in stock near you. Two UT Austin students created this site, which works for any zip code. You might share in your blog so more of your followers can benefit. Thanks for the great content you share every day!

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Do you have Dollar General in your area? I couldn’t get eggs at Kroger but dollar General had them.
    I know that means going in the store, but if you need eggs…

  3. LOL!! As I’ve said before, Ivy Lou has you very well trained!!! little stinker ~

  4. Brenda, your sweet fur kids and their antics bring a smile to my face. During these challenging times I feel blessed to be entertained daily by mine as well.

    Egg beaters are quite tasty as others have suggested, you could also ask one of your daughters to pick up an extra 18 if they see them at the store.

    Have a great day!

  5. I think that animals keep life interesting. We are without now and sometimes even with a house full of people, it seems a little empty around here. And eggs are hard to come by here, too. Actually, everything is hard to come by here now…

    1. You’re right. It’s getting harder to get stuff. I thought it would start getting better. Surely it will if this thing is going to be through probably June or longer.

  6. I noticed that eggs have gone up in price over a dollar a dozen. I paid $2.99 today at the store and before this crisis they were about $1.69 a dozen. Ivy is a hoot. She knows how to “work” Mama. My cat does that, too. Ha ha They are a lot of fun.

      1. I was at Keoger 2 days ago and they had more eggs in stock than I’ve ever seen.

        1. I don’t know the minimum amount for Kroger bringing an order to a vehicle, tho, so don’t know whether this helps.

          Our Kroger–in a fairly small town–now has a worker stationed at the door. He was disinfecting carts and telling customers which ones had been sanitized and which had not. HTH

      2. Here in my city of Sioux Falls, we have Hy Vee supermarkets and Fareway supermarkets. I got mine at Hy Vee and they had a lot of eggs this week. There weren’t many last week.

  7. oh Brenda you are such a good cat and dog Mom! I change Dexter’s water once a day….oh dear I better step up. He has water upstairs in the kitchen and downstairs in the basement rec room, and is fed in both places just depending on where he is.
    He really goes wherever he wants and sleeps either with me on my pillow or on his heated pad or in the front room overlooking the street or in the linen cupboard. Nothing is off limits to him.

  8. At the least Brenda, I would keep a bit of her dry food someplace where I could reach it from the bed to give to Ivy…try to spare yourself getting up so much!! Or keep her in a pet carrier far from the bedroom. One needs their sleep!! And I would be keeping her awake a lot during the day…in hopes she might sleep more at night. Heh!

  9. Ivy is quite the little crackpot!! I’m sure she keeps you very entertained with her crazy antics! My two babies have been loving having me home – when it’s a nice day they can be out on the deck all day chasing the ‘squirbles’ – I have gates that latch on both sides to keep them safe and secure. I also leave them up there when I’m working in the garden – they prefer that to being inside when I’m outside.

    Work is slow today and the sun is shining, so I’m tackling the perennial bed. That’s a tough one, and I know I’ll be sore for days afterwards, but it’s always so good to get that one finished! Lunch break is over….time to head back out.

    Enjoy your day, Brenda!

    1. Do you have hawks in your area? My oldest daughter has to really watch her little chihuahuas because there’s been hawks in her yard.

  10. Our two cats are having fun adapting to my husband now working at home due to the virus. He uses the computer and also has big blueprints spread out on a table. He called me in to see our little orange cat hiding under the blueprints with his tail sticking out. Funny but not helpful! The big tuxedo cat just views my husband as another person to fill the food dish more often.

  11. I thought of your tiny little Charlie last night. I also have congestive heart failure.
    and it just seems to come with a dry cough. I thought “people will surely think I have the virus!”
    it is so irritating to me so I’m sure it HAS to be irritating to others as well! I’d hate to keep people awake by hacking all night. there are so few meds that I can take.
    the humidity seems to make it worse. and I LOVE rain!!! but it’s the build-up beforehand I guess.
    I took an HBP cold tablet and finally was able to go to sleep. I’m glad you do the acupuncture for his cough AND his heart. it surely must be helping. and he’s grateful.
    you’re a great mama to both of them! xoxo

    1. I feel for you. I listen to him cough and he chokes and there’s really nothing I can do but try to get hydrocodone syrup down him.

  12. Hi Brenda. Good morning. I think someone commented about the eggs in the carton. Maybe that could work if you cannot get a dozen of eggs. We had a Basset Hound that would get up on the toilet seat and paws on the bathroom cabinet by the sink and wait for us to turn on the cold fresh water. That was the only way she would drink water. I put fresh water in her bowl right in front of her and she still would not drink from a bowl. Funny how they get these little quirks. Happy Wednesday.

  13. Sounds like our houses run about the same,I get woken up usually about 6:30,it’s usually Buddy,he likes to walk on me,in case I didn’t get the hint…Bella will start if that doesn’t work,she taps with her front paw,usually my shoulder,sometimes my face,lol.
    I have thought about getting one of those water fountains for them but I got a self waterer a couple of years back and they were afraid of the noise it made.
    They too are my little sweet peas, wouldn’t know what to do without them,in fact,I just realized how Zen it feels when they’re laying next to me,purring and getting petted.
    Have a great day!

      1. Just a thought……they make watering bowl that has a pump and it creates running water all the time. My nephews cat loves it!

  14. Same here, Brenda.
    My two kitties keep me going. Each with their own personalities and different ways of giving love. What a blessing they are!
    However, do not encourage Ivy’s every whim or you will regret it later.
    I love my babies, but my bedroom is off limits, or I would not be able to get any sleep.
    Keep decorating and planting!
    Love the pics!

  15. We also have a picky cat she loves ice cubes .She will sit in front of the fridge to let you know what she wants we grab one she licks it the into the water bowl where she licks and plays with it the are funny little creatures You have a safe day

  16. Hi Brenda,

    For Charlie and his egg, have tried the egg product that is in a small milk carton? It’s liquid but you can cook it in a pan and it turns out like scrambled eggs. I’ve seen it in the grocery when they are out of eggs.

    1. Hi, I thought of the same thing. One brand is Egg Beaters. We buy the Kroger store brand. You can buy egg whites only or whites and yolks combined.

        1. You can make Egg Beaters and regular scrambled eggs in the microwave, all kinds of how tos and recipes online.

          1. Oh, I didn’t know that. I’ll check that out. But he’s not accustomed to anything but boiled eggs, which I make in an egg maker. I imagine he’d eat it though.

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