Using Plant Pots As Decor

Do you recall the other day I showed you some of my favorite plant pots from

Well, I ordered a set of the red and white ones, but I wasn’t thinking about them for my plants.

See anything below that looks familiar?

Red & White Transferware:

I also told you that I was ordering various items of red and white transferware.

I ordered a little of this and that. Two salad plates, a few bread plates, a miniature pitcher, etc.

Transferware doesn’t usually come cheap, so scattering it around with my other red and white decor is just enough to show the transferware pieces off.

If you like dishware or decor that is hard to come by, try buying a few pieces here and there and mixing it in. That’s the cheapest way to do it.

Isn’t that the cutest little pitcher on the second shelf. It didn’t cost very much and I knew it would look good in my kitchen cabinets.

Here are the pots I’m referring to that I showed you the other day at

I really liked them. But I didn’t want to just use them for their intended purpose.

Just because it’s a plant pot doesn’t mean you have to put a plant in it.

Plant Pot Used As Utensil Holder:

I think the smaller of the two makes a great kitchen utensil holder. It’s the perfect size for my utensils and doesn’t take up much room on my already crowded counter tops.

The other one is above it with a faux plant inside.

White Hobnail Bud Vases:

And I have my little collection of hobnail bud vases scattered on a shelf as well.

When you have small collections, try putting them in different places to show them off. There’s no reason that they can’t be in kitchen cabinets.

I noticed that the one I’m using as a utensil holder looks very much like the big mug in the middle shelf on the right.

When you’re looking at plant pots, think about other uses for them if they’re really special. You get more bang for your buck that way.

What do you like to collect?

Other Kitchen Finds:


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  1. I love all your red new dishes. Is the little pitcher from Amazon? I only found old ones from Etsy. Your kitchen is so bright & joyful!! I’m doing more red, white & blue in my cottage!!

  2. I love all things red. Your cupboards look great. I would instantly feel good walking into your kitchen. All things bright and beautiful.

  3. Red is my favorite color so I love, love, love when you show pictures of your kitchen. I have a cute pot with red and white stripes I use for my utensils in my kitchen. That small red and white transferware pitcher is adorable.

  4. I love this beautiful vignette. I would smile every time I walked into this space. Red and white is classic and beautiful. There are so many pieces in this collection that have multi-purposes. Love them all. Have a great day! Sorry I haven’t been commenting as much this week, I have a lot on my schedule. I will be back next week.

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