Yes, my beautiful and beloved blue fountain is no more. This morning the wind was crazy and the temperatures were plummeting. It’s going down below freezing tonight.

I got up and rushed outside and tried to decide how on earth I’d drain that fountain. It holds a lot of water and is very heavy. My grandson Riley just carried it outside for me about a week ago.

I tried leaning it off the step it sat on. And leaned and leaned it, with the water sluicing out. And my back gave. The back I’m paying $100 in co-pays alone every week to try to rehabilitate.

Heavens knows what the final bill will be once the insurance pays their part because my deductible is $8000.

And when it was cracked and broken, the bottom of the fountain having split off, I steadied it and sat and just stared at it for a few. I needed to get back inside because it was cold, so I couldn’t sit and stew over it long.

I couldn’t believe it. Just bought it last year for around $250. Thank goodness I got to at least deduct it.

I’ll have to break it up into smaller pieces just to get it out of here, which will probably break my heart all over again.

But then, they say don’t cry over spilt milk. And it’s definitely and utterly spilt.

I told myself at least it wasn’t something that happened to Charlie or Ivy and went in to make breakfast and coffee.

I’ll need to move it soon because seeing it from my chair through the French doors is very difficult, knowing it’s of no use to me now.

And I told myself something else. Take that nice pump I just ordered last week and figure out how to make my own fountain. Maybe out of galvanized tubs or buckets.

Something that won’t break.

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  1. I thought “oh, no” as I was reading about the beautiful blue fountain incident. It sounds like you have an idea on how to turn lemons into lemonade, though. It will be a treat to see what you create next. Oklahoma winds are crazy (grew up on the prairies there long ago) and you’ve experienced some unusual weather there of late.

  2. I’m so sorry about your blue fountain! Looking at the picture of it, though, I tho’t that maybe you could do somthing nifty with the pieces after you break it up. Maybe stick them to a big flower pot or something to make a mosaic-type look. The blue color is just so beautiful I’d want to repurpose it somehow. What do you think?

  3. Such a pretty fountain, I’m sorry that happened. If you get another one, you should know that you don’t have to drain it every time like that. Certainly at the beginning of winter you would need to, but for one night that’s going to get below freezing all you needed to do was unplug it. It wouldn’t have been below freezing long enough to do a hard freeze, and if some of the water froze you just give it time and let it unfreeze again before you plug it back in.

  4. Brenda, I’m so sorry to hear this! Your fountain was gorgeous. Here in Michigan we usually have to wait until the end of May before planting flowers. Mr. Cottage hasn’t turned the water on yet in our cottage and probably won’t until the middle of May. FYI, we were in boating for many years and there are people who leave their boats in lakes for the winter and they use pumps to keep the water around the boat from freezing and crushing the haul. I can’t be 100% certain, but if you had let the pump run and kept the water moving, I’m sure it would have made it through those few cold hours.

  5. Brenda~
    “Heavens knows what the final bill will be once the insurance pays their part because my deductible is $8000.”
    I don’t know what type of insurance you have, but have you considered speaking with your insurance customer service representative regarding the co-pays and deductibles?
    I have a medication for my Rheumatoid Arthritis which costs almost $7,000.
    that one i only pay $14..
    Physical therapy was $40 ..
    my primary care co-pay is $5..specialist is $35..
    most of my meds are free, or $3
    so please consider at least checking for lower amounts..
    you’d be surprised WHAT is AVAILABLE for the asking..
    Like everyone so sorry the fountain was broken..

  6. Are there resources in your state that might advise u on acquiring insurance with a reasonable deductible?
    Office on Aging or state insurance information commission, or social security office. If you qualify as a disabled senior other laws may kick in. Do u qualify as disabled?
    Hope you can find a more reasonable insurance plan and medical services to maintain your physical well being.

    1. Oklahoma has temperatures that can range widely, but typically they are far enough south that April is past their frost date. I grew up there and now live in northern New Jersey and Oklahoma’s growing season is usually 5-6 weeks ahead of us.

  7. Oh I am so sorry this happened! It’s real pain when we get to a point that we can’t do things ourselves. I’m assuming it’s beyond repair. I agree that it might make a beautiful planter.

    I have a new fountain that’s a table top size. I can handle it alone which is why I love it so much. Maybe you should consider that? I’ve tried homemade fountains for the past 5 yrs or so & had such a struggle keeping them going.

    Another thing I have that I love is a solar fountain. These are cheap fountain motors that float on the top of a container. I love mine! Just buy a large pretty pot that has no hole in the bottom. Fill with water & set it in the sun. It does only spray when the sun is actually hitting it but that’s most of the day where I have mine.

    Please be careful of your back. I know how hard it is to do.

  8. I sm so sorry to hear about your fountain and my sympathies on your back…I know first hand how painful that is!

    Knowing how creative and resourceful you are, I am looking forward to seeing the final project.
    please take care and stay safe!

    1. Brenda
      I’m so sorry to hear the sad news! Your fountain was lovely. I wondered if you could return the pump and at least get your money back. Just a thought…. I know you’ll figure something out. You are so creative. Please take care of yourself! We really need you! Honest! You are a breath of fresh air every day. Hope you feel better too.

  9. Maybe make a mosaic picture or mat to hang outside or inside. Or use it to cover one of your older pots to use inside or outside. Just some thoughts.

  10. I’m so sorry about the fountain but I’m sorrier still about your back. I have back trouble and everyday it stops me from getting something done. I wonder if flex seal would repair the fountain. You do have the right . It’s not Charlie or Ivy . It’s a thing and not one of your beloveds. It can be replaced in some fashion. Take care of you.

  11. Oh my goodness that is terrible. I do hope your back recovers. In the future, if something like this were to come up again could you simply cover it with a heavy blanket to prevent it from freezing?

    1. I was planning to do that. I’d ordered a cover for it which just now came actually. But first needed to needed to be drained of water. And that’s how it got broken.

      1. I did wonder if it needed to be drained. Darn. There’s no easy way to accomplish that. So sorry this happened.

  12. You can find lots of blogs online where people have made their own DIY water fountains with store-bought pumps, there are probably lots of videos at Youtube as well.

  13. Can you make something decorative out of the broken one. Plants in it? Maybe make it look like the plants are flowing from pot to the other. Of course I don’t know how broken your fountain is. Maybe use the broken bits in another project. Put pieces out in the garden or along the edge for a border. The pieces are so pretty that I hope you can use them in some way.

  14. The fountain breaking sounds terrible! What a way to start your day. Yes, a fountain made from galvanized buckets or pots will be something your creative side can make. Taking care of yourself and planning a new fountain for a few days might replenish your strength. Charlie and Ivy need you well. Hoping you fell well soon…

  15. I’m so sorry that your fountain broke and you hurt your back! You never know when is the right time to put out your spring and summer things .In WV if anything is sensitive to the cold you have to wait until the middle to end of June!

  16. Oh saw, I am sorry that happened. You are so creative I bet by the end of the day you will have solidified plans for a new one!

  17. Oh no!!! I know your heart is broken, as well. Take time to rest your back today. So you don’t have to look at it from your chair is there any way you can simply kick the pieces/parts out your line of sight?

      1. Well darn it! Throw a towel on it so you don’t have to see it. Trying to lighten the moment. 🙂

  18. Oh no! Brenda, I’m so sorry that happened! I know you are terribly disappointed. I’m really sorry about your back! Please try to rest and take care of yourself. Listen to your soothing music. Hopefully that will help calm you. Some Ibuprofen will probably help too. Take care.

  19. Oh, so sorry. Hope your back recovers quickly. And yes, you can make your own fountain with the new pump that’s coming. We actually made a super simple one with just a big glazed flower pot and put some heavy duty screening on the top and the birds loved coming to drink and take their baths in the water flow. And you may be able to salvage the pump that is in the blue fountain too.

  20. Uggghhhh!!!! Feeling blue for you. Your health is the most important thing. It you every get a replacement fountain…just unplug and leave outside during bad weather. I wish I could send you a few bucks….start a collection fund for you to buy a replacement. Feeling sad for you, dear Brenda.

    1. Oh I make enough money to do that. There was a time I didn’t. But now with blog income + social security I do pretty well. Thanks though!

      1. Your fountain was so beautiful. I know you will mourn the loss, but you are creative. I’ve seen many ideas online for building your own so I know you will come up with something great. It has been a year for garden losses. I lost two orange trees, a lemon, a lime and a grapefruit in the February freeze. I’ll miss them but will not replace them. I am 75 and I am not going to start over again with baby trees. When I eventually get them cleared away I will put something else in their place. I am giving them time to make absolutely certain they are beyond springing back to life. I am having to baby my back, so it will take time.

          1. I’m sure you will creatively fix this, but I hope your back is ok.
            Getting older, and medically challenged, is hard on those of us who just can’t fathom giving up on our passion!
            I hope you recover well today.

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