I played around with my purchases from the antique mall. And I managed to use nearly every item I bought in one vignette.

This is sort of a boho/vintage style vignette I guess you could say.

I started with the Wenzel vintage box I bought at the same antique mall about a year ago. Then I began building from there.

I knew I wanted to add these feathers to the amber bottles as soon as I saw the bottles at the antique mall. Each bottle was found in a different booth.

Luckily I had the feathers in my craft stash.

When I picked up the little cordial glasses I knew I wanted to use them to put votives in.

The candle votives are a bit bigger than I thought. Maybe I will shave some of the wax off the votives to get them to fit better.

When I began putting this vignette together, I had forgotten about the bottle print on the wall behind it. So that worked out well. A bit of serendipity!

First I added the dough board against the wall. Then I put the bottle of wine corks in front of it and added the plate.

You just add one thing at a time, then step back and see how it looks. Then edit. Adding and editing is half of the fun.

I added the $1 clear insulator and a few things I already had. I made the strand of beads some time ago.

Vignettes are so much fun to create. I like to mix new stuff with old stuff. Also I like things to touch and overlap.

Layering is good because it alters the perception just a bit. Moving something from one place to another changes the whole scope of things. So playing around with your vignette is worth the time it takes.

This vignette took less than 30 minutes to create. And it was made with the odds and ends I found at the antique mall the other day. Plus decor from shopping my apartment.

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  1. Loved the vignette. I have a booth in a mall in Las Vegas, NV and you have inspired me to go to work. Thank you

  2. Simply beautiful because it tells a story and it fit’s in with the season. You are very instinctive about decorating…. as Joyce says above people go to school to learn these things. I really also just like the word “vignette”… I’ve been sort of geeking out over unusual words since quarantine started… oh and I’ve also been practicing my handwriting. I guess whatever works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. Brenda
    Would you show a picture of Ivy’ swirly toys. I have a three year old Balinese. She has a box of toys but doesn’t play much. The breed is a laid back type. They spend a lot of time grooming . Jean

  4. It looks BoHo Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Its amazing how moving things around can brighten our pads. :0) .. Have a great weekend.. I like the photo showing the entire display and cabinet, too. Nice.

  5. Beautiful vignette! Half the fun is playing around with things to achieve a certain look, isn’t it? I have an idea for you if you want to use the cordial glasses as candle holders, since the votives are too big. You can either use regular tealights or you can use battery-operated ones.

    Happy weekend!

  6. You should do staging like pat said. Maybe even do staging for your daughter’s flip houses! I love everything about this vignette!

  7. I love vignettes. Yours are so balanced and calming, for some reason. Maybe it’s because it seems to tell a story.

  8. I like the mix of textures, they go together like bread and butter. I like to move stuff around too. I used to move my living room and bedroom around about every six months. Since moving to my tiny house what’s here, stays where it fits, no moving around. I miss arranging. I have the top of my storage cabinet under my wall tv and I change the look there often. Good job, as always.

  9. I like the mix of glass, wood, corks and plants, with a bit of pottery and the metal can mixed in for extra interest. These photos have a pleasant sepia look, just right for Fall.

  10. Having been a high school art teacher, I was trained on how to achieve unity, balance, and contrast in a composition. Your major field was different than mine, but you instinctively know how to create beauty – your eye just tells you where to put everything so it’s pleasing to look at! Beautiful!
    Hmmm….wonder what Ivy would do with those corks if she could figure out a way to unscrew the lid? 🙂

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