I ended up having to shift things around on my kitchen countertop. It is because the small wooden tray holding the boho cutting boards below got wet. And the color stained my white countertops.

Below is a photo with the tray.

Moving The Boho Cutting Boards:

I loved my boho cutting boards along with the cow creamer on this little wooden tray with handles. But I rarely lifted it up. And when I finally moved it to clean underneath, there was the stain.

I tried getting the reddish stain out and got most of it out with baking soda. But I knew it was best if I move the tray some place else where it wouldn’t get wet.

Currently it is on my desk holding my camera lenses.

Elevating Kitchen Cleaners On A Stand:

This is what I replaced the tray and cutting boards with. I found this little gem of a stand at Marshall’s.

It was the first time I’d been in there in probably a year. But they were making sure everyone had a mask and it was a weekday, so few people were shopping there.

Yuck. The side of my sink looks awful. I can’t seem to make it look clean. Anyone have suggestions on cleaning these type of sinks?

When you elevate something on a stand it elevates its importance and gives it a bit of prestige. (What are those things anyway? I can’t think of the name.) It’s too small for a cake stand.

Elevating some of your things also moves the eye up and down around your space.

I put the bread box over on the counter for the first time.

There’s Ivy begging me to get the yard stick to retrieve her swirly toy.

Whenever I go into the kitchen, she does this. I wish she’d stop putting them under there because it isn’t easy to get them out.

This tray is now on the other side of the countertop.

Sorry about the glare in the scales from the overhead light. There’s just not enough light in here to take photos without it.

The other white tray on the far right remains where it was. The coffee maker and box filled with K-cups is still in the same place too.

So that’s my rearranged counter space. I added a few more things to the open shelves because I just needed to put them somewhere. The set of bowls nested in the big red bowl for instance was on the opposite wall shelves before.

Clearance Mikasa Glasses:

I also picked up a set of four Mikasa glasses at Marshall’s in the clearance aisle. I paid $5 for the set.

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  1. I had stains in my new stainless steel sink and after trying dozens of things (including the expensive re-polishing things) I decided to try a Magic Eraser. Warning: it says not for use on stainless steel and I would not use it on my kitchen appliances! BUT that being said, it cleans my kitchen sink easily and it’s sparkling clean. Just rub in the direction of the grain of your sink and that’s it.

  2. “Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner Aerosol” from Amazon is the BEST stainless steel cleaner I’ve found. It also helps to repel new marks and fingerprints. I’ve started using it every few days ans it’s wonderful!

  3. Try putting silicone or plastic pads or bumpers for picture frame backs
    on the base of things on your counters. They’re also used to keep picture frames from shifting on walls.
    Might help.

  4. Barkeepers cleanser and Mr clean sponges remove stains easily. I use them together. I have old laminate cou ter tops and they stain easily, this removes them quickly.

  5. Soft Scrub with or without Clorox wonderfully if stainless steel. Cleans, has a tiny bit of abrasion, rinses easily and shines up well. Love using it on stoves, appliances, faucets, countertops and glass. Great to use in kitchen and bathroom.

  6. Can also be called a pedestal. I just love your kitchen re-do! I think I may have tried putting felt “feet” on the board tray holding the cutting boards. I loved that vignette!

  7. I use several things to keep my SS sink clean – if you want to do a deep clean, fill the sink with hot water and a little bleach. Let it soak awhile. Drain and use a sponge dipped in the water as it’s draining to clean the sides and back part of the sink where the faucet is. It gets everything disinfected and shiny. Daily cleaning, try Bar Keeper’s Friend. And lastly, like someone else mentioned, try SS cleaning spray. I found mine at TJ Maxx and it’s made by Weiman. I sometimes use it on my toaster oven to keep the outside clean. The only thing I don’t like about it is the odor. It’s not pleasant to me.

  8. I think they call the elevated stand a serving stand. It really looks good with the cleaning products on it. I can never get my stainless sink looking clean either. I will try the stainless steel spray or the barkeepers friend.

  9. You have such a knack for decorating with all your pretties while not making it look cluttered. That’s quite a skill.

  10. Hi Brenda, Bar Keep is a
    wonderful cleanser for those sinks. Works really well when you follow the directions.
    Good luck 👍 Deb

  11. I have the same issue with my black sink. I have recently tried water mixture of white vinegar and seems to help some. What a great find with the glasses.. I feels good to rearrange and clean a bit.. Looks nice.

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