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I had never tried these warmers with wax melt scents before.

So I ordered this Better Homes & Gardens full size hobnail wax warmer from Walmart to see if I like it. Here are the hand poured scented soy wax melts I ordered.

I first wanted to diffuse essential oils to bring fragrance to my apartment, which I’ve done before. But I recently read it was not good for pets.

I copied this from Martha Stewart’s website:

Is It Safe to Use an Essential-Oil Diffuser Around Pets?

  • A diffuser could be unpleasant for a pet. Although breathing in essential oils can have beneficial effects in people.
  • It can also cause respiratory issues. Some pets’ lungs aren’t as equipped to handle oil droplets as our own.
  • If ingested or absorbed, essential oils can have more serious effects.

So I decided to try this little warmer sitting on my kitchen cabinet instead. I think the hobnail warmer is very pretty. And I like the soft glow of the bulb inside.

Have you tried wax melts in warmers to scent your home?

Here is a female cardinal out front on the fence. Likely awaiting her male counterpart.

I so love to watch the birds. And so does Ivy!

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  1. The walmart warmers are not equipped with a sensor on the inside of the on/off switch and can indeed still cause harm because the bulb melts the wax at a higher than needed temperature. Also there is no warranty on their warmers either.

  2. I use a wax melter every day. I love it. I used to burn candles every day. Then, I had trouble with my furnace. It turns out the soot from the candles made my furnace filter clog. The filter was BLACK and I had to make sure the furnace was off before I could change the filter, as It was sucking it so hard with the soot!

  3. The soy melts are safer than most candle type material. I would think that the amount of chemicals used to scent the melts would not be a huge amount given the size of a melt. Keep in mind also that you have houseplants that
    will remove impurities in the air, so I think your exposure would be minimal. I have over the years used candles, plug -ins, essential oil diffusers and even room sprays. We have always been a multiple pet household, and our furbabies have lived to ripe old ages without difficulty. These days I am more conscious of indoor pollutants and strong scents as the critters have such a sensitive sense of smell. All in all, I think there are always ‘work arounds’ to keep us and our safe and happy! I love the hobnail wax warmer you got. So pretty and cozy looking with the light.

  4. Be careful with essential oils, things like tea tree oil and some others are toxic to cats .
    I have one of those too. I buy soy wax melts from my neighbor, a college student, who is running her own candle business as she goes to nursing school.

  5. Hi Brenda. I like the new format. The photos are beautiful. I use Scenty warmers all the time and love them. They are very clean, have tons of fragrances and even have plug in wall warmers. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog ❤️

  6. Brenda, I burn candles just about everyday, and have used wax melts off and on, many many times also, and even had the oils you plug into the wall socket. Just want you to know, we have always had a pet, dogs, ,the last one we had, from puppy to old age (17). We’ve usually had a cat also, at the same time, and through out the years, from young until old age (17). I never had a vet bill for any thing caused from this type of thing. Only for their shots and check-ups. So, maybe we were just lucky, but over the years, 57 years, I would tend to think this is not a health threat to pets. With cats, tho, I always burned a candle where they could not get to it, to knock it over, or get burned. Bonnie in WI

  7. I’ve used a few if these in a mini crockpot.
    You can search Pinterest for natural room scents. The above link is from The Yummy Life.
    I like all the categories on your blog. So easy to browse items of interest. Thank you!

  8. My daughter and I use wax melt warmers all the time. We have two of them and I change the wax melts every week! We love shopping for different scents! Thank you for telling us that the Essential Oil diffusers are bad for pets. We don’t have any but I was considering them!

  9. I was confused when I logged onto your blog this morning and your current post wasn’t there! I then saw “Blog” at the top and clicked on that. So it was easy to figure out.

    I rarely diffuse essential oils anymore because of what I’ve read online about them and pets. The times I do, it’s in the back spare bedroom. The cats mainly stay in the living room and kitchen. I have a friend who uses a diffuser in her living room all the time and has two cats and a dog – and her pets have always been fine. So go figure. I’m not going to take any chances though.

    As far as the wax melts, keep in mind that those are made with artificial fragrances. Same with candles (unless specifically made with essentials oils) and any plug-ins. So the scents that these products emit are actually worse for pet’s (and humans) lungs, not to mention they cause cancer. Here’s an article about this for more info:

    1. I didn’t know that. I did email the company who makes the soy melts, Julie Ann Home, and asked her if the cubes have phthalates. I’m just looking for something to scent my apartment that is safe.

  10. Yep, if the female Cardinal is in view, the male isn’t far behind 🙂 Usually – but not always, unless the female feels very secure in a setting – you will hear and see the male first. If the male signals it is safe by a short call, the female will appear. I have a wax melter, it uses a little light bulb underneath the tray and plugs right into a wall outlet. I use mine the most between Thanksgiving and All Kings Day when I want the smell of cinnamon and pine trees in the house. In the spring/summer I will melt lilac, Lily of the Valley and apple scented wax. I can usually use my melts about 3 times before the scent from an individual melt fades too much to waft through a room.

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