1. Pansies are so beautiful and look so delicate, and yet they can withstand sudden drops in temperature. Okay, this is inconvenient – a pop-up ad has appeared and won’t go away on the left-hand side of the space where I am trying to type my comment. The ad is covering up about a third of the comment box and I can’t see what I’m typing behind it. I understand people monetize with ads, I don’t have an issue with that. Not sure what happened though, as I know other people had mentioned this in the past, I didn’t experience it before this morning. It’s been here for the entire time I’ve been typing this message, rotating through various ads.

  2. I read somewhere that pansies were given the worst possible name because of all blooming flowers they are anything but!!

  3. Pansies can be planted in the fall for a much longer period of enjoyment. They will give you some color and a little gardening “fix” all winter. Any cold damaged leaves spent flowers can be pinched off to clean them up and encourage more. Since Tulsa is in USDA zone 7A, pansies can be usually be planted in late September. Think of all the beauty those sweet faces could bring you all winter!

  4. Love to watch a cat play. Just brings me joy or watching a dog play. These animals are a gift from God.

  5. I have a kitty now. She and three of her siblings were dumped in a pasture when they were about 2 weeks old. Someone saw them and alerted a rescue. My friend fostered them and fed them every 2 hours until they were able to eat on their own. One of the kitty’s didn’t make it. Makes me so angry that people will dump animals and especially kittens and puppies. Why not drop them off at a rescue? My kitty likes to chase things similar to what your Ivy does. My kitty is only about 6 months old and she rules the roost. I have an older dog and she loves him but he isn’t quite as crazy about her. She likes to lay on his bed with him. He usually moves to another one and lets her have it!

  6. Love the picture of Ivy. Aren’t cat trees wonderful. She sure enjoys hers. I’ve never grown pansies. It gets too hot here in So Cal for me to have much success.

  7. When you mentioned social distancing, the other day in the grocery store a young woman cut in front of my cart to grab something off the shelf and she apologized for reaching in front of me but I saw she had a young person in the cart so knew she was in a hurry. I then said to her, it was okay and I told her I appreciated her being thoughtful enough to speak to me apologizing. She said “I guess people like me are just trying to be kind to others” and I said she should be proud of herself for respecting others. And in her defense I was dawdling cause I am usually like you in and out of stores with my list checked off. I can imagine she just waited a few minutes for me to make my choices and when I didn’t she knew what she had to do.

  8. Pansies are wonderful little plants!! Glad you got some. Walking among plants is indeed much preferable to other shopping!!

  9. I always get excited about Fridays. My sweetie and I attend an auction on those nights. Its one of those fun country auctions where a dog might stroll up and down the aisles. You would love it. Vintage quilts galore. Enjoy your weekend, Brenda, and hugs to Charlie and Ivy.

    1. I am envious of your Friday nights Janice. I would be in heaven at an auction that had both quilts and a dog! Hope you had fun tonight and found some treasures!

  10. I’ve always loved pansies, as well. There’s something about their “faces”. LOL
    I was stunned this morning when I realized it was Friday! When and how did that happen? LOL Must be my oh so exciting life – NOT! LOL

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