The last few weeks, since Charlie finished his last antibiotic, he has been restless. He doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself. I think he’s bored.

He wants out more often. He moves from one side of me to the next every little bit. Then to his bed at the end of the couch. Then back again. Each time I have to lift my laptop to let him across.

And he barks at pretty much anything now.

Charlie never learned to play with toys, although there is a big plastic container in my closet full of them.

He never would chew bones, which is probably why he’s down to two teeth.

Charlie on the patio

So I’ve thought about it and thought about it. And I decided that I’m getting him/us a companion. A kitty.

We have not met her in person yet. I found her on a rescue site called Animal Aid of Tulsa. They have a thrift shop about a block from my vet which funds their animal rescue efforts.

Tomorrow at 11 a.m. we are going there to meet and bring home our kitty. She is 19 weeks old. They say she does well with dogs and is very chatty and affectionate.

 She is neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

Below is a photo of her when she was younger. It is the photo I saw on their website…

Allie the kitty


Below she is just an itty bitty kitten…

Allie small kitten

Here are a couple of photos they sent me taken when she was a bit older…

Allie small kitten

Allie small kitten

And here is a more recent photo…

Allie older kitten

I have placed an order with, where I get Charlie’s prescription diet food, etc, for things I will need for her. And even though I just placed the order yesterday afternoon, it should be here today.

I have to say I love Chewys. They have excellent customer service. Most of the time I order online, but because I wanted to make sure the order would arrive before Friday, I called and chatted with a young man there.

They’re so nice and accommodating. Whenever I have received dog food cans that had dents, I call them and they put the amount paid back on my bank card.

I think their prices are great too. The shipping is so fast and it’s free over a certain amount. Can’t say enough good things about them.

My Yorkie Charlie boy

So keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow. I haven’t had a kitten in many years. Probably 20 years.

I debated and debated on an adult cat or a young cat or a kitten. But I saw this kitten’s face and fell in love. She is kind of in between. Not a baby kitten, but not an adult.

Charlie will still get to go in the car with me when I’m out and about and not planning to go in anywhere (you know I would never leave him in a car).

Charlie goes out on the patio with me, but the kitty will not. She will be an indoor kitty.

I still sing the little made up song to Charlie at night once the lights are out. After I sing the song, I say: “Night, night, sweetie. Mama loves her Charlie boy.”

My Yorkie Charlie Ross

I have cleaned out one of my walk-in closets. I will put the litter box, which is entered from the top, on the trunk in the closet. I will leave the door open a bit so she can come and go when she wants.

I have made her a bed in there and will put her food and water in the closet up high. To give her her own space and to separate them at first. I will always have her food and litter box up high so Charlie can’t reach it.

I’m home most of the time, so I can watch them closely. And I’ll separate them when I go out, until they become accustomed to one another.

My heart is still very heavy every time I think of Abi. I look at her photo and I am overcome with emotion. I think most of you animal lovers understand that.

Oh, and I asked them if changing her name would be problematic. They said no. The name Allie is just a bit too close to Abi. I’m afraid I’d go around calling her Abi. Or I’d feel sad because they sound so alike.

The gardener in me wants her name to be Ivy. What do you think?

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  1. I’m going to give Chewy a try. Do you like it because of the convenience of it or really find it saves money? I’m down to one feral cat that loves to be loved on but has no interest in becoming a indoor cat. Thank goodness he came fixed but I just noticed this morning I used my last wet food for him and he’s not going to be happy tomorrow unless I stop and buy a little to add to his dry food tomorrow. We lost our 17 year old pup a couple weeks ago and I’m finally donating the last of his food today. I saw Chewy also has wild bird sunflower seeds. I’ll do price comparison on that as I go through a lot of sunflower seeds.

  2. I am so excited for you and Charlie !!! Ivy is a beautiful kitty and I love her new name. I think you made a very good decision and I predict that Charlie and Ivy will get on very well. I also use Chewy. I love the selection, convenience and the prices !

  3. That is wonderful news! I think a kitty is a great choice too. She will most likely delight you and Charlie with her antics.

  4. Congrats!! Kitties are wonderful. My daughter’s boyfriend recently lost one of their dogs. Their other dog was so sad. So when they found a kitten on the side of the highway, they adopted him. He is adorable and full of energy and cuddles up with their dog. She loves him and loves having a new companion.

  5. My sister works at a vet’s office. She says that is the best way to bring a new animal member into your home is to take the puppy out to meet the new member away from it’s home. That way they don’t think they are taking over their space but rather joining it. I think this is wonderful! It will give you both something new to experience. Ivy is perfect, I love the name!! Congratulations to the new kitty she is joining an amazing family and thank you for rescuing her.

  6. I love the name Ivy. Her little bandit face is adorable. I hope Charlie likes her and perks up with her company. Also now no mouse will dare set paw in your apartment ! I love Chewys too and I’ve ordered a dog ramp from them and a cat window bed. Can’t wait to see more pictures to come of Miss Ivy ❤️

    1. I don’t like to carry heavy things, so Chewy’s was my answer. Comes right to my door. And hopefully no mice. Haven’t had any in several years since I got those things you plug into the electrical outlets that emit some sound in the walls that mice hate.

    1. Just a few more hours now and we pick her up. I wonder how Charlie’s going to react to us bringing her home?

  7. Awww I can see why you fell in love! She is so pretty, and her name Ivy is pretty too. So happy for you and her!

  8. I’m just getting to this late. I’m so excited for you and Charlie. His little life is about to be turned upside down. Give them a couple of weeks and he will be over the moon w her. I love the name Ivy and it’s just perfect for her. We rescued a kitten on Mother’s Day wknd. She was only 4 wks old. Her owner had a stroke and we took her in. She here’s to stay now. She rules the roost and plays w Eddie. He’s 47 lbs and just loves her. FYI Megan just adopted a horse from a kill lot in Oklahoma. She went thru quarantine for 30 days and has been here two weeks and is gaining weight. She’s a love. Just getting used to Megan. Her name is being change to Tiffany. The rescue gave her that name and M is keeping it. Not sure how long it will take her to learn her new name. Can’t wait to hear how things go tomorrow. I doubt you will sleep good tonight with all the excitement.

    1. Good for you taking in the kitten. So many animals need good homes. And congratulations for Megan getting a horse. She did a very good deed!

  9. Congratulations on your new fur baby. She is adorable. Love the name Ivy. I have thought about a kitten to keep my Hayley company when I am gone, as I can not always take her with me.
    I have been wanting to order from and I think you have sold me. I don’t like to order anything on line but I think I will give them a try.
    Thank you for a very nice post
    Marilynn and Hayley

    1. Marilynn and Hayley, I think you will love Chewys. I give them 5 stars. My order is here either the very next day or the day after.

  10. I am so happy for you and Charlie. I think she is adorable and Ivy is a sweet name. My Annie doesn’t play with toys either and I think it’s because she didn’t learn as a kitten. So maybe Ivy will and cats do love to bat things around! Yay!!

    1. I have mouse catnip toys, balls and a toy with bells in it that rolls. Picked up a pink collar and cat bed too. And a brush and kitty treats. The rest came from Chewys. But I dropped by Petsmart yesterday for the other things. The only thing not here yet is the litter. If it doesn’t get here soon, I’ll need to run out and get some, as we’re going to pick her up at 11:00.

  11. Awesome Brenda! I think both of you will love this little girl and kittens are so entertaining to watch; she will keep Charlie occupied. I too order from Chewy and love the box being delivered right to my front door. I love the name Ivy, it sounds perfect! I look forward to hearing of their antics and what a wonderful addition.
    Carol and Molly

  12. Oh Brenda i’m so happy for you and can not wait to hear more about Ivy! I think the photo of Ivy curled up sleeping is precious. Perhaps having a furry friend will be just what Charlie needs to cure his restlessness. Best wishes to all of you!

    1. I sure hope so. He crawls over me back and forth all day when I’m working online. He just seems bored in my opinion.

  13. So very happy for you and Charlie! I think Ivy will bring you much love and joy. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats. All get along just fine. Our one cat, Missie, always hides for a few days when a new change takes place, but then she settles down again nicely. I do not allow the cats on our counters, tables, etc. Years ago my girlfriend told me that using a spray bottle filled with water would be the thing to use in deterring the cats from jumping up where I didn’t want them. I set it to a mist spray and would squirt them. They hopped down and quickly learned where they weren’t allowed to be. One thing I would highly recommend is a scratching post, or your mattress corners, drapes or couch might get damaged. Our cat, Checkers, loves wood, and tried using our table legs before we gave him his own short piece of 2×4 to use. Our other cat, Ziva, likes a carpeted type of scratching post. Wishing you all the best and loads of fun as you experience life with a curious, playful kitty once again!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you mentioned what you do when they jump on counter tops! I was worrying about what to do regarding that problem.

  14. I’m so happy for you – and for the kitty (I love the name Ivy!) and Charlie, too!

    I’m with you on Chewy being a fantastic company. That’s where I order my cat’s food and treats and they have been nothing but super accommodating whenever there’s been a problem. Can’t say enough good things about that company – wish a lot more were like them!

  15. Congratulations on your new family member. How fun and exciting! I love the name Ivy. I hope Charlie and Ivy become best pals. Have a wonderful evening and can’t wait to see the homecoming pictures!

  16. Hi Brenda! I am so excited for you and Charlie!!! I love the name Ivy and it fits that precious little kitty!! I think you are amazing for the love that you give your fur babies!! They are so blessed to have you as their momma!!

  17. I am SOOOO happy for you!! And the name Ivy is adorable. My son’s adopted cat is named Lily – other botanical names I love are Clover , Violet and Iris. Do not be discouraged if it takes a little while for the two to become friends. Sometimes it happens right away, and sometimes it takes a few weeks or so. I think Charlie will love the company – and you, too 🙂

    1. I know it might be a difficult transition. That is why I have her all set up in that closet. I cleaned both walk-in closets out, gave away much of what I had in there to the maintenance man who has the church, and now both closets are clean and neat. And Ivy has a spot for everything in one of them.

  18. Congrats ! Hopefully they will become best friends . That’s the way it is with Hootie , my white dog and Fluff the cat . They are heartbroken when they are separated . Even small amounts of time , like when Hoots at the groomer . I think ivy is a great name . I hope you have many snuggly days with your new little friend .

      1. I should have mentioned we are a odd bunch here Hootie is a pure bread Cotton de tule are , Fluff was a barn cat that my old neighbor brought home and then tossed out . Ollie is a mini poodle that l adopted last year in July , so we celebrate adoption day instead of a birthday. And chub in a grey kitty that lives outside and won’t come in the house .

  19. Everything you wrote sounds great to me. I’m happy that you and Charlie are going to have a new family member. I think Ivy is a great name, but if you aren’t sure, you could consider Lily. It is kind of like Allie, and is a plant name too. Whatever you name her, I think she’ll come running. She is adorable. My husband and I used to not be attracted as much to black and white cats as to other colors. But then we got our guy named Calvin, and we just love his black and white look. Your gal looks very smart and also very frisky. She is going to keep you and Charlie on your toes! Good for you, Brenda, for taking a shot at it, and giving that little sweetie a good home. She has no idea how fortunate she is going to be, moving in with an animal lover like you!

      1. Well, that might seem a bit repetitive! I had a dog named Daisy. Flower names are great for pets. But so are lots of other names. Right now, we have a cat named Calvin. He came with that name, so we just kept it because it seemed to fit. It’s an old-fashioned name, and he looks old fashioned in his little tuxedo coat.

  20. I’m so happy you’re adopting a new pet for, especially with you losing Abi. The cat is adorable and I hope Charlie will eventually love her too. I love the name Ivy. No one knew what Sadie’s real name was because she was a stray. The animal shelter named her Marie, but we didn’t like that name for her so we renamed her Sadie Sue. It only took a short time before she recognized her new name.

      1. Hi. Just read this comment. I want to say that whatever name you like the most, pick it, no matter if you are aware of 20 other people with pets that have that name. It will be you saying the name every day, so, it needs to be one you love!

  21. That is such good news, Brenda. It’s a win/win situation. Ivy finds her forever home and you and Charlie find unconditional love. These beautiful little animals bring their love with them. Ivy Rain would be pretty. You will be a wonderful Mama to her. Hugs, Elaine

  22. When I saw the pictures of your new kitty, I thought it was our 1960’s cat, Honey! Twin, for sure. My dtr. who was five when we got Honey, named her and she was such a wonderful cat. Good luck getting Charlie used to your kitty.

  23. Well, good for you! I think this will be good for Charlie, and Ivy is a great name. She will most likely hide for a couple of days and you won’t see much of her, but soon enough she will venture out.

    1. That’s what I figure. She’ll have a nice hiding place with everything she needs and won’t have to venture from the closet till she wants to. There is no smell of Charlie in the closets because I keep the doors closed.

  24. What an adorable kitty! I am sure she will fill your home with love. Kitties love to be petted, I’m sure she will fill the need to love on a furbaby. Best wishes for your family♡

    1. Charlie loves to be petted and brushed. I pet him the whole time I’m singing to him, from head to tail. But he doesn’t like cuddling.

  25. That is wonderful news! Ivy is a perfect name for her. I bet the 3 of you will be so happy. Plus it might help Charlie when you do have to go out. I can’t wait to see all of the mischief she gets into! Lol.

    1. I’m hoping he won’t feels so lonely. I rush and rush when I’m out to get home to him. So that’s kept me from doing things with Andrew. They just come here now. I wonder what Andrew will think about her? They have a dog.

  26. Congratulations on your new family member. Hope she and Charlie become good friends soon. My daughter has had dogs and cats all her married life and they slept together and did fine.

  27. You will love having a kitty again, Brenda. I bet she is playful and will bring a spark to Charlie’s life!! They will probably be friends and playmates. She is just adorable and I like the name Ivy! xo Diana

  28. Congrats Brenda! So happy to hear this. Ivy is a perfect name. It’s close enough to Allie that she will adapt quickly. We did that with one of the dogs we have now. Choose a name close to what she was being called in her foster home. And I couldn’t agree more about Such a great company.
    I never buy pet supplies any where else now.

  29. Congrats on your new addition. I hope everything goes well when you bring her home and I think the name Ivy is purrfect!

    1. Well, Charlie is about to drive me crazy crawling over me constantly all day long. I hope nothing is amiss and it’s just boredom.

    1. Thanks. I have an MRI on my neck Monday and see a doctor on Wednesday. I hope to have things somewhat sorted by then with the pets.

  30. Congratulations to you and Charlie! I think Ivy is a lovely name. I once had a cat with similar markings
    whose name was Daphne.

      1. I like the names Ivy and Daphne. I have a Tiger Lily and had cats named Poppy, Violet Rose and Pumpkin.
        Your beautiful Ivy is what they all a ‘Cow Kitty’! LOL
        I’m so very happy for you.

  31. Oh…that is a darling kitten! I know she is going to be a good addition to the family. I’m sure everyone will adjust in no time. I had thought about getting a kitten myself, but I don’t think Priss will appreciate it. I really don’t want a cat if they jump up and down on cabinets, furniture, etc.
    You will be a great mom!

    1. I don’t want a cat jumping up on kitchen cabinet and dining tables either. Maybe one of you experienced cat owners will give me good tips.

  32. I’m not a cat person at all but I love that you’re rescuing this precious girl! I think it’s a wise decision for you and for Charlie.
    How about Ivy Rose? ?

  33. I love the name Ivy, but any flower name would work. I’m so glad you’re getting a kitty! Two of my grown children have adopted kitties in the past few months with great results, and they’re both completely inside cats. Congratulations, good decision. Looking forward to hearing all the details of her settling in!

  34. She looks like an Ivy!!! What a sweet face – I hope the transition goes as well as Molly’s transition into our little family!

    I think this will be a good thing for both you and Charlie – it will be good for you to have another little sweet baby to love and spoil!

    1. I would loved to have adopted a dog like your Mollie. But living in an apartment, even with the patio, I still worry about the barking.

  35. Yeah Brenda for adopting. You will be a great forever home for this sweet little kitty. Allie does not know it yet but her life and luck are about to change when you pick her up. She is going to be so loved by you and Charlie and have a great new home. Hugs to you for helping out with adopting a rescue.

  36. This is so exciting! I think Charlie will love her and you will have another member of the family in the house! I love the name Ivy! Congratulations to the 3 of you!

  37. Oh my goodness; what a wonderful post today. Allie (Ivy) is a doll and looks so healthy, lively and has such expressive eyes; she will keep Charlie (and you) busy for quite some time. I am so happy for you and look forward to all the stories about getting acquainted with the new member of your family. I am sure this new kitten will keep you and Charlie entertained (and crazy) for the upcoming months.

    We use Chewy as well for our pet needs; good prices, prompt delivery, and great customer service.

    1. I have agonized and agonized over this decision. I’d look at rescue animals online and my heart would be heavy for all the ones who need homes. Then I’d talk myself out of it. Finally just did it. Hope all turns out well!

    1. declawed!!!! never. several of our provinces do not allow this antiquated and obviously cruel practice.
      When I adopted my Dexter I had to sign to say I wouldn’t declaw him.
      One only has to apply it to oneself to know what it would be like without nails! If you don’t want a cat to act naturally then don’t have a cat.

  38. Ivy sounds perfect. I also like Dahlia and Pansy. I have a Lily and Taishi. My latest addition is a Golden Doodle that I named Yankee( as in Yankee Doodle). I keep her leashed in the house because she lunges at the cats. They dash away and hide, but I am reluctant to unleash her since she is 4 months old, bitey and much larger than the cats. They both are declared, so I am not sure if they could evade her. I am trying to teach her manners. She is smart and a fool for treats, so I am hoping she will coexist with the cats as she matures. I am looking forward to meeting Ivy or whatever name you decide suits her. She looks very sweet.

  39. I am so happy for you. I think you have made a wonderful decision. For years we only had a dog. Then a cat decided that he should live here. We adopted him and he and our Dani got along just fine. After he passed away I really missed having a cat so we adopted another. Her name is Cleopatria (Cleo for short) and they got along just fine. A couple of years ago we lost our Dani and that made Cleo even more important. We also have an outside cat who adopted us. I wanted to bring her inside but she didn’t like that idea so she lives on our deck. She has a comfortable bed and in the winter she sleeps in a dog house that has a heated pad in it. We also have a heated bowl for her water so it doesn’t freeze. We are empty nesters and our pets fill a very empty spot in our lives. I love the name Ivy and can’t wait to meet her.

    1. I think you are a wonderful parent to your fur baby feline. You honor her preferences and yet give her great comfort and care. What a lucky kitty !

  40. OMG I am over the moon happy for you!!! Ivy is perfect name and so sweet looking. I think Charlie will like the energetic company of a kitty cat as I know it keeps my two dogs happy when they run around together in the house. It usually happens right after dinner and they decide to play chase or hide and seek behind a door and tempt the dogs to find him. We laugh and laugh over their antics all together and when I go to sleep at night with all three on our bed, I know my life is full and blessed as can be. It sounds like you are all prepared and know exactly where to get so that Charlie doesn’t try to get into anything. I can’t wait to see pictures of your new baby in your home. Congratulations. Good choice to follow your heart.

    1. Since Charlie won’t play with toys or chew bones, I got him a nice blue dog bed for the car. He loves beds.

  41. Great news! I think this will work wonderfully for all of you! Thank you for adopting! Best wishes for heavenly match made on earth. She is beautiful and Ivy is a lovely name.

    1. Absolutely good news! All catties & kitties are fun! We had 3 for many years. Now just the 2 poochies is all I can do. CHEWY is the best! We get everything from them. Always complimentary delivery!! Hope to see more pictures of Allie! Or Ivy. Both sweet.

      1. I’ll try to get photos of her when I bring her home tomorrow. Most of my Chewys order has already arrived. The litter box with the opening at the top, catnip toys, dry and canned food. But the litter has not arrived yet.

    2. I don’t know why I fixated on Ivy. I just got back from Petsmart. Of course ordering from Chewys wasn’t enough. I got her a pink bed, pink collar, Meow food/water bowl, treats, a brush, and a few cheap toys. Maybe she will play with all those toys Charlie won’t have a thing to do with. Maybe then he’ll change his mind!

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