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  1. reading this tonight. and can’t even speak.
    thank you. for just being you. and for sharing your life with us.

  2. I read this as I wait on my daughter to doctor three kittens next door. She always says she wishes all cats had the life our cat Marshmallow does. I wish all animals did.

  3. Love hearing about your compassionate vet’s office of angels .
    Such a nice post thanks for sharing !

  4. OMG! Your expressive way of writing has me fighting a lump in my throat. I sure wish I had a vet like yours, you are very lucky.

    1. Annette Tracy says:

      Oh they sound so wonderful. I’m glad you found them. And I have hope for that kitty.

  5. Laura Hayes says:

    What a lovely tribute to these kind people, Brenda. It’s very heart warming when we encounter such people. You’re always left with gratitude that hopefully makes us be the same.

  6. Beautiful post, and so very true ~

  7. Ann Koles says:

    “Dogs don’t die, they go to sleep in our hearts. That thump in your heart when you think of them is their awakening and their wagging tail to let you know they are still with you.”

    1. Wow! What a beautiful thought Ann!

  8. Barbara Zwally says:

    You, Brenda, are one of those “angels on earth”. Your willingness to let those of your readers who may be hurting, too, perhaps easing their pain a little into your life is telling. – Even your care of your plants and your little piece of the environment – and of course your love of your Charlie & the pets in you near and long past give proof. Thank you.

  9. sonny nickolas says:

    What a beautiful way you expressed that experience, Your writing is a gift to the world and I wish more of it was able to enjoy that fact.
    thinking of You

  10. Lovely tribute to those good people; I can tell you very much appreciate them, as I do my vet and staff.

  11. If not for people like your friends at the vet clinic our world would be lost. I hope the kitten survives and thrives so it can one day have a home that becomes its wonderful world.

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