There Are Angels On Earth

The other day when Charlie and I were at the vet’s office they had a tiny kitten there, no more than 3-4 weeks old, that they were trying to keep alive.

I watched Hope as she urged it to take milk from a dropper. Hope is Christie’s daughter. Christie is who accompanied Dr. Poteet here to my apartment to give Abi the shot the day she died.

It was Christie who opened my patio door not long after Abi took her last breath. I had rushed outside with Charlie in my arms. She leaned outside to tell me they were leaving.

What she didn’t say was: We’re taking Abi’s body to be cremated now.

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Misty and Eunice also work at the clinic with Dr. Poteet.

And it is Mary who thankfully understands the reactions of someone with Asperger’s. And who calms and comforts me when I am upset and a non-stop whirlwind of repetitive motion.

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The kitten had yet to make a sound, Hope told me.

It’s siblings had already died. They were found and brought to the clinic, but they were unable to save all but this tiny ball of fur.

Its eyes were the deep grayish blue the sky gets just before a storm. Its body was so small it fit easily into Hope’s cupped hand. When a heart is beating with the softest fluttering of a bird’s wings, every minute counts.

It would only take one try at the dropper, then it turned its head away, milk hovering on the fur beneath its mouth. Hope tried to get it to eat a bit of soft canned food. It nibbled with its pink tongue once and was done.

I watched her smile as she kissed the kitten on its button of a nose, and then take it back to the warm pad that sustains it.

And in so doing she and everyone else there prove that not all of this world is a cruel cold place where kittens are left to die.

There are people who rush toward the next big raise, the bigger promotion. The fancier car. The house with all the bells and whistles.

And then there are angels on earth for whom money is not as important as saving tiny kittens and caring for sick animals.

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The vet’s office hasn’t changed a bit since I first began taking Abi and Charlie there seven years ago.

Paper notices about lost dogs dot the old-fashioned brown paneling that has seen better days.

The chairs have orange cushions that never seem to fit.

There are two small rooms where the vet sees his patients. The cabinets are dinged up from constant use, and one of the tables is held up with hope and maybe a prayer.

There is nothing in that office that suggests money is streaming in beyond what is necessary to keep them going.

Dr. Poteet is 75 years old and working long days and weekends with seldom a break.

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Louis Armstrong used to sing a song that suddenly and inexplicably comes to mind…

“And I say to myself, what a wonderful world.”



  1. I read this as I wait on my daughter to doctor three kittens next door. She always says she wishes all cats had the life our cat Marshmallow does. I wish all animals did.

  2. Love hearing about your compassionate vet’s office of angels .
    Such a nice post thanks for sharing !

  3. OMG! Your expressive way of writing has me fighting a lump in my throat. I sure wish I had a vet like yours, you are very lucky.

  4. What a lovely tribute to these kind people, Brenda. It’s very heart warming when we encounter such people. You’re always left with gratitude that hopefully makes us be the same.

  5. “Dogs don’t die, they go to sleep in our hearts. That thump in your heart when you think of them is their awakening and their wagging tail to let you know they are still with you.”

  6. You, Brenda, are one of those “angels on earth”. Your willingness to let those of your readers who may be hurting, too, perhaps easing their pain a little into your life is telling. – Even your care of your plants and your little piece of the environment – and of course your love of your Charlie & the pets in you near and long past give proof. Thank you.

  7. What a beautiful way you expressed that experience, Your writing is a gift to the world and I wish more of it was able to enjoy that fact.
    thinking of You

  8. Lovely tribute to those good people; I can tell you very much appreciate them, as I do my vet and staff.

  9. If not for people like your friends at the vet clinic our world would be lost. I hope the kitten survives and thrives so it can one day have a home that becomes its wonderful world.

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