So here’s what I came up with for the mirror over the sink. Pretty much my signature solution is to hide things.

I took a bunch of photos, grabbed the ice pack to sit on for the pain in my hip, only to realize I hadn’t had the media card in the camera.

If there had been a gun next to my chair I might have shot myself in the foot just to make the ankle, thus the hip, stop aching.

So I had to go back into the kitchen and start over again.

A close up of the sign in my kitchen over the sink

Adjustments Will Be Necessary:

There will have to be some adjustments made because I didn’t get the adhesion tape high enough, and you can see it beneath the valance.

It is a job for another day. (If I can stand it, that is.)

See, to get the adhesion hook to be affixed well, you must wait at least 12 hours after adhering it to a surface to hang something from it.

I told you I’d have this to show you today, so it will have to wait.

In What I Did About The Mirror, you can see my pantry and countertop to the right of the kitchen sink

The curtain rod above the sink is just sitting on a nail. Because nothing, and I mean nothing, would go in front of or behind that boob light. It goes all the way to the edge both ways.

I may come up with something else later. But this is the best I could think of for now. At least I still have light from the darned thing and it looks pretty through the valance.

The Metal Sign That I Designed Around:

I found the metal sign at the antique mall. You know me and gardening. Anything with the word gardening or garden on it draws me like a moth to a flame.

I knew it would work. It has every single color I would have asked for on the sign.

Do you recognize the shelf? It was in my bathroom in the other apartment.

I asked management if I could put a hole in whatever that is just below the sink, laminate or Formica, and they said yes. I asked them to send the Can-Do man over when he had some time to do it for me.

Now I have a place to put my little Trader Joe plants.

In What I Did About The Mirror, I also wanted to show you the curtains I put on the window

Here are the curtains I already had, cut to size, and hemmed with that adhesive stuff you iron on.

All The Curtains Have Now Been Hung:

Now I have curtains on every single window.

The coffee bar in the corner

So for now this is the last project in my little kitchen.

It took me right at a month to get it the way I wanted it. But really, is anything ever “just right?” Probably that’s a no because ideas keep swirling in your head.

I tried so hard to get the adhesive hooks in the right place.

But when you’re on the second or third step of the step ladder leaning over the sink, you’re not seeing things as you’d see them from floor level.

The Change I Want To Make:

The adhesive hooks need to be higher up on the mirror.

In What I Did About The Mirror, this is the other side of my kitchen

I laugh when I think of Marley looking at the refrigerator so strangely. Like it was pre-historic. I guess to her it was.

But I don’t need the stainless steel and all the bells and whistles. I’m thankful just to have an ice maker for a change.

The refrigerator, dishwasher and left of my kitchen sink

And so I’m wrapping up working on this room, my apartment kitchen, for now at least.

The Office Is Next On My List Of To-Do Projects:

I have some ideas about the second bedroom, my office, and I think those ideas will surprise you a bit. It isn’t what you’d typically think of when you think of me.

Below is the photo you asked for of the hall to the front door.

In What I Did About The Mirror, I'm showing you the view of my hall to my door.

Ivy & Her Curtain Ties:

Yes, that’s Ivy’s red and white curtain tie, one of several she carries around every single day.

At night when I go to the bedroom to read, I try to get her to go in there with Gracie and me.

The answer to my calling to her is that she makes the most mournful sound. At first, I thought she was sad for some reason and I went to look for her.

When I found her, I saw that she had that darn curtain tie in her mouth.

So at night when I hear that really strange, almost hollow sound, I know it is just Ivy with her beloved curtain ties. Making a weird sound that only makes sense to her.


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  1. Hi Brenda! Oh, I love how you’ve disguised the mirror and the light looks like sunshine coming through! I knew you would figure out a way. I really like the look of your new apartment.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. It wasn’t even a question that you’d come up with a solution for the kitchen mirror – and it looks great! I’d never guess what it originally looked like. Ivy carrying around the curtain tie is just the cutest! It’s like she wanted to be a part of the decorating!

  3. I love what you did with the kitchen mirror. It’s actually quite a neat focal point now. You have great ideas and I love seeing what you do next. Your apartment is very inviting and I’m so glad you were able to move.

  4. Dear Brenda, love the solution to the mirror over the sink and the curtains on the kitchen window…..perfect! In the front hallway how about a mirror or two to reflect light making it brighter.

  5. Wow, Brenda, what a wonderful solution!!! The kitchen looks totally ‘you’ now, so cozy and bright and cheerful! I can read in your words how much you love your new home, and wow, you’ve done so much in just one month! It took me months to hang pictures in my new home – I had paid someone (for the first time in my life) to professionally paint the whole house so I didn’t want to hammer in any nails until I was 100% sure on placement. And I guess it worked because I haven’t moved any of my pictures in 7 years, ha ha!

  6. I have to admit I have been so curious to see what you came up with for the mirror. I love it! Can’t see the boob light and best of all, it looks bright and welcoming. You have done wonderful things with the kitchen. The whole place is lovely. And in such a short period of time. Enjoy Brenda!

  7. Hello Brenda,
    Thanks for posting the photo of your front door entrance. Outstanding job in your kitchen!!! I can’t even see the boob light! Lol! wonderful job on everything you’ve done thus far.
    Proud of you!

  8. I love it awesome it’s amazing how it changes the kitchen looks like it all was made for the area love all you have done in the new apartment 💞💞

  9. The valance and the metal garden sign are perfect cover ups! You did great.

    Love your red and white checked curtains.

    Funny that Ivy makes the weird sounds with the curtain ties…Clementine does that with small felt balls. She carries them around in her mouth making weird guttural sounds or else she makes the sounds as she’s pawing the ball around the house. Sometimes the guttural sounds are so low and strange that we laugh our heads off because it’s unlike any sound we’ve ever heard. Like some kind of other animal.

  10. Brenda, I absolutely Love your solution to cover the Mirror above you kitchen sink!!! I have so enjoyed watching as you decorate each room of your wonderful new apartment! It is perfect and has given me so many ideas for my own small home…
    When my cats make that noise, I know that they have caught a lizard, squirrel, bird,one time a small rat and another a Black Racer Snake, which I was able to save!!! All outside in the backyard of course….

  11. Brenda, I love the red and white valance over the sink; also the red shelf with the little plants and the sign covering the mirror. You did a great job of camoflage (sp?) on the area. Whew, glad that’s resolved! Hope you can take it easy for a bit and approach your other projects in a leisurely way.

  12. Well, now you have really topped yourself. I just adore that sign and the curtains! It’s so bright and pretty and cheerful. Might I add inspirational, too? I wonder if your hip pain is because your shoe has less lift than the boot so you are walking uneven? I hate pain and am finally almost healed after spraining an ankle a week ago. Those 1st few days were awful. I mentioned growing blue butterfly pea. Not offering this link for purchase but so you can see the beauty of the double flower variety I grew last summer. I think you would love it.

  13. Brenda your apartment is truly beautiful and cozy! I love your solution to the mirror. You’ve inspired me lately with your CD selections. I’m enjoying my home right now with a fire and a relaxation CD playing. So happy to see you so happy!

  14. Brilliant! And Beautiful too!
    I love your cosy kitchen, it’s the perfect apartment for you.
    I’m so happy for you ❤️

  15. Brenda, I LOVE IT!!! I wonder if it would be possible to put a gro-lite bulb in that fixture so you could grow your herbs. Just a thought. I live in a manufactured home park and my kitchen window looks directly into my neighbors kitchen window. That home was empty for a long time. I was surprised when I first encountered her looking at me. I put a curtain up right away and funny thing is, it is red and white check. I was thinking I needed to order a table cloth to match and low and behold I found just that in my linen closet this morning. Whenever I see pictures of your apartment progress I think, “Oh Brenda, it looks beautiful and so cozy”. Thanks for the picture progress. Have a blessed Sunday. Sandy

    1. Yes! Everything is so pretty Brenda. 😊 You’ve accomplished a lot in a month!
      That #2 bedroom will be great as an office. Always nice to have extra room for lots of things.
      One day your ❤ family member might spend the night! You’ll be prepared!!
      Wondering of Ivy thinks of the curtain ties as her babies?
      You never know. Catties 🐈 🐈‍⬛ 😺 have such unique personalities!!
      Pictures of them are real nice.
      No doubt, both are happy and content in their new spaces!

  16. What a wonderful, colorful solution. Of course, you will be fine tuning it. That’s you. By the way, I noticed how you have an arrangement on top of the refrigerator. It’s good that you are using that space that way. I have the same situation that the refrigerator is so high that I need to use a ladder to access that cupboard set so far back. I did the same thing, putting an arrangement in front of the cabinets. I do have some dishes in the back cabinets, using it as long term storage. Useless space, really.

  17. Love it! I never would of thought of putting a curtain over the light,so smart. It covers it but still have the light to see to wash dishes. Love the garden sign, perfect colors.

  18. Very Cute…you have such great ideas!! I would want that mirror over the sink covered some way too. And I LOVE your fridge…our stainless steel one has looked awful from day one…NEVER found any solution to get it looking nice!!

  19. Brenda I love love all you’ve done so far—the garden sign and curtain look great–thank you for sharing –haydee

  20. Wow! The mirror and light cover up looks great! You couldn’t have found anything nicer ! Everything about it is perfect!

  21. Great job I love it! Many moons ago in my very first apartment I had a red and white kitchen with gingham red/white curtains, so this brought me back to that time. Still love these colors today.

  22. Love the mirror treatment; so colorful. Red and White is my favorite color combos. I recently replaced flowered valances with red and white checks like yours. I love the new clean look of the windows now. I have been following all of the changes since you moved to the new place. I love it all. The apartment complex sounds like a caring, good place for retired people. I am so happy with my little house here. I now have a cleaning lady every other Tuesday. She is quick and efficient. She hung my new valances and will change things for me if needed. She saves my back and legs from sweeping and mopping. Can’t wait to see the other rooms decorating

  23. I LOVE IT! Would real basil, parsley, or chive plants get enough light in that spot so you could just clip off what you need as you cook?
    Everything flows so nicely from room to room. I join in others in being amazed at how quickly everything came together! And who wouldn’t be a homebody in that environment? Why step out into such an unstable, competitive world when you can nestle into this warm nest of a home and shut the craziness all out!

    1. I wondered about that myself. Because I’d love to grow herbs there. But I don’t think there’s enough light, even in the window not far from it when I had the little Trader Joe plants on the windowsill. Herbs need quite a bit of actual sun.

      1. Loved the comment “warm nest of a home”. I am going to use that phrase. I have 7 little ceramic pots on my East facing window that I have to move every sunny day to get more sun. You might need to give the pots over the sink a little more sun every day or so.

  24. YES!!!!! That is a home run for sure. You actually took something ugly and made it into something better than it would have been had the mirror and boob light not even been there to begin with. Beautiful!!!!

  25. I think the sound you hear coming from Ivy is the sound of a cat hunting. I’ve had cats all my adult life, 72 years and a few of my cats would also make that strange noise when hunting in the house. One of my cats loved to go into the laundry hamper and find a sock and walk around the house making that strange noise. Another cat of mine would go into the bathroom and come out with a washcloth. Cats, strange but beautiful animals! BTW your kitchen looks great! Thanks so much for taking all of along on your journey!

  26. Super job,Brenda! It looks perfect! We all knew you would figure it out and, wow, you sure did. Rest today, enjoy your lovely apartment and sweet kitties.

  27. Wow Brenda, that’s perfect for you! What an amazing find at the antique store! I’m so glad you found the perfect solution. I know how much it was driving you crazy. It really looks great! I’m so happy for you!

  28. Oh how lovely it is. I actually like the mirror peaking out just a little. And the curtains over the kitchen window are perfect! You have just done so much in such a short time it looks like you’ve lived there forever. I too was hoping you’d say the sign came from Amazon or some place. Its perfect for you! Last night I caught my little Norah beating up on her brother Joey, our three-legged wonder. She is a stinker.

  29. Brenda, I don’t comment often but I just have to say what a wonderful job you have done on your new apartment and how much pleasure it has brought to me and many others to watch the transformation: delightful, and well done! The mirror solution is lovely! I’m so happy for you in your new place. Becky

  30. I love love love your apartment! Your fix above the sink is perfect. I’ve followed a long time, so happy you have found a great complex, out of that horrible place. I think the Grocery sign in your bedroom would look great over the counter on stove side. Just my thoughts. Good thing you remembered to pack the curtain ties!!!
    You have done so well carrying on with your injury. I just had my knee replaced so I understand. Just have to keep going.

    Kathleen H.

  31. My comment yesterday fits so well with what you have done…I said awww… right out is perfect…adorable…and so you💞

  32. Holy Cow, Brenda! I knew you would do something “awesome” but I can’t tell you how much I Love this. It really is just perfect. Love, love, love, it !!!!!!!!!
    Your entire Kitchen is put together that I would have to call it your Happy Place. You never cease to amaze us. Hugs from Wisconsin, Thanks for sharing all your photos with us.

  33. Looks great, even before you make any adhesive adjustments. The colors are perfect and the light filtering through the current is a nice, soft touch. I’m with you with stainless steel. The brand new condo my husband and I lived in came with stainless appliances. After he died and I moved, I purchased white. Surprisingly, sometimes it’s harder to get white than stainless. Thanks for sharing all the completed rooms to date yesterday, and the mirror solution today. Everything looks pretty and fresh, warm and cozy. Great job. And no, nothing is ever done. I too get ideas and change things around. It keeps things fresh and new, and it’s just fun.

  34. Absolutely adorable…I knew you would come up with a precious idea. Your decorating ideas are right up my alley…sorta cottage style. I’m so glad that you showed us the end result. On another subject, I am so happy that your daughters and grandchildren are back in your life (I realize that they have been for a while), our son is estranged from us…we are not sure why. About every six months, I send an email asking for forgiveness for whatever wrong we have done him, but unfortunately, he rarely responds. His oldest son, 17, has been back in our life for a year now and that is wonderful…in fact, he is coming over this afternoon for lunch and to work on a project with his Grandaddy. Thank you for listening…you are a lovely person with a good heart.

  35. Your finished project ties in the kitchen so well Brenda! I knew that between Terri and u that a idea would pop in your heads! U can hardly see the mirror now and it is so u! 👍🏻

  36. Love it! It’s all very attractive. I have a kitty that makes that cry sometimes during the night, and when I have checked, it’s like you say, she seems to almost be guarding one of her toys. Happy Sunday!

  37. The area above the kitchen sink looks amazing! Have yourself a nice rest today in your cozy apartment. Glad you are settled in and happy!

  38. I love it, Brenda! Wow, wow and wow!!! That sign definitely screams “Brenda” and all the additions are perfect.
    In one month you have worked so hard and look at how beautiful it all looks. Thank goodness for your wonderful friend, Teri and your daughters who all helped when they could.
    Take a little respite and enjoy your day.

  39. That is beautiful, and I was going to ask you where you got the sign until I read further down that you got it at the antique mall. That’s amazing. Well done.

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