If you wondered why I haven’t posted this morning, I was right in the middle of writing my post when the power went out all over town. So I took my chances walking to the car and drove to some stores that were open and warm.

So now I’m back and shall resume.

One Month Has Passed Since I Moved Here:

Today marks exactly one month since I moved here. That was January 26 and boy were we all tired!

During those first couple of days, I had a recliner delivered that I thought I’d love, but found was uncomfortable once I sat in it for more than a few minutes.

To have them come back to get it, I had to pay the $99 delivery fee and I can’t recall exactly what the restocking fee was. But I think it was $150. I probably will never darken their doorway again.

In One Month In My Apartment & The Power Was Out, here is where I put the boho mirror I love so much

I decided my old recliner was more comfortable, even without the lumbar support addition the other one had. The one that was going to cost me around $2000.

Getting Estimates:

“Moving” right along…I got an estimate for a tall toilet to accommodate my ankle and subsequent hip problem. They were going to charge me over $1200 and Kendra got on the phone and put the kibosh to that idea.

I still had to pay them $100 just for coming out here.

So I now have a sort of toilet insert that is almost as good. But not quite. I still would rather find a tall toilet once this supply chain problem has been resolved.

I’ve met quite a few neighbors and learned quite a few names (mostly, I think).

One corner of my living room close to the patio door

Ivy & Her Hissing Habit:

Every time I get on here and praise Ivy for no longer hissing at Gracie, she starts hissing that very day.

So I’m not bragging about her anymore unless and if the hissing goes away altogether. That little stinker.

In One Month In My Apartment & The Power Was Out, Ivy and Gracie are facing off

I’ve decorated quite a few rooms. Still, I have one bedroom and two bathrooms. The hallway, such as it is, is blank as a chalk-scrubbed blackboard. I don’t know if I want to do much there anyway.

The Kitchen Is Almost There:

I’m just about finished with the kitchen, which was my biggest decorating obstacle. Of course, you know about the weirdly placed boob light and mirror over the sink. I’ve just about got that ready to show you once one more item is delivered. Hopefully today.

Have you noticed that when you order something you really, really want along with other things that you’ll be needing soon, the things you’ll be needing soon come long before the item you really, really wanted?

That’s what is happening with that one thing in the kitchen. Still waiting and everything else has been delivered.

You can see much of the patio and the furniture I had out there from the living room

Kendra has put up lots of curtain rods. I’ve hung up lots of curtains. Just about there on that.

In One Month In My Apartment & The Power Was Out, here's how I angled the couch.

Kasi was a big help too. And you know how Teri has helped for weeks on end.

My red and white kitchen

So today I’m showing you how far we’ve come in decorating this place from one month ago.

In One Month In My Apartment & The Power Was Out, here's the coffee bar I created in a corner of the kitchen

The Coffee Bar I Didn’t Plan:

This coffee bar, which I had not really even intended to have, was done early on before I did much of anything else. It just worked out that way.

But I do like it in this spot. It’s very handy and off to the side so it’s not in my way.

My bedroom with soothing paintings of nature

The bedroom is full of nature paintings.

Here there are calm, soothing paintings with lots of pathways that I think of as leading me from one place in my life’s journey to the next.

In One Month In My Apartment & The Power Was Out, Gracie was still enough on my bed for me to capture her photo

I’ve actually gotten Gracie’s photo a few times to show you how much she has grown. She’s such a sweetie. And she never ever hisses.

How I decorated the mantel

I decorated the mantel early on as well. As soon as I saw the spot above on the fireplace, I thought: Now that’s where that antique sign I have should go.

In One Month In My Apartment & The Power Was Out, I created a vignette using a plant stand and filled it with a faux candle and both faux and a real house plant

I’ve decorated using faux plants and real plants.

I love to watch a little TV at night and turn on the faux candle in the plant stand to provide a little light.

It’s so pretty with the soft flow in the darkened hallway.

My beloved red and white kitchen

Last weekend I found the little red colandar I hung on the wall. I can’t imagine my kitchen without all the red and white. Can you?

In One Month In My Apartment & The Power Was Out, here is my finished dining space

The Dining Room Space:

I created a spot that defined my dining space just off the kitchen with similar paintings. And used lots of green and white plants and flowers.

My living room showing the angled couch and the dining table and chairs behind it.

I ordered new pots and pans because I didn’t need any at the other apartment. Of course, I purchased my signature red.

In One Month In My Apartment & The Power Was Out, I ordered red pots and pans

I haven’t even gotten around to doing whatever it is I’m supposed to do before I use them.

I’ll need to find the directions that came with them. They’re around here somewhere.

There still are several decor items that I haven’t found after moving. I have no idea where they are. Maybe they’ll turn up eventually.

A photo of the snow outside on my patio and beyond.

Snow In Tulsa:

It has snowed twice since I moved here, which is really saying something. We don’t get much snow around these parts.

Teri brought me some of the house plants she was fostering for me. I didn’t have her bring back any that were toxic to cats because of Gracie.

I did the same when I brought Ivy to live with me. Put them outdoors and then brought them in slowly. But Ivy didn’t seem interested in the plants.

I’d summered all my house plants outside at the other apartment and when Gracie came early last fall, I put them out there till the weather got cold and Teri took them home. I don’t think she’d ever experienced living in a jungle before.

The old apartment complex surprised me by sending me a check for a $200 deposit. That kind of shocked me.

I’ve called the elderly neighbor there a few times and chatted with her. From what she’s told me, they haven’t done anything with my old apartment.

A photo of Gracie curled up on the back of the couch

The Kitties:

Ivy and Gracie hid for a day or so when we first moved in, but they’ve quickly adapted. As long as they have food and water and a clean litter box, they adjust pretty fast.

Ivy has managed to turn on both the CD player and the vacuum player. I’m wondering if she’s developed superpowers.

My beloved portable fireplace had a very hot-to-the-touch cord, so I’ve had to stop using it.

Now, what do I do with it? I called the company that made it and got some guy from a foreign country who had no sympathy. And he was abrupt, if not altogether rude.

In One Month In My Apartment & The Power Was Out, Miss Ivy is sprawled on the couch

The Bedroom TV Went Out:

I tried to use my old TV in the bedroom the other day and it no longer works. It’s probably at least 15 years old, so I guess it just wore itself out.

Teri and I have arranged and rearranged furniture. But the couch is right where I had it envisioned before one stick of furniture got moved in.

So you’ve seen lots of photos and gone along with me on this fabulous journey and I’m so thankful, so very thankful, for all of you and your suggestions and comments.


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  1. Your Gracie looks like a flame point Siamese to me. I love Siamese cats. I currently have a domestic shorthair rescue cat. Perhaps I’ll get a Siamese kitten to be his companion. It worked out well for your cats.

  2. Brenda, your home looks beautiful and cozy. I love the colors, I could be very happy in your spaces. Love all the paintings and vignettes! Just amazing how well everything goes together. I’m so happy for you, it must give you great peace and comfort when you sit and relax.

  3. I don’t know anything about hot appliances cords but I found this on Google
    “Is it bad if a cord gets hot?
    It is somewhat normal for a cord to get WARM for an appliance that uses significant power like a heater or a motor. If a cord gets hot, you are probably exceeding the rating for the cord. DO NOT USE A DEVICE IF THE CORD GETS HOT! You run the risk of a fire.”
    Hope this helps a bit.

  4. You’ve gotten more done in a month than I’ve done in two years in my Florida apartment. I just seem to be stuck, and unable to make decisions. I’m only here four months a year and feel pressured to get things done while I’m here, but it’s just not happening. I may need to recruit you as my decorator! My favorite spots in your new home are the coffee bar, and the corner in your bedroom with the flea market sign and nature paintings. So soothing! You’ve done a marvelous job!

  5. Your new apartment is so beautiful! I’ve looked at this post 3 times now in an effort to get ideas. My house is ugly. I’m fatigued with color decisions and you put together color so beautifully. Celebrating your $200 and anxiously waiting for what you are doing with your mirror and light!

  6. Your home looks so cozy and comfortable, Brenda. I hope you’re able to get your fireplace fixed. I have one too and love using it in the winter months.

  7. Sorry about your little fireplace and the cord problem. It always looked so cozy in your other place when you showed photos of it. I hope it’s just the cord that’s the problem and it can be fixed easily.

    Your new home looks just lovely, Brenda. Could you just fly out to Michigan and help me decorate my house when you’re finished with the kitchen window?? As soon as I get my tax return I could pay you a “decorator’s fee”! Actually, I can’t do much redecorating until my 11-yr-old twin grandsons who live with me are grown as they are (putting it mildly) a bit hard on things. My house is small and there is only one “living area” so they are in the middle of everything all the time.

    Anyway, I’m so happy that you have found such a nice place to live without all the worries you had at the other place. You so deserve the peace of mind that brings.

    Looking forward to seeing that kitchen window fix!

  8. I have nothing to advise or to say, Just want as many photos as you can come up with. LOVE them all, the cats, the rooms (every room,) all of everything. Your pictures are always a delight to see. Today’s pictures are AWESOME..thank you so much for sharing! Waiting for the pictures of above your kitchen sink. I know you said you have a plan. Exciting!!!!!! Hugs from Wisconsin

  9. Your apartment looks outstanding. I love the individualism in your decorating. Everything is inviting and beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. By any chance was it plugged into a power strip? Mine was going on and off and I unplugged it to find a burn mark on the strip,it has since died and I wonder if that contributed?
    Those cats are adorable and sometimes it’s just a “turf war”.
    My daughter has a cat that hisses at their new kitty a year later and me! Even when I go to take care when they’re away …go figure!
    My Bella,who doesn’t have a mean bone in her took to Buddy immediately although there’s an occasional tussle instigated by him🙀.
    I think I’d cash that check quickly considering their reputation!

    1. No, I always, always plugged it straight into the wall. I cashed that check immediately. Ivy looks like a fire-breathing dragon when she starts her hissing fits.

  11. Do u have gas logs in ur real fireplace? Does it have a gas pipe in it? If u have to junk the other one I would sure check into using the real one. Your home looks very homey. I love the patio door that looks out on her patio. So glad ur at peace.

  12. Your apartment looks so nice. The grocery sign in your bedroom though drives me nuts lol. Is there room in your kitchen for it?

    1. There is absolutely no more room in the kitchen. So when you look at it just think of going to the grocery store to get candles and lightbulbs and bedroom things. All I know to do at this point. I’m SO tired of climbing the step ladder with this walking boot on!

  13. I’m glad you got the check from the other apartment! That’s one thing they did right! Maybe the Can Do Man could fix your cord to the fireplace for you.

    1. I doubt they’d allow him to do that. Because some woman had them put a tall toilet in for her and got picky about the placement, somehow the whole wall of the bathroom got torn up. And that is why I can’t have them do stuff like that for me. They want the professionals in to do stuff like that. We also can’t have cords on our blinds because some woman fell into them and got strangled on the cord.

  14. Just in case – I often see ads for Ace Hardware having a service for helping people and because I’m a big Ace Hardware proponent, Ive kept it in the front of my mind.You might give them a call or Google. If they’re in Denver, why not elsewhere?
    Lookin’ good at your new digs. Happy for you.

    1. I shop at Ace. I can’t handle the big box home improvement stores because once I get to the back it’s hard to get back to the front with my ankle. Same reason I don’t go to grocery stores. So I shop at Trader Joe’s which isn’t big and Braums’ Market, I don’t ever have too far to walk. Or I order food and have it delivered.

  15. You have done so much in just a month! Your apartment is truly beautiful and cozy. It looks like home and I hope it feels that way for you, too.

    I wasn’t sure what you meant by having to read the instructions to figure out what you’re supposed to do with your pots and pans before you use them. All you have to do is wash them before you use them.

    1. No, the instructions were more complicated. Here, I found the instructions. They are copper-bottomed pans. It says before first use, you have to remove the protective layer that’s been applied to the copper base that was put there to prevent tarnishing during packaging. BEFORE FIRST USE: Remove this layer by dissolving 3 tbsp. of baking soda in 3 quarts of hot water and soak each pan for 20 minutes. Then rinse with cold water and dry. I just haven’t had the brain power left over each day to do that yet.

  16. I agree with Denise, I would check on Home Advisor or Angie’s online for electricians and see if you can get a free quote for switching out the old cord. Why should you junk something that is less than 3 years old? I would first ask the management to have the socket where you plug in the cord checked for malfunction, that can cause a power cord to overheat. Gracie looks nearly as large now in photos as Ivy. Perhaps Ivy feels her seniority as “First Cat” is being threatened because Gracie is no longer an obvious kitten who was much smaller compared to the mature Ivy when Gracie was introduced into your home. I’m glad you received $200 back from your former landlord. Is that the amount you paid when you rented out the apartment at the very start? I don’t know what the practice is in Tulsa, but around here typically landlords ask for at least one month’s rent as a security deposit, which could mean that former landlord owes you more money back. With the improvements you made to that apartment over the years out of your own pocket, I think they should be paying you a heck of a lot more than $200.

    1. The cord to the fireplace was hot at the other apartment too. So I think it’s the culprit. I will check around for someone to fix it though because I just love that thing. I can’t recall what I paid at the other apartment 8 years ago. I remember paying a pet deposit.

    2. Everything looks so good! It takes some people months and months to get so settled! You don’t have to do anything first to those pans, no seasoning or anything. Get yourself some no scratch sponges to clean them with. Use plastic or wood utensils, and you’re all set.

  17. It’s very obvious via your written words that you’re happier and more content in your new home. Trust me, all your readers/friends are very excited and happy for you.
    Your new home is beautiful, Brenda. You’re an inspiration to me and I’m sure many others.
    Have a wonderful Saturday!

    1. Oh, me too! I mean, there are things I’m not crazy about. That I can hear the TVs of residents around me. But at least I don’t worry about snakes falling from the ceiling vents.

  18. I too have wondered about your entry door. You have done an amazing job in such a short time. I love the shots of the snow in the apt complex. It truly is a lovely place. And great to hear you got money back!

  19. Is it possible to have the handyman look at both the TV and the fireplace? Perhaps a cord or wire came loose in the move…as they both worked fine before you moved.

    Loving all your decorating and your brilliant move. Interesting nothing has been done to your old apartment yet and now the check in the mail!!

  20. Everything looks great, you have a great talent for decorating. Anxious to see what you do with the boob light and mirror. Always enjoy your comments on Ivy and Gracie.

  21. The sweetest of Home Sweet Homes! Are you going to hang curtains on your kitchen window? I had so much fun choosing curtains the last time I moved. Looking forward to the kitchen mirror reveal! Enjoy your weekend 😺!

  22. Hello Brenda,
    Love what you have done with your new home! It’s lovely. Would it be possible to see your entrance from an inside view? Just curious. Regarding your fireplace and customer service. If you call again request to speak with someone in the US. It will probably go to the overseas location first. This has worked for me and felt I had better results. I have a fireplace like yours and love it too. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. The guy said it was just a year warranty, and I bought it in 2019. I had to wait on hold for almost 2 hours to get through to him. The day before I tried and it said leave your phone number and we’ll call you back and you won’t lose your place in line. Well that never happened.

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