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  1. Ok, that’s either crazy or amazing…I think it’s probably both. It’s looking pretty cute now that it’s growing out a little. Haven’t been on blogs of late…been on instagram…going to go find your kitchen makeover now. Hang in there!

  2. We have been doing home haircuts for years. Hubby is the family barber and stylist. Because he is so meticulous, we have the proper tools and supplies to do them at home. My hair is long, so he uses shears only when I take a seat every couple months, get caped, my hair combed out, sectioned, pinned up and then each layer trimmed in increments. My two teenage boys are very picky about their hair. I have no arguments with them about their hair as they both like their hair kept short and hubby cuts their hair about every three weeks. He uses the good Wahl clippers with different attachments and the shears over the comb to blend the shorter hair with the longer hair on the top, finished up with the peanut clippers to do their neckline and sideburns. My mom has watched him do their haircuts and said it looked like too much work, she would just shave them bald. Needless to say, that would not go over well with them. Hubby gave them each a haircut last week, and he will give them haircuts while we are at home. I also know that when I send them back to school, they will be in the minority, having neatly groomed haircuts while the other teens will be looking scruffy or have wonky haircuts done with kitchen shears. The sad thing is that 70% of Americans are one paycheck away from financial ruin, and many small businesses cannot afford to keep their doors closed for a month.

  3. Brenda, you crack me up! Not bad. I keep my hair long so I don’t have to get it cut very often. Great post!

  4. Fun! I’ve often thought how freeing that would be! I shave my husband like that and I started cutting my own hair a couple of years ago. I keep it a shoulder length bob with layered sides, so it’s pretty easy to do myself!

  5. Brenda, you look fabulous and I think this makes you the true queen of DIY. Amazing.

  6. This made me think back to the mid 1950s when my dad bought clippers to do home hair cuts . At that time there were only 5 or 6 of us kids (eventually there would be 7) only 2 were boys, but when dad took out the clippers none of us were safe. Thinking back, I don’t believe he ever did his own hair and to tell the truth, he was no good at playing barber. We girls all had long hair, but dad would shave the back of our necks and remove our “M” shaped hair line we all had. I can still remember how it burned afterward, but it was worse for our brothers. He made my youngest brother bleed on the side of his head. Maybe that’s when our mother made dad give up his Barber chair? To this day, and I’m 72, I will sit perfectly still in a salon chair or a dentist chair and not move an inch. (I’ve had comments on my stillness from dentists and beauticians.) If you moved in dad’s barber chair you could lose an ear. I see a dentist at least twice a year, but only go to a salon once a year or less and my father is probably why I hate to go to salons. Just now, writting this comment made me realize this. Wow! I feel like I owe you for an office visit to a shrink’s office. But if you had those clippers in your office it would have made me very nervous.

  7. I have long hair and only visit a beauty salon maybe a few times a year – and I am thinking of just letting my hair gray naturally, so at least that particular thing isn’t bothering me. If your hair grows real fast, you’ll have a super cute short hair style within weeks. For super cheap. Good for you.

  8. Love love love it!!! My daughter shaves her head quite often. She loves not having to deal with fixing her hair. LOL

    1. I have never liked messing with hair. Seems to take so much time when I could be doing other things like be out in my garden. You don’t have to buy shampoo or conditioner. You don’t have to go somewhere to get it cut. Lots of pluses for me.

  9. Brenda, I love it. I’ve been contemplating shaving my hair off for months now. You have given me courage. I have the clippers already as I used to cut my late husband’s hair and I still cut my son’s hair. Wish me luck. Thanks for the inspiration. Sandra

    1. Go for it! I may never have my old hair again. It is just so freeing. And in these times of uncertainty it is something I’ve found I can do myself.

  10. Karen here again…I went on Amazon today to order a Wahl clipper set and the availability of most kits is low while costs are far higher. I’m thinking people are ordering the kits to do their own hair now that barbers and salons are closed. Anyway, I found a new Wahl kit on ebay for $25 and it will be here in a week, but it may take me longer to get the courage to use it! (Not only do I wear glasses, but have behind the ear hearing aids, so not a “clean” look for buzz cuts?

    1. I had a similar experience when I went to Amazon to buy texturing scissors. All but one brand were “on order” with a late-April or into-May delivery date. The in-stock ones I ordered had a Prime delivery date of one month from now. I placed my order, looked around the site at a few other things, then noticed within that 15 minutes of browsing the brand of scissors I’d ordered had sold out. I’m glad I ordered when I did. So then I had my husband clipper my hair super short…by the time the texturing scissors get here I should have enough length on top to be able to use the texturing scissors in combination with the clippers to somewhat mimic my usual super short pixie cut. I was sure taken aback about the wait time on those scissors though!! Guess there are and will be lots of home haircuts happening.

  11. Brenda, you are so funny–and I don’t mean odd. I mean ha ha funny. I love that you shaved your head–that’s called resourceful! And ditto to all the other positive comments. If I hadn’t had some experience cutting hair, including my own, I would have had to shave my head, too! Sorry I don’t live next door, I could have cut yours for you–free! I hope all this virus business is over before your hair grows out enough to have to be shaved again. But, oh, well, you do what you gotta do!

    Stay safe and well.

  12. If you like the look, I’m glad you went ahead and did it. It will certainly be less upkeep
    My head and neck would freeze at this time of year here if I shaved my head.. It is still chilly and windy here. I wear a scarf on my head when I go outside because the wind makes my ears ache. At night time when (if) I put rollers in my hair so it will have some pouf the next day, I have to put a a scarf on because my neck and head gets cold then, too. I don’t worry about hair pouf these days, because I don’t leave the house with this virus going on.
    The week before we had more than one known case of the virus in our area my husband and I both went to Great Clips and got our hair cut. My hair was looking like Poor Pitiful Pearl, And my husband who has a lot of thick hair and a beard was starting to look a little bit caveman-ish. Now I have my normal bob with slightly curved in the middle bangs and my husband has a nice cut. About a week and a half after our cuts the distancing order went into effect. If we wouldn’t have gotten it done we did we would be walking around like Poor Pitiful Pearl and the cave man for a very long time.

  13. Bravo to you! I have extremely short hair as well, and although I do prefer that it’s done in a salon, there was a period of about three months or so last year when I was so ticked off that I was being charged almost double the price of my husband’s cut (whose hair is longer than mine and takes more time to do!), that I looked up videos on YouTube and tackled the job with his clippers myself. It actually looked pretty good. I got a cut right before our stay at home order went into place, so I’m good for a bit, but I’m fully prepared to do it again if need be.

  14. My hair is curly and I have two and a half cow licks. When I was four a friend thought I was a cat going by a fence and, hit me with a flower pot. I never knew what happened to the cat. Seventeen years later I was in a car accident in which I was thrown through the back window. That was before seatbelts. I landed on my head and that caused another indentation on the top of my head. I splurge on my haircuts.

  15. Do what ever makes YOU happy. It’s not doing any harm to anyone.

  16. I can’t believe someone was rude enough to tell you to wear a hat.

    My husband shaved my head completely 18 months ago when it started falling out when I was going through cancer treatment. I found it rather liberating!

    I only wore hats when my head got cold. It was winter and you really lose heat through your head.

    It will grow back, I promise.

  17. You are one brave and practical lady! There’s this gizmo called a Flowbee that you can use to cut your own hair in case you decide to start DIYing your hair in the future. Take care and stay safe!

  18. Well, I am glad you went back and did some clean up because the picture did show some random tufts here and there. I do cut my husband’s hair and I do not do a very good job.He is pretty bald so I can’t do much damage. I am glad you are happy with the results. I am vain even at 72 and would never willing go too short.

  19. You are brave, Brenda!! Ha…but you know, though I have talked about shaving mine off (due to the fact it is getting ever thinner)…I do not have good ears for such…you have nice flat ears…and that helps. Well, an old friend of my mom’s who came to her for haircuts…always told her to do whatever because in 2 weeks time it would not be seen anyway as his hair grew really fast. I would think that you might feel cold however…might need a hat if outside for long. Hubby and I both need haircuts…I think it has been 3 months…I have trimmed around my face, but cannot do the back…we were waiting for warmer weather…and now? Who knows when the salons will be back in business…heh, we are learning more and more how to do our own things aren’t we? My experiment using old thin washcloths cut into rectangles for wipes (#1 only) has gone well…I no longer intend to go back to using TP for that part…so that saves us about half the expense of TP…stupid merchants…heh!! It is not their fault that this problem is here…but IT IS their fault making it so hard for older people not wanting to run a race in a store when they put it out….STUPID and obviously not nice. Does no one care anymore about older folks? Not in our area anyway!! Wonder what else we will learn to do for ourselves??

  20. You go Brenda! You are brave and strong. I have cut my own hair for years (it’s short-ish)…. and sometimes, have had it VERY short, but then it grows and gets longer and I can’t stand it, so I whack it off. I really like the free feeling of having mine very short too. Marilyn

  21. Brenda way to go!!! I can’t even use scissors to trim my hair I nipped my ear once so never again guess I’ll have long Brown hair with grey highlights if I can’t get my friend to do her magic because of these difficult times oh well I was born a brunette lol back to basics here in SC

  22. LOL!!! I love it! as do most of the commenters here.
    I’ve always worn mine short and cut it myself. but I’ve never had the nerve to buzz cut it!
    I have looked at all the tons of celebrities who at one time or another have buzz cut their hair!
    and they all look wonderful. and yours does too. I hope you keep it like this. it’s GREAT!
    short hair is SO FREEING! and I can only imagine what cutting it all off would feel like!
    I may do it yet! especially given our HOT HOT summers! XO

  23. Love it! So freeing, and one less thing to worry about. Remember to wear a hat outside!

  24. Way to go, Brenda! You look great! I admire people doing what they need to do to take care of themselves. We are all going to have to make do in the weeks to come and it is refreshing when people do with what they have and don’t whine about it. I love my simple life and am looking forward to using things up before I buy new. Everyone stay safe and healthy.

  25. You look like a dude. I think you looked much better before

    1. I’ve never been vain. I don’t mind looking like a dude. It’s comfort for me more than looks.

  26. Brenda, you asked this of another poster, but I have these clippers: Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit. I bought it from Amazon in August for under $30 for sure, but I suspect it was under $25.

  27. Way to go, Brenda! I cut my hair earlier today with clippers. Do your clippers come with the guides? Those snap-on things with teeth like a comb? I use the #6 for the back and sides and the #8 for the top. IIRC, the #6 is either 1/2 or 3/4 inch and I know the #8 is one inch.
    Yeah, it’s just hair and it will grow back. I figure if I do anything horrid like leave a bald spot, I can wear a hat or scarf. Thank God that’s never happened…yet. haha
    I’m one of those people who wants my haircut NOW, not a week from now, so I used to go to SuperCuts as you just walk in. Now I can cut my hair at midnight if I want.
    Isn’t it amazing how much hair is cut off when you have short hair to begin with? It always surprises me to see all the hair in the sink and on the floor afterwards.
    When I cut my hair, I get naked, cut my hair, do a quick vacuum of the sink and floor, then take a shower to get rid of the leftover itchy clippings stuck to me, and then vacuum again.
    I think it’s kind of fun to clipper cut my hair. And I love running my hands all over my head when it’s freshly cut.
    And it is so freeing to not have to do anything to my hair. Don’t even need to comb it. It’s dry by the time I finish drying off my body. No conditioner, styling products, styling tools. I shampoo with whatever I use on my body, be it body wash or even a bar of soap.
    I love long hair. I love making braids and buns and updos. But I look lousy in long hair. Luckily super-short hair suits my face.
    You look like you have a nice hair line which suits cutting your own hair as you don’t have to take a wonky hairline into account like I do.

    1. If mine came with all that stuff I didn’t find it. It had one thing on it that was a steel looking comb. I just used whatever that was. I’m like you. When it gets too thick I want it done right now. I can do it whenever I want this way.

  28. I’ll just keep trimming my bangs with regular old scissors to keep them out of my eyes until the salon is open again.

    1. A friend of mine stopped by to get eggs last week and lamented that her bangs were driving her crazy as she repeatedly brushed them out of her eyes. She said that although she had never cut her bangs before, she was going to take kitchen shears and chop them herself. I told her don’t do it! I offered to have my husband trim them for her being he cuts my hair and also gives my boys their haircuts. She knew that he cuts my hair, so she took me up on my offer. Hubby got his bag of haircutting tools out, she took a seat, he caped her and asked where she wanted her bangs trimmed to. She wanted them cut to the middle of her eyebrows, so he obliged. She thanked him and promised him that she would not hack at her own hair. She did mention that if her salon doesn’t open soon, she would be asking for a full haircut.
      He does great work, so she won’t be looking wonky.
      I see there are a lot of people trying with scary results.

  29. I cut my own hair all the time — both when it’s long and now when I’ve cut it shorter. Over the years when I tried going to a hairdresser and getting them to cut “just so much off” (and it turned out to be half the length of my long hair) and “please leave it long enough to …” (and it turned out so short I couldn’t do anything with it), I figured I could not do anything worse. So far, so good and everyone is surprised when I tell them I cut it myself. Plus you save the big $$!

  30. You crack me up!! Do your thing! It’s just fine. But do put on a hat as someone before suggested.

  31. Good for you Brenda ! I was hoping you would take a picture, you look great !
    I’m still contemplating doing the same !!

  32. I had my husband do a 1/2″ buzz cut on me Wed night. I normally wear mine about the same length you normally wear yours and I was 3 months past my last haircut. Was supposed to have it cut last Tuesday but then all hair salons were closed down. I, too, am comfortable with minimal hair and I know how quickly it’ll get to my usual length, so I figured why not. One thing I love about short hair is I have zero bad hair days! Also, I feel like my face can be seen better when not surrounded by hair — I find faces vastly more interesting to look at than hair ???. Enjoy your ultra-minimalist hair!!

  33. I have shaved my head for the last year. My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, and when she lost her hair I shaved mine off. I liked it so much I have kept it. I have fun putting fun colors on what hair is there. I ordered my clippers from Amazon. They are people clippers that have different sizes and ear guides. My head is much balder than yours.
    Yes, it is totally freeing! But watch the sun and wear a hat. It is surprising how quickly that newly exposed skin will burn.

    1. How wonderful that you did that for your friend. People clippers would probably be better, but what I had was animal clippers. Can you give me the link to yours? I might just decide to keep it this way.

  34. Someone once assured me this was really homemade easy ….. Actually, this post strikes me in a different way than most here, probably. i recently had a cancer scare. While I was going through the testing, I told my dear friend that if it was positive, I was shaving my head, b/c I’d only lose it anyway – less mess, you know. She was stricken almost to tears, she of the lovely long hair. When it turned out I didn’t have cancer – thank you, GOD! – that same friend treated me to what she called ‘a real haircut’ to celebrate! So, Brenda, we were almost twinsies 😉

  35. Oh Brenda, I love it. It is totally you! We have to do what we have to do in these times. My daughter who has this gorgeous mane of curly hair Has been watching videos on how to trim hair and telling me she can trim mine. But there’s a real gleeful mischievous look that comes on her face as she says it, so not sure that will happen. I have baby fine thin straight hair so I may give in and let her try. Heck it will grow back! Enjoy your weekend. We have a promise of warm weather.

  36. WOW! You are brave. Last night I told my adult live-in older daughter I might take the scissors to my still-short hair soon or I may just buzz it all off…and there you went and did it, Brenda! Do you remember in the summer, little boys would have those crew cuts (buzz cuts) their dads would give them? Seriously, I may follow your hairstyle as well as your blog.

    1. I think you look great and even more important, if it makes you feel better during this crazy time that is worth it! Thank you for your efforts in continuing posting!

  37. You go, girl. You’ve given me the courage to take care of my rampant roots. Enjoy the breeze.

  38. Brenda, I had a spell after my husband died when my hair started falling out around my face. I was totally distraught and wore a wig for months until it finally started to grow back in. Now I have a laser hair brush that’s helping tremendously so I will be able to keep it longish. I admire your courage and I think many women look great with shaved heads because they have other lovely features. I’m happy for you that you have a well shaped round head. No kidding, mine is square, so square it has corners!! You see, I was born a conehead and my 18 year old mother would not be convinced that it would cure itself so she massaged my little soft head till it was flat on all sides. I need hair!!! And yes, my mother was a control freak lol.

  39. !! You are very brave. The singers Sinead O’Connor and Miley Cyrus shaved their heads awhile back. Good for you! I’m not thinking I’ll follow this trend tho! ?

  40. You are so funny! I love the way you do what has to be done! And then you show us a picture! I think bald is beautiful! You have my full support. Actually the first thing I did on the first morning of working from home last Monday was to take a shower then whack off 3 inches of my hair. I have been cutting my own hair since the end of 2006. It’s not usually that even, but I can pull it back and you can’t tell. When you have to make choices with the budget, some things, like salon haircuts, have to go!

  41. okay – how about if I say this?…..I think you are much prettier WITH hair than without! – even tho it is always very short. But even tho we disagree, I am not going to launch a hissy fit and threaten to UNfollow you! There! practicing what I preach about how well mannered people approach a difference of opinion, be it politics or hair length!

  42. I think you did a great job. It’s been two months since I had my hair cut so I know that soon it will reach the point where something must be done. I will do what I did for many years when I didn’t have the money to have it cut professionally. I will take out the scissors and do it myself. Fortunately having curly hair hides a lot of mistakes. xo Laura

  43. I’m glad the buzz turned out well for you and you weren’t disappointed. I have cut my husband’s hair for many years. He has wonderful curly hair and I think the curls hide any mistakes I make. I let my hair grow to one length with a bit of bangs over the past couple of years so if — when! — I have a bad hair day in the coming weeks I can put it into a pony tail.

  44. Yowza on your hair!

    I tried to comment on your last post about acts of kindness, but I don’t think it went through. I’ll try again here…I baked last week and put goodies on my neighbor’s doorstep (I texted beforehand to let them know) and then sent the rest with Brian to work for his coworkers.

    I have a bunch of magazines that I finished reading and I put those in a bag and left them on the doorstep of my neighbor-friend down the street.

    Have a good day, Brenda!

  45. I love your bravery and the “who gives a crap of what people think mentality!!” On the other hand, I’m gray and my hair is long so the fact that hair salons are closed, makes no difference to me. LOL

  46. You are amazing, Brenda!!! My hair is quite long and I could never be brave enough to shave it. I do all my own hair color now and only get a trim like twice maybe three times a year….saves me a fortune!! It’s a miserable gloomy cloudy day here today but I’m still going to try to get at least one garden bed cleaned out. Wish me luck!

    Be well xo

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