1. You have a wonderful patio garden.
    Those rollers are a great idea under big pots. I’ll have to remember that trick.

  2. I use colorful bowling balls I get at thrift stores. I spray them with a clear sealer. They last for a long time!!

  3. On hgtv, they use a mailbox to store their gardening tools! I do that too and they keep nice and dry! It looks very neat and is so handy! Your garden is beautiful!

  4. Oh my goodness, it looks like you have tons more plants than last year. I love how you have your patio put together with the different containers, they all seem to go together so nicely. As far as the gazing balls, I love the antique look. Kinda like when you have a really old mirror, with the silver backing flaking off, and the dark black showing through. Anyway, I think that is so pretty. And this brings up memories of years ago, when my two grand daughters would spend time at my house in the summer. They were 8 and 10 if I remember. I bought 2 old bowling balls from St. Vinnies 2nd hand store, and a couple of bags of colored different sizes of flat marbles. One afternoon, out in the garage, newspaper on the floor, they glued the marbles all over the balls. The following day after the glue had set, we caulked in between the marbles, and of course wiped off the extra caulk on the marbles, and waited for that to dry till the next day, and then we sprayed them with a sealer. Anyway, the girls gave them as gifts, one to their Mother, and the other to their other grandmother. They were well received, and both ending up in flower beds, and lasted for that summer, and a few more after that. memories…

  5. I loved looking at your patio and all its plants. Everything is coming along so well. We are still having cold and cloudy, rainy weather here. The grass is green but not much else except the daffodils has come up. It’ll be another two to three weeks probably before I can get out and really dig around. Depending on how much more rain we get during that time.

    Glad your neighbor was able to get those big pots on the rollers for you. Handy to have a young guy like hat around, isn’t it?

    My daughter got me two new bird feeders for my birthday and I am enjoying watching the birds come again. I have seen a blue jay, a bright male cardinal and many chickadees and sparrows. I want to get some more thistle seed to see if the finches will come. I love watching the birds while I’m sitting at my dining table, Of course, the squirrels come, too. One came to the deck railing today and my grandson was trying to take a picture of it but then It ran up to the garage roof and sat for quite a while. Grandson and I got a few pictures of him just sitting there with his little paws held in front of him like he was holding a basket or something. I used my telephoto lens and got quite a close shot of him. Cute. I know the squirrels eat the bird seed but I still like seeing them.

    That’s all for today. Stay safe and well, Brenda.

  6. Everything looks so green and pretty. I have so much in pots and I am going to look at some of the rolling caddies too. Planted a lot of seeds today. Some flowers and some veg. Will they come up??? Surely hope so! Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

  7. I love seeing your patio, Brenda!!! SO much is growing already, wow, spring sure comes early to your patio!! I’m about to take a ‘walkabout’ with the babies to see what’s happening in my gardens. I don’t have them all cleaned out yet, the weather has not been agreeable in the least – cold and rainy, yuk. But I still like to walk around and see what’s popping through the leaves!! I need to drill some more holes in my new raised planter box, too – but no rush here since I won’t be able to plant in it for a while, sigh. Enjoy your patio my friend – I know how much you look forward to it all winter!

  8. The patio is really coming along. You are so fortunate to have that. I find most apts out here don’t have patios like that. It was nice that the neighbor guy could lift the pots on to their trolleys. I love your big green pots. Are they clay or made out of styrofoam? I am itching to go to the nursery but guess that won’t be happening soon.

  9. I have a metal gazing ball that’s oxidized like yours and I’ve been thinking of trying to do some kind of mosaic tile on it. I’m hesitant because I’ve never done that before but I’ve seen pretty ones with broken pieces of pottery, or those flat backed glass marbles and even pennies.

  10. Your little slice of heaven your patio garden is already coming along nicely. So glad you still have that one big tree in the corner to give you some shade

  11. You have a lot more out there than I thought! I planted something in a whiskey barrel one year and the plant grew right through the bottom and into the ground below. When I went to move it the bottom of the barrel had disintegrated.

  12. Looks great. I think it is perfect . My yard is still under snow. Snowed yesterday . In the 40’s today. Wish I had thought to buy seed starting supplies.

  13. Hi, Brenda! What a wonderful space! I can’t wait to see it develop. I would tuck each gazing ball into a spot around the perimeter of the patio where it will show up as a surprising element each time it is spotted. No one would even notice the lack of perfection. I haven’t done any planting yet but I’m enjoying our azaleas, phlox and dogwood. My clematis is coming along and I’m thrilled to see that the little lilac bush we planted last fall has survived. Love to Ivy and Charlie. Stay well.

    Sherry in Little Rock

  14. How about Decoupage for your gazing balls? Using multiple coats of either Outdoor or Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge should make them weather tolerant and colorful floral fabric would blend in nicely with your Spring plant selections and provide much needed color on rainy, dreary Winter days.

  15. If you want to move the rose bush to a pot, ask your neighbor’s son to literally yank it out as much as he can. Beforehand soak the area really well in water to soften up the dirt underneath the concrete if you don’t have him do it right after a good rainfall and then let him have at it. You will probably get enough roots still intact on the plant to safely transplant the rose to a pot to keep it under control. And who knows, whatever roots are left under the concrete may sprout up again and you’ll have two rose bushes. If you want to give the globes a fresh coat of paint, maybe you could set up a spray paint station out front with plastic and newspaper. But depending on what kind of refinishing you have in mind, maybe you could just pull out some acrylic craft paints and let your imagination run Boho wild on one or more of the globes – flowers, leaves, vines, mandela patterns – the design(s) would be limited only by your imagination. Acrylic craft paint applied with a small detail brush wouldn’t leave fumes.

    1. The rose bush is in the biggest pot I could find when I planted it. I don’t think I can find one bigger than 24 inches.

  16. I like the gazing balls too. Maybe use some polish on them? Try setting some potted plants in among them.

  17. Your patio looks beautiful! Do all the units have a patio? I think you should just leave the gazing balls the way they are ! Love the Charlie and Ivy Pinterest board !

    1. Yes, everyone has a patio. Some aren’t as big as mine. Most don’t seem to use them, which I think is a real waste.

  18. It’s beautiful. I like the way the driftwood plays off the rustic fence. Same for the balls in the vintage wagon. I’d leave them as is. You did a wonderful job setting up your garden patio this year. You’ll get so much enjoyment there this year. A nice place to relax with your family, too

  19. Everything is already looking great! I cannot believe how big this space looks. I can see why it brings you so much joy. I hope that you are well.

  20. Your garden patio is lovely! So much color and interest even before any blossoms show up. One tip that is nice in a garden like yours is to use mirrors on the fence to ‘enlarge’ the space. I saw that done in Julie Newmar’s (Catwoman) garden. She had mirrors on the inside of her gate.
    Your seating area in so inviting!

    1. I had a mirror on the fence a few years ago but it fell apart. You have to be careful with mirrors and sunlight because you can start a fire under certain circumstances.

  21. Your gazing balls just look vintage, that’s all. I would leave them for this season. They look pretty and very boho/farmhouse in your red wagon.

    1. You have said exactly what I was thinking, Ms. Eileen. They look great in the wagon.. :0) .. You have a great start on Paradise. What a nice getaway from the news.. :0) .. Enjoy.

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