What I’m Reading & Watching On Acorn TV

I’ve watched 2 episodes of the new Acorn TV series “The Nest.” The show is about a married couple, Dan and Emily, unable to conceive.

Seemingly out of nowhere, with their last chance for a baby, their miracle appears. Kia is a teenage who offers to be their surrogate.

What They Know About The Surrogate:

All they know is that the girl grew up in the system. But they don’t know anything else about her. And what they don’t know is that she is dangerous with a horrifying past.

Then Dan stumbles upon the truth about the girl carrying their baby. But what will he do with that knowledge? Will he tell his wife, Emily?

The show is fast paced and keeps you guessing. I’m anxious to see how this all pans out.

What Book I’m Reading:

I’m currently reading “Invisible As Air” by Zoe Fishman.

The book deals with a family, Sylvie, Paul and son Teddy. Delilah was a surprise baby, as Sylvie was already in her forties. Tragically the baby dies just before birth.

Sylvie is still so miserable after the 3 year anniversary that she finds herself taking one of her husband’s pain pills. Paul has a broken ankle but is not taking the prescribed narcotics.

Just one, she tells herself. But she finds that she can’t stop, as is often the case.

Drug Addiction:

In 2020 Oxycodone addiction is on the rise. With the coronavirus exploding in the US, addiction has become even worse.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found nearly 40 Americans die per day from overdoses of painkillers. About 15,000 people die per year from overdoses of painkillers such as Vicodin and OxyContin.

This eclipses the number of deaths caused by heroin and cocaine combined.

Covid-19 Deaths:

As of today, Covid-19 in the US is nearing 192,000 deaths. A sad and breathtaking number and getting higher by the day.


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  1. I watched a show on Netflix about Minimalism and it was very thought provoking. I love the documentaries on Netflix . Watched on on Jackie Kennedy that was fascinating. There is a lot of good programming out there but you have to look for it.

  2. I loved The Nest, very suspenseful. If you like mysteries you should try reading “The Magpie Murders” by Anthony Horowitz. It is being made into a series. He wrote the teleplays for the early Midsomer Murders series.

  3. Oxycodone is a very dangerous drug!! My husband was given that after a surgery. Only problem was, if he tried to sleep, he quit breathing!! So he had to stay awake until it wore off. Believe me, every medical place we go knows of that allergy!! We are too prone to take meds. For some things, there are natural ways to help ourselves with pain that are far safer!!

  4. Every morning I report to my family and friends (a small group on FB) about the numbers on COVID-19 in the US, certain states, and the world. I’ve been keeping track of the pandemic in the US since January. I am still an avid reader of the newspapers and news reports that I subscribe to online but as we get closer to the election I am watching/listening less to the commentary and news shows I otherwise listen to and find myself watching more “Building Alaska” and “Building Off the Grid” repeats on Sling TV and watching Youtube home improvement, homesteading and decor videos. I don’t want to overload, but goodness knows we live in trying and extremely troublesome times and watching shows that have zero to do with our 300 car crash pile-up health, economic and political woes is a much needed escape. I find that reading has shifted to the wintertime, and the rest of the year I’m piling up articles and books for winter consumption. That’s a big change from when I always carried a book around in my purse, tote or brief case! I would not read “Invisible as Air.” It sounds far too depressing for me to be able to handle. I wish Jane Austen was still alive. I’d be waiting eagerly for her next book.

    1. I am very careful in what I allow into my brain. I watch no gore but only ‘cozy mysteries.’ I have decreased watching cable news to a few minutes in the a.m. – But, I read streamed subscriptions of 4 or 5 newspapers daily. (They have specials that are not expensive.) I find newspapers well researched, well written, and more in-depth since they’re not rushing to the next commercial. And Newspapers are very accountable. If they make an error, they report it on page 2 usually. TV’s model for ratings is “the worse the news, the better the ratings.” No thank you.

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