More Color In The Living Room

I’m posting early because I need to go get a bone density test done. I would have had it done yesterday when I did my other lab work, but I had already taken my morning Vitamin D and they said I needed to come in before I take it. And I didn’t know that.

Boy, is it hot here! The temps have really crawled up the past few days and it is hard to be outside after noon. Which is why I try to go out early and get home to my cool sanctuary.

I got tired of the rather bland wall. Being inside so much while it’s sweltering outside, I wanted color to look at. So I thumb tacked up one of the quilts I made years ago.

I put the furniture that was here in the bedroom and have my green sideboard in its place for awhile. I like it against the colorful quilt.

On either side are miniature quilts I made.

I should have my relaxing space ready by the end of the week.

I’m adding things, taking them away, and trying to decide what I want there. Of course it’s always fun to move things about. It is for me anyway.

I love my little dark corner in my recliner on these dogs days of August. I can stare out my French doors at the plants and settee.

But the plants, many of them, look pretty bad in this heat. I water twice per day, but they’re looking pretty weary.

Here is a glimpse of my nautical wind chimes. The chimes are kind of big and I need to change camera lenses to give you a better look.

I think of the ocean when I look at it. I haven’t been to the ocean in many, many years. But I think of the crashing waves when I look at the chimes.

I’m off to get the bone density scan and pick up three of Charlie’s medications at the vet which isn’t far from there.

I’ve been adding a lot of new blogs to the Lovely Reads page. Whenever I come across blogs I think might be of interest to you, I add them for your perusal.

I like all the new ideas and different ways to decorate and garden and these blogs are where I go to for inspiration.



  1. Your green chest always speaks to me. I love that color and smile every time I see this chest. Your beautiful quilts are just icing on the cake! Your home is so cozy and inviting no matter what you do.

  2. Brenda, I love your home and and enjoy ideas for my own house . What kind of wind chimes are those? They look like shells and are very lovely.
    I live in Southwest Florida and the humidity is awful. I will go out in the garden early in the AM for around an hour and a half. That is it for me!!!
    You and your fur babies take care.

  3. It’s fun to see a big punch of late summer color before the earthy tones of fall come around. The green dresser unites the colors in the surrounding quilts, pillows and furniture, including the TV. I hope you had someone to help you move the furniture so your ankle didn’t suffer.
    Those wind chimes certainly have the beachy colors of sand, sea and sunsets. Very nice!

  4. Your quilts are so pretty – and you know I love color! Out of curiosity, I looked up your weather online…oh my gosh, it is HOT and humid there, to say the least! I feel for you. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere in those kinds of temps, especially with high humidity. The air is thick and heavy here today and it’s been storming on and off, but it’s only 70. Hope all goes well with your test. I need to have one of those treadmill stress tests – yuck.

  5. Oh my I’m loving that quilt above the green piece. You have such a way about you for decorating. I’m off to see the Radiologist today to start my radiation. Wish me luck.

  6. Hi Brenda:

    I love your green sideboard. It is so cheerful. Of course, being a quilter I am always glad to see your quilts on the walls.
    I look forward to reading your blog and hearing about your little ones, especially sweet Charlie.
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Love what you’ve done, Brenda. Of course, you know how much I enjoy reading about the changes you make in your apartment. I live in a small space also and these type posts inspire me. Your green chest has always been a favorite of mine. Coastal items always invoke a feeling of peacefulness and tranquility for me. I have shells throughout my home, as well as shell wind chimes on the screened porch. And, since I live on the river, I pretend that I live by the sea. As they say, heaven is a little bit closer in a house beside the water.

  8. Your homemade quilt is beautiful and best of all, it blends so well with all of the different colors “I spy” in the photos you took of the new arrangement. It shouldn’t be able to – but it does. Magic!

  9. I like neutral color walls. But I must have color added in my home.

    Brenda can you show us pictures of how your bedroom looks now.

    And I continue to use your lovely reads list. And thank you for that.

    1. Will do. It’s just when I think about it I have the wrong camera lens on and when I go to change it I forget what I went in there for!

  10. I’ve always enjoyed seeing how you change things around, and how each time you do, it always looks awesome. Your wind chimes are beautiful, I bet when they are making their music it is beautiful also. I can’t wait to see how you are going to decorate your “quiet peaceful” space, and anxious to see what items you will decorate with. I Love this kind of thing too. Hugs to you and the two lovies. Bonnie in WI

  11. Hi Brenda,
    It is a lot of fun to change up things using what you have. What a nice look you got with hanging the quilt above that pretty green chest.
    Good luck with your bone density test. Have a great Tuesday.

  12. FYI another Wal-Mart shopping option – free shipping via FedEx or UPS on orders of at least $35; and you can track delivery info to be sure you will be home if you are worried about “porch pirates”. Great for heavy and or bulky items like dog food, cleaning products, OTC health items, paper towels, toilet paper etc. in addition to various food items that are not carried in the store. Placing an order about once a month really helps to cut down on the actual time I have to spend shopping in the store.

  13. I like that, a lot… You added color without the painting hassle and if you tire of it, it’s easy to change out!
    I painted my livelihood in my current house green when I moved in 4 years ago, the kitchen is green so I figured it would be cohesive now I’m tired of it, I love red and my most favorite is my buffalo plaid textiles, think checkerboard and lumberjack,lol,so I’m leaning toward red or maybe a charcoal grey,what do you think?
    Good luck with your test and stay cool!

  14. I’ve had several bone density tests as I have had osteopenia and have found it to be the easiest tests every….lie down, relax for a couple of minutes and get up and leave. Super.

    I love your pops of green and all the other color. You do have a flair for decorating. I’m constantly moving things around too.

    1. I got there and laid on the table for the test only for them to come tell me I needed to wait 6 more months. Went all the way over there for nothing. But at least I had another errand at the vet’s office on that side of town. So wasn’t a wasted trip.

      1. You know the audacity of medical personnel these days!! They must think we all just lie around all day and do nothing…so we can come or not, at their choice!! Good thing you had another errand close by. It is a very good plan to have more than 1 thing to do when going to a doctor…these sort of things happen way too often!! I was reading some this week on thyroid issues as I and my kin have a lot of that. All these years, going to a doctor who specializes in natural solutions when possible, and he never mentioned that we should not take selenium and zinc at the same time as they cancel each other out!! All those pills wasted as I was taking them with all my other minerals at night…and hubby too!! It is enough to make one grind their teeth. I am grateful to have the internet to do my own research on…we surely must be our own doctors in so many ways!!

  15. I love the way you change your home around. To me that is so much fun to change and move and not spend a penny! It is really dark and cloudy in my part of Wisconsin this morning. Sounds like we could get some rain too. Take care and stay cool!

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