People who live in small spaces, and do it well, must be both organized and creative.

It isn’t the life for everyone. But it is a way to be both frugal and happy and still have more choices in life. 

Instead of paying for a huge mortgage on a large house half your lifetime, you might want to travel to exotic places or start checking things off your bucket list.

Below are examples of small living spaces that do the words “small space living” justice.

This room works because of the choice of furniture. The small couch (or perhaps it is a loveseat), doesn’t take up much room. 

The choice of chairs is perfect because they don’t take up much visual space.

The tall book shelf leads the eye vertically and adds storage space. The plant on the other side of it adds balance.


This is a room that serves dual purposes. It is both a living space and an office. 

The designer did a great job of dividing the spaces with area rugs.

The yellow door is both whimsical and draws the eye outside to wide open spaces.

The shelves are on the wall, so they don’t take up any floor space.


This studio apartment does what it needs to, yet does not look at all cluttered. 

It serves as a living space, bedroom and office combined. 

The eye is immediately drawn to the two tall windows that open up the space with natural light.

Sometimes when you angle furniture, you gain more available square footage without making the space look confined. 
Angling furniture often opens up the space and lends an airy feel to a small room
I am trying to live by the guidelines set forth in the above quote. 
I am learning to let go of things I once was unable to part with.
My hope is that eventually everything in here will either be useful, or something I keep only because it is beautiful.
But you have to be disciplined and make wise choices about what you believe to be beautiful. 
In doing so, you can lead a rich life on a poor woman’s budget. 

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  1. Small place here too Brenda…also looking for a cheap loveseat to save some room…Don't need this long couch anymore…I am short so I can stretch out on a loveseat just fine…also need to let go of a lot of stuff…

  2. Enjoyed this post, Brenda! Have just been wondering if your handyman is still coming by mornings for coffee. Was he able to get all his paperwork ready for his application for citzenship? I remember you were helping him on your computer. He seems so nice and has helped you so much. I hope all is well with him.

    1. Yes, Israel still comes around for coffee. And sometimes lunch too! He's been very busy, but we're working on learning the citizenship questions/answers. The test is pretty long and I'm learning along with him.

  3. I love it when you feature articles and pictures about small space living. When I see pictures of really large homes, they do not seem so cozy to me. I love my little one bedroom apartment and think I could even be happy in something smaller. Thank you for the great pictures. I especially liked the first one. I am thinking of selling my sofa and getting a loveseat that has a hide a bed in it.

  4. Great examples. I wish I could have a cozy rug. That white chest is so nice. I like the idea to have furniture with legs. Your idea from another post. That's for always bringing us something to think about.

  5. I've always felt love seats were more practical than full size sofas. Rarely do three people sit on a sofa it seems. The first picture has some great design choices, but on a practical level, I can imagine no one would want to sit in those chairs. Just looking at them makes my butt hurt ;).

  6. Good Morning Brenda.
    I have to say I have had the big home and then medium size home and now small living and I love the cozy feel to small living. I utilize every room in my house and do not have rooms that do not get any use like I did in my bigger home. Bigger is better when raising a family but now with just the two of us it is so much easier to have small. More cost efficient and easier to clean. Have a great start to the new week.

  7. Good Morning Brenda…. We live in a small house & I have a lot of nesting things around. Although, I have said that during this winter I am going to get rid of a lot of the "stuff" that I have sitting around. I'll still nest, but on a smaller scale. I really love the way you have decorated your apartment. I don't know if my comments show up as a no-reply or not? Will you let me know & if so, how do I fix it? Have a wonderful Monday…..

  8. I lived in a small studio at one time in my life when I was single and worked all the time. It was functional and easy. I had just enough to satisfy my 'nesting' instincts and no clutter of stuff I didn't need. Now, I am on the other end of that spectrum and looking to find a new space somewhere in between tiny and big. Easier said than done.

    Hope you have a great week, Brenda. This was a good post. xo Diana

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