What can you do with 43 inches? Doesn’t sound like a lot of space, does it?

But guess what? You can get creative and turn 43 inches into an office nook.

Let me show you how I did it.

My home office nook

The green cabinet holds my TV. In the drawers and behind the doors are my craft supplies.

Before I moved here, I had a dedicated office/craft room. But I only have one bedroom now and I have to get creative with my 725 square feet plus my beloved patio.

I purged and kept my favorite craft supplies and stored them in the green cabinet when I moved here.

Oh, the top drawer and one shelf behind one of the two doors store my tools and nails and such. You have to know where your hammer is because if you’re like me, you move things on the wall a lot!

The green cabinet came with me from Texas over 7 years ago. It was painted black back then.

I found this Crushed Oregano green paint from Valspar about four years ago, and I have painted quite a few pieces of furniture with it. I love this shade of green.

So why not put my “office nook” right next to my “craft storage space” and everything would be in one spot, along one wall. All within easy reach.

I can even watch TV while I make crafts at the desk. Which I’ve been yearning to do. I miss making crafts and little DIYs.

But I would have had to get everything together and take it over to my dining table, so I didn’t bother.

My home office nook

I ordered the desk and chair from Wayfair on a close out sale. Together the two came to around $100. Not bad for an office space.

Then at Hobby Lobby I purchased the shelves, white cabinet and the drawers underneath it.

I almost didn’t get all three of them, but I’m so glad I did. Because it has given me so much storage space that I really needed.

At the half price sale last week, those three things plus a few other supplies came to about $90.

My home office nook

I have a little vintage Mason jar collection that I’ve been slowly adding to for years.

Some of the collection is displayed on my blue hutch in the dining space where I keep my dishes. And now some of it is here in my office nook.

I love the chippy cabinet. Inside it are paint and craft supplies.

My home office nook

I’ve had this black and burlap memo board for a few years. It, along with most of my decor, was in my closets. I’ve got to straighten out those closets!

I looked in a box in there and found the vintage images I had at some point printed off. I love vintage images of children. 

Then there’s the pic of Andrew taken a few weeks ago at the beach that my daughter gave me. I love that photo of my little grandson.

I already had all the pencils and pens you see in the jars in the old box. I don’t recall where I got that old box. I was digging around in one of the two bedroom closets when I found the colored pencils high up on a shelf.

My home office nook

I put the washi tape rolls I found around the top of one of the little bottles next to the lamp. Seemed like a good place to store them where I could easily find them.

I had forgotten I even had the washi tape till I started digging around.

Decorating Tip: If you look you will see that you cannot see the lamp cord underneath the desk.

I took a nail and hammered it behind the green cabinet where it is hidden. Then I lifted the lamp cord over it so it isn’t hanging down.

My home office nook

The distressed shelf holds my camera lenses and my favorite photo of my daughter and Andrew.

On the top shelf is the white cow I had in the kitchen with hooks holding measuring spoons.

I moved the spoons, filled the holes where the hooks had been, and now the cow is displayed here.

Repurpose, my friends!

My home office nook

I have about five vintage wash boards I’ve been carrying from home to home for at least 30 years.

Several are on the wall over my couch. Two are on the wall in my kitchen above the washer/dryer holding Saran Wrap and aluminum foil, etc. Here is a link if you want to see that.

I could not possibly store all that I have in this apartment unless I utilized vertical space to the max.

My home office nook

I love barn paintings.

I had ordered this one from Wayfair, but right after I ordered it I changed my mind and cancelled the order.

For some reason they sent it to me anyway. It was not my error and they didn’t ask for it back.

My home office nook

My home office nook

My home office nook

So this is what you can accomplish with 43 inches. That is if you also use the vertical space above it.

Using vertical space is the golden rule of small space organization and decorating.

My home office nook

Another tip: I had already ordered this black desk chair when I happened to be back on the Wayfair.com site the next day and saw that it was on sale for $19 cheaper.

So I called them and they refunded the $19 to my account.

Don’t be afraid to call and ask. All they can say is no. And if they say yes, you save money!

My home office nook

So this wall in my living room now holds my craft supplies and office nook. I have used virtually the entire wall. But I’m pleased that everything is in one place where I can find things now.

No more digging in the closet for something like a stapler. It is here on my desk. I feel so much better when my things are organized.

Do you have an office space in your home? If you don’t, remember my 43 inch office nook.

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  1. You got a lot of comments on this post. Having a good work space is something we all think about and you shared some great ideas. I want to share with you a funny little story that relates to how you got your print from Wayfair that they sent even though you cancelled it. Many years ago, we got our first computer. My children were in elementary school at the time. I took them with me to a store that was kind of like a K-Mart to find a computer desk. I finally decided on one that cost $80, which was a lot of money to spend then, and now, actually. But I needed something quickly. It had to be assembled, so I took the box of parts to the cashier, and he scanned the sticker and it came up as $8.99. I said, No, that’s wrong, it’s $80. He said, Well, it’s showing up as a bird feeder for $8.99. I said, Well, it’s clearly not a bird feeder! You’d better get the price checked. He said, No, if it says $8.99 then it’s $8.99. So I said, OK! So, after that, we always said the computer was sitting on a bird feeder!

  2. You have created a charming little office nook, Brenda! I think I may have written you the other day that my office room had been made into a bedroom for my daughter so she and her twin boys have separate rooms now. For now, my rather big desk is in the living room and doesn’t look nearly as cute as yours! I will move to the basement to set up my office as soon as that area is purged and you have given me some good and attractive ideas to use. I love the way you have of placing interesting items in different places for little vignettes. You are really good at that. Could you just come out here to my house and give me some pointers?? We could go shopping for this and that and have a good ole time. Oh, yeah, I guess that coming to Michigan would be a pretty long trip for you and Charlie, right? I would love to meet you and Charlie but I’ll just have to be satisfied with reading your awesome blog every day and seeing the creative things you do. And the depth and skill of your writing about serious topics. And seeing all the beautiful photos you take, especially of your plants and flowers. And Charlie, of course.

    I hope you know what a talented and creative woman you are. I feel lucky to have found your blog. I look forward to it every day, honestly.

    I’ve gotta go back and read this edition over again and look at all the ideas for small space use. Thanks, for your inspiration, Brenda.

  3. What a smart and stylish design! I need to copy you. I would love a little crafting area. In my old house, I worked from home so I had a separate room for office and crafts. Now that I’ve retired and moved, I miss that.

    I do have three bedrooms for the two of us but they are set up as guest rooms and often used.. I’ll have to make some decisions….thanks Brenda.

  4. Love it..especially your green cabinet and the chippy white one, too.

    Very creative you are..and sure looks very functional.
    I only wish to have a portion of your organization skills.

    Enjoy your hard work..thank you.

    1. I used to think I wanted to be a professional organizer, because I find it so satisfying to get things organized. I almost went into interior design in college, till a professor talked me out of it. I suppose I became a blogger and blended them all together.

  5. I knew you would have a nice and tidy space for your office nook. I love it, it’s you!
    I have a desk and file cabinet upstairs, but I bought a desk yrs ago at a yard sale and put it in my den. Actually I was going by this yard sale and spotted ckbks for sale. Their was this cute desk with all kinds of little nooks in it for 15 dollars and another that was a computer desk. The cute desk I pd for but told the pastor I’d wait a day or more bc she had alot of books and stuff on it…being nice. It was inside of house bc she was moving…everything was suppose to go!
    Well next day she brought over the other desk! So dissapointed! She said this is the desk I bought. No, I asked her 3 times about other desk! I couldn’t believe the price of someone selling that old maple desk! She also didn’t move! I don’t know about now. My lesson is always take what you pd for then, if going to a yard sale! Never went again to a yard sale after being screwed over by a pastor no less! I couldn’t believe it! That was yrs ago.
    This is lengthy bc it brought back bad memories! So sorry about whining. Lol. I have never seen a desk like that since! I hope your weather is better there. It’s cold and rainy here!

    1. It’s been cooler here lately. I haven’t been to a garage sale in years. I would rather go to the antique mall, which has great prices. But I haven’t even been there in a year.

  6. Brenda,
    I love your desk and decor…. it looks wonderful. I wish I was as creative as you are!
    My sister-in-law had cataract surgery and she is so happy with the results. She had worn glasses all her life as well. Now she has readers all over her house. haha
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. I enjoyed seeing your new office/craft area. The green piece of furniture makes it all work. For several weeks now, I cringe when i scroll thru your posts. So often, an ad for rodent repelling showing several mice appears and it just creeps me out. Ugh!!! It seems strange to see something like that on your blog. Does anyone else see it? I think the ads change periodically but not sure.

    1. The ads change constantly. What ads you see are from the cookies advertisers see that others are interested in. For instance, if you have been looking up sneakers online, you’ll probably see ads for sneakers when you browse. Sorry about the mice! I hate them terribly! The spaces on my blog go to the highest bidder each day and the ad network I’m with takes care of all that.

    1. I laid awake a lot of nights thinking how I would do this. During my eye surgeries, after they put the IV in but before they came to get me, that’s what I was thinking about!

      1. and….because it was pleasant thoughts and decorating is something you love, I’m sure it helped you to relax before your eye surgery began. Sort of like meditating!

  8. I can’t remember, it’s a vague thought,,,,,did you once set up a craft/office space in the dining room? Had a chair also? Maybe I’m crazy, cause Lord knows I forget a lot lately!

    1. Yes, I did. But then I decided I needed a place for me and my daughter and grandson to eat. So I gave the folding table to the complex for their laundry room. And I ended up giving the chair to my neighbor. I can’t recall. It might have been a gift from Wayfair. When I don’t have space for things, I’m not going to just stack them up. I’d rather see someone use it that needs it more than I do.

      1. I’m glad it was a thing and I didn’t imagine it lol!!! This option gives you both spaces to use. Work and eat!!!! Well done. !

  9. Looks great. I love the cabinet color and the storage it offers too. It’s hard to believe how much you got into a small space, but you have the vision, that’s for sure!

  10. The office space looks just great. Love the size and look of the chair/desk but what really catches my eye and makes me smile is the way you use shelving and various items for storage. So clever and so pretty. You go girl!!!!

  11. I am at home on the Atlantic coast preparing for a hurricane to strike us this week. I am tired from all the necessary preparations, the anxiety and the stress it is causing me and everyone else here. I am 78 years old and I was feeling so woebegone until I read your post today and I immediately felt so much better. You have that effect on me, Brenda, and it’s so wonderful that your words can do that. Thank you every day for all that you do to cheer me up.

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry you’re stressed out. I would be too! But I’m glad you enjoy coming here to visit. That was such a sweet thing to say. People like YOU cheer me up.

    2. For Judith – I hope the hurricane turns out to the ocean. Sending best. ….HI BRENDA, and I agree with Judith! u bring such cheer and smiles to us. Office area looks amazing. your special touches are wonderful. Happy Monday 🙂

  12. Hey Brenda I know all about living small and utilizing every inch of space. I love your home office nook.
    So sweet. I love the picture of your daughter and sweet grandson on your desk too. Adorable.
    Happy New Week.

    1. Kris, I know you’re fairly new to small space living. But isn’t figuring out small space solutions fun? A challenge?

  13. Love It All!
    That white rustic cabinet is my fav!
    You have such a good eye for what goes where and it looks so inviting and cozy.

    1. I could not pass up those three things at HL, like the white rustic cabinet. It is perfectly distressed. And I love it when I can buy things already finished that costs me less than it would cost me to make it.

  14. Very cute setup, and so handy! I ended up putting my thrift store desk which cost me $10 in my bedroom in front of the window, and house my supplies in the nitestand nearby. It works really well for me and I like being able to watch the birds in the trees outside my window and also breathe the fresh air. Of course soon the leaves will drop and the view will not be quite as interesting although in the distance I have a view of the mountain tops which will be covered with snow.

  15. What a great little office space!! My office space is in the lower level, in a dark corner next to the utility room so I rarely use it, only for filing. I am often tempted to put a little office space upstairs, but honestly if I need to work on something at home I just sit at the counter or dining room table.

    1. I love to try to think up new ways to find space in a small home. I find it fun to think up ideas that are new and innovative.

  16. One word: adorable! You have a really cute style and your home is just made to look so comfortable. I saw where you have your pencils in mason jars. A thought – I have my eating utensils in mason jars and I had a friend paint them with pretty flowers. I love them and they make me smile every time I reach for a fork because I think of her. I saw your note on the 4 month anniversary of Abi’s death and boy does time fly. You are and Charlie are doing just fine; one day at a time.
    Don’t push too hard and let that left eye completely heal.
    Have a lovely Monday afternoon my friend.

    Carol and Molly

  17. You have been a busy woman despite your eye surgery! I really like what you created, as usual. I don’t have a dedicated office space but am inspired to seek out a place for one. Have a great day Brenda!

    1. I’m pleased with it. Took me a few days of tinkering to get it just right. And you know I’ll change it up anyway when the mood strikes.

  18. Fantastic job! You really know how to work wonders with a small space.
    It looks like a pleasant place to blog and craft.
    Thanks for the inspiration, motivation and ideas you provide.

  19. I’m really impressed with your new work space, Brenda. It blends so well with the rest of the decor in your apartment. I love how you’ve arranged the decor and craft items. I love little shelves, and that double set is calling out to me! What I might like best is how the desk is so airy looking, and not blocky and heavy. You sure put your eye recuperation time to good use by thinking up this great work space. I hope you have many happy hours of crafting now.

    As for a work space in our house, we have a tiny room that is called the office, but, there are too many bookshelves and not enough room for a good work surface. So, we end up doing projects on the dining table or kitchen bar, and then have to move things when it’s time to fix meals and eat. We definitely need to re-work our office area. Thanks for the great ideas you’ve shared.

    1. I love those little shelves too. Thing is, I tried to think of a way to put up shelves without finding studs and building them and putting something on the wall to hold them. With these, everything was already built in and I just added four nails to the front where you hardly notice and I don’t think they will ever fall down from the weight. I don’t have a garage or workshop or anything where I store wood like some people.

  20. I’ve been waiting to see what you did for the office space and I love it. The desk is great and with the open look doesn’t make that wall too heavy. Vertical space is important for storage and decor. Love the little white cabinet and shelves. Great job!

    1. Yes, I agree about the openness of the desk. Isn’t a very substantial desk without drawers, etc. But that’s why I got what I did from HL to supplement storage space with drawers and doors. Vertical storage, once again!

  21. I love your new office space. Looks perfect. I like the use of the green cabinet to hold all the office supplies and tv, makes good multiple use of that piece. Looks like the perfect place to spend some time working.

    1. I thought about where to put that desk in the living room for weeks before I just plopped it there. And it works there so well!

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