I am carving out space for a office space in my apartment dining area. I have decided that this is the best use of the space right now. That may change later if my needs change.

I looked for a desk. I looked at the free and cheap stuff on Craigslist and didn’t find anything.
Then I shopped the apartment, walked around and looked in closets, and finally decided this table would have to do for now.
I ordered a new chair from Wayfair. It was just over a hundred dollars. That was most of my budget for this project.

Here’s how I created the fabric frame with the clock: I cut the fabric to be smaller than the outside of the frame. I then took thumb tacks and just tacked the fabric on the wall. Then I hung the frame directly over the fabric.

I really like all this natural light that I’m getting from the patio doors. I can look outside and see my pretty patio. That is a big plus for this location in my home.

I hung my college diploma from journalism school up top. I’ve tried to add things that are important to me. And that diploma has spent many years in closets where I never saw it. 

So here’s what I purchased:
The chair ($118 I think)
The black wire basket above the printer ($8)
Red spray paint ($5)
The little white can with pencils (about $3)
The three clipboards: (Under $10 dollars)

My budget for this project was $150. The chair took up the bulk of that. So I came in at $144.

I ordered the red and white buffalo curtains, but I didn’t consider them part of this project. They were to help keep my electric bill down because they are nice and lined.

They were the last curtains on my list to buy. I started buying these curtains when I first moved in here, and have just added as time goes by, ordering from the same online shop. I also have the shower curtain that matches. I just love red and white buffalo checked fabric.

Here’s how I created the clipboards with inserted printables: I applied Frog tape in both horizontal and vertical fashion across the clipboards, then painted over the tape with red spray paint.

I printed the printables from the internet. All were free. I like to have quotes that are important to me where I can see them and reflect on their meaning. And I thought the leaf was appropriate for fall.

Of course my coffee bar is right behind me. Which is a nice feature in an office space.

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  1. I am curious about electricity needs and costs across the country. Our bill is generally $16 a month. I think that's pretty low.

    I love that you shop your house. I am sure the businesses don't want to hear that, but we need to not always be consuming.

  2. I'm playing catch-up on my reading but wanted to tell you how cute this looks. Absolutely great use of space and the decorations/wall decor are perfect. Great job.

  3. Great job; love it all, but you probably would have been more comfortable with a desk chair with arms. I find it soothing to be able to rest my arms on mine from time to time. Office Depot always has a deal on expensive arm-desk chairs for so cheap you wouldn't believe.

  4. I love your little office area! I have to work near a window, too. And I love your gallery wall just the way it is, with all the cheerful colors and quotes…and the curtains are so cute, too. I'll gladly send some of this cold air that just hit us from Canada today. It's only 47 right now and going down to 28! Too stinkin' cold already.

  5. What a cheerful and creative work area Brenda! I love all that natural light too. Can't believe how hot it is there! Come visit us in Seattle – tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70s and sunny… Then it cools down and the rain returns :/.

  6. Your chair looks great! I do not have an office space in our downsize so I envy yours. I want to try the clip board idea too. I love to print graphics, quotes, etc. In grad school I used an old drop leaf table as my desk. It usually had an old manual typewriter and papers all over it most of the time. ha! Your office with a view is a good thing! Sheila

    1. I taped the clip boards to the wall with this tape that was supposed to be strong enough to hold things like that on the wall. And it worked!

  7. Good Afternoon Brenda, I love that you put things up 'willy nilly' and then change things around if they do not suit. I do exactly the same.
    Your office space is so lovely and with all that natural light streaming through the window, it is going to be a lovely place to sit and work.
    I love your treadle machine base…. I have one which I am in the process of painting. I still have the original sewing machine inside, although it does not work.
    It has been lovely visiting you today.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Best Wishes

  8. You really have a great talent with mixing various items and hanging them on the wall to enjoy! I just loved your idea of hanging clipboards with quotes that you can change out – brilliant! I love all the splashes of red too. What a fun place to spend your time on the computer!

  9. I"m impressed Brenda, it's cute and cheerful and encouraging!!! So when do you start to write the great American novel?


  10. It looks like a comfy place to write and blog and I love the chair you splurged on. Sitting by a window is always uplifting, especially when your flowers are blooming. I can't even imagine weather that hot this time of year! I was cutting back all my plants today with a winter jacket and gloves on. Your creative space is bright and cheerful!

  11. What better place to have your office than by the doors looking out on your beautiful patio! I think being there to write and blog will be inspirational, Brenda. You always manage to make to make your spaces seem as if they are ready to be photographed by a magazine, a real talent!

  12. It looks great, Brenda! You will really enjoy looking outside while at your desk. You have that magic touch of decorating going on! I am impressed. : ) It got to 95 here today but we are cooling off next week.

  13. I love what you've done so far… but I have one question. Do you REALLY want to be staring at a clock right above your computer??? Maybe put your gorgeous inspirational clipboards in that space, and move the clock so it is not in your direct line of sight…
    To me, clocks re so soulless…

  14. I love it, Brenda! So cozy and YOU! Wasn't that clever to hang the clip board on the wall? You smartie! 😉 I hope you're feeling better. I read your past posts about your delima still going on. Hope you get some relief. You should be healed by now! Love your curtains. I have some like those in my den but they are not lined!
    Take care and you're always a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  15. Oh my goodness, your office space is beautiful. I love it. Everything about it so nice. The bright lighted space is great. I am like you I want to look out to something pretty. You have done a great job. The gallery wall is beautiful and useful. You are so creative and full of inspiration. You will enjoy your time spent in the space, I am sure. Hugs to you my blogging friend. Karie

  16. You are such a terrific decorator. Love EVERYTHING. Those curtains look so good. Great find. I'll be keeping her address. The desk is wonderful, and so great to be able to sit and look out on your beautiful patio. I so hope you don't have to move, I love your place!

    1. Well, guess I'll be here awhile. I couldn't satisfy the housing people with the paperwork, so I give up on them. I've jumped through hoops and it's never enough. If something happens, I'll cross that path then.

  17. Brenda, I just love it all and don't even know where to start with all the beautiful things. The clipboards are amazing…I love all of the touches of red! And the fabric in the frames, the curtains, the chair, the desk….it is all so gorgeous! I know you love working in this awesome space you have created! And staying under your budget!! You rock chick! Love ya!

  18. Good job with your desk arrangement…..looks so bright and cheerful. I have been trying to come up with a plan to move my desk to another room……failure so far with that project. Can't wait to see what else you have
    up your sleeve for your desk area.

    1. And the secret is to just start putting things up willy nilly! If I don't like it, I take whatever it is down, fill the hole and move it somewhere else.

  19. Brenda, it looks wonderful! What a bright, cheerful space to work in – how could you not feel inspired? I adore those curtains, also. In my marital home I had red buffalo check and I've been avoiding it ever since….but I might be ready for it again now that so many years have passed. You've been busy! Ps….100 in the shade where you are and the forecast here says 15 degrees Sunday night. And possible snow. Yikes!

  20. Love the office. I have a suggestion for the sewing stand/table. Get two pieces of pvc pipe the size of the circles on the bottom of the table, paint them and you have a bottom shelf for a basket of work in progress. The pipe would give you hidden storage as well. You could also put a shelf just below the sewing table to hold your paper. I've been reading your post for some time know and I like your colors and style.

  21. Oh I love it, and I love the wall gallery. I also like to be able to look out the window, that makes everything so much nicer. Now you are in the middle of the action just like I am. Nice to be by the doors, the tv and the kitchen all at the same time. Best of all worlds. (P.S.Thanks, I finally figured out the icons.)

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