Storage always seems to be a problem when you live in a small home. When I moved to this apartment I quickly learned that small space storage tricks are a life saver.

Whether you own your home or are renting, these small space tricks are easy fixes to add more storage to any kitchen.

You always gain more storage space when you go vertical. This simple peg board, painted a pleasing shade of blue, is a wonderful wall-mounted idea for kitchen storage.

Store spices in your kitchen on a simple wall ledge created for framed photos. Locate it near your cooking space and your spices will be handy yet out of the way.

Another wall-mounted solution is to utilize S hooks. You could hang pretty dish towels to make this area stylish as well.

Kitchen utensils can be mounted on the side of your cabinet. You could also do this on the inside of cabinet doors if you prefer them to be out of sight.

kitchen storage

If you have a shelf in your kitchen, you can add storage underneath, as seen here. I think it’s an aesthetically pleasing idea as well.

It’s always nice when you can make a source of storage/organization look pretty as well as be functional.

kitchen storage


A tension rod is a clever way to keep pot lids organized. You could do this in a drawer or cabinet. This is a really cheap organizational trick.

kitchen storage


Under shelf baskets give you additional space in your cabinets while also keeping items separate and organized.

In small space homes, you have to carve out room where you can find it. Don’t overlook any nook and cranny for possible storage.

A well-organized kitchen means you don’t have to dig around for what you need when you’re cooking. A happy kitchen means a happy cook.


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  1. I’ve had some tiny kitchens (two different ones had counter space no larger than a cutting board) and I hung everything on the walls. Visitors thought I did it for looks, but it was out of desperation.

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