Why We Move Things Around

Have you ever thought about why we move things around?

My post title is actually a rhetorical statement. Because I truly don’t know why we have this tendency to move our furniture all over the house.

I’m happily divorced now. I think I’ve learned my lesson after failed marriage #3. Maybe I’m a slow learner when it comes to matters about love.

So Many Perks To Living Alone:

There are perks to living alone that make me smile. If I want to I can move every single thing off the shelves and rearrange them. I can move the couch and there’s no one to moan and groan about it.

Heavens, I can even move the TV and there’s no man around to grumble that his ball game is about to start.

And living alone, I especially like the fact that there are no ball games to endlessly drone on in the background every weekend.

I’m so glad to have found women like me. Online friends who “get me.”

Decorating Bloggers Perhaps Move Things The Most:

Decorating bloggers drag boxes of things out of wherever we store them to decorate for the seasons.

We buy different colored slipcovers to change up the look of a room. And purchase dishes we don’t need because the price was simply too good to pass up.

We constantly change up our mantels. And every other surface in our homes.

We lie in bed, unable to sleep, and conjure up ideas about how we might try a little something different in the guest bedroom or home office or the living room or wherever.

Upcycling Is A Trend:

We thrive on using things for different purposes. And we change out lamps and lampshades and move paintings around from wall to wall. Then have to deal with the nail holes left behind.

To lend a bit of reasoning to our pursuits, we usually dust while we’re at it. Which falls under the “it needed cleaning anyway” explanation.

I like to think it is just part of the nesting instinct. But then I doubt that mama birds move their nests all over the neighborhood while they have baby eggs in them.

Who Knows Why We Do The Things We Do:

Or perhaps the answer is as simple as: We simply cannot leave well enough alone.

I’d rather think we are just creative souls who need more stimulation in our environment. Or that we know we need the exercise.

And it’s somehow more fun to shove furniture around than endure an hour on the stationary bicycle.



  1. I married in 2017 and never really had a home until then. As a child we moved around a ton. I always shared a room with very little to call my own as we shared everything. Decor wasn’t on my mom’s top list raising 4 children on her own.
    After finding our perfect 1945 Italian built home my senses were in overload. Wanting to love and mend our house to it’s full potential. I have moved literally every piece of furniture. I tried my bed in every room. I thought I was crazy but I couldn’t stop. Luckily my husband was supportive and he encouraged me. It always looked better each time. I’m so grateful for that. Now, things aren’t moving around as much but there is always something to do in our house that leaves a little overwhelming feeling. I just have to remember it all takes time. Especially in the older homes. I love our house. I feel as a♋ Cancer rising it’s probably inevitable. These people are all about home and family.
    Speaking of family.. I would also be embarrassed by my obsession. They would come over and want a tour to see what I have moved around everytime. I guess looking at it in a positive perspective it’s like a beautiful museum of our life collection. And now I just perceive it as such. Happy nesting birdies.

  2. We live in a small tall house. I have limited furniture and because of cords or weight and lack of strength. I feel no real need to move things around. I have cleaned up clutter to try to move. And closets are full all rearranged. But my daughter who has young kids and strong people and much bigger rooms makes fun of me bout being the same.my whole life my homes been the same no moving most small.

  3. I am always moving furniture and things,I moaned and whinged at my partner to move his computer upstairs he did,very grudgingly now I want it back downstairs,I wanted a new dining table and chairs he got me one now I can’t decide where to put it,it drives me mad,the amount of times I’ve moved furniture is ridiculous,but i can’t help it it’s like a obsession.im sitting here thinking of rearranging my front room again it makes me depressed not happy.i feel like I’m going mad.

  4. Just an FYI, clearly not a female only trait.
    I am 31, male and have never had a room last more than 6 months (since i was 5! -my mother tells me that watching me try and push my bed around was hysterical)

    1. I am recently new to your blog, and am reading the archives to familiarize myself with what has happened prior to the present. I love this posting, you sound exactly like me, I live in a one bedroom apartment. I have bins taking up 1/2 of my bedroom closet. I have stuff under the bed, and things stored in the bottom of my hutch and my armoire tv cabinet. I am addicted to the thrift stores. I love dishes, and enjoy changing things around. I just finished rearranging my bedroom and then after one day, hated it and put it back to what I had before. You are a breath of fresh air. thankfully, I also am divorced and loving the freedom to do as I please and spend what I want with only myself to blame if I run short at the end of the month. (I am a senior woman on social security.)

  5. I have this problem but not just in the house I am always moving things outside , like chairs , plants , rocks , dirt .
    I think the reason why I do this is because my brain needs stimulation . and when I move something to me it's new and exciting , but then that feeling wares off and I need to move something again to get that feeling of happiness .

  6. Wow at the comments. You know I am always changing things up around my home. It is because we are creative and we can't leave anything the same for a long time. We grow bored easily.

    BTW, I love your new blog design. Cute!

  7. Thank you Brenda! All this time I thought I was the only one that rearranged, moved, redecorated and then started all over again only to start over the next day. It is true, there were years of not having $$ to buy anything new, but that didn't mean I couldn't recreate! Now at seventy, have I slowed down you might ask, well no, I just rearranged my dining room, decorated for fall, climbing up on my ladders, and adding so many pretty displays on top of shelves & hutches, and more………… I have this illness, redecorating & recreating! I enjoying our 2600' two story home, without hired help, just hubby and me, don't even suggest downsizing, grrr Happy to hear so many other ladies young and old are also afflicted! Your blogs are my favorites. Keep writing please.

  8. My affliction is genetic, apparently. My Granny Jones was the wife of a Baptist preacher, and he used to say he didn't dare come home after dark because he wouldn't be able to find his bed. I have been moving stuff around since I was a young child, and I suppose only being really old and infirm will bring a halt to this malady. I laughed all the way through the post and really enjoyed all the comments. Just today, we swapped coffee tables with the ManCave and the LR and let's don't talk about what I have piled in the garage.

  9. Unfortunatly I've moved into a house that does not bode well with re-arranging. I think that is why I'm compulsive with changing out things for the seasons. I have shelves and ledges and cubies and spots and table tops etc. Drives my husband nuts…LOL And like you Brenda when I replace something it just kind of throws everything off kilter and I have to go about changing everything usually…LOL Oh well…no one can say that we're boring that is for sure!

  10. Brenda, I loved this post! I don't re-arrange furniture so much but I'm always tweaking and re-arranging wall displays, mantel displays and creating new vignettes. I'm always making changes in the garden. The comment above mine makes sense. Just watch the birds, they're always fluffing and re-arranging their nests. For me, I like making small changes that I can control. I'm not big on other huge changes in my life but it's fun to change things up in the home. I'm sure some psychiatrist or psychologist would have a code in the DSM and call it an illness but I call it creativity. Us creative types are always changing things around in our home. And the best part Brenda, you can do exactly what you want! My hubby doesn't give me too much trouble but now he wants to have more of a say in our design elements. He does have some good ideas though.

    1. You got it Brenda! I love your Tweak it Tuesday series! This is a great post and I'm having a great time reading all the comments.

  11. My daughter calls this nesting. I don't move things around anymore but she does. Every time we visit the great room has been rearranged. I decorate for the seasons but that's about all.

    1. Yes I am about 10 years older than you. In good health but trying to downsize. I do love your blog and was able to read all the back from the beginning before you unfortunately lost most of it. Things have not been easy for you I will agree but you have bounced back so beautifully.Your home is beautiful and I love the way you decorate it daily. I too love my home and enjoy it the way it is. But age and health do make a difference. Your blog is the first one I check everyday. Blessings to you in the future. Ann

  12. That's me..I have to keep moving things until it's "perfect"..and it does get to that point..might take years..I'm known as "the tweaker"…When my husband went away on business, he used to say that he was never sure he was in his house when he came home..

    1. Yes, when my husband went out of town, I already had half the room arranged in my mind and couldn't wait till he got out the door to start.

  13. I think we just like to "feather our nest". I've been married three times as well. My 1st ex pretty much let me have run of the house for 28 years. We had 5 houses in that time that I decorated and took care of. The 2nd ex moved into the house I owned after we married. He didn't say much about my house, but one day I asked him for assistance in hanging some drapes and after he finished, he said, "I hate hanging f—king curtains. We were only married 18 months. Good riddance. The 3rd ex and I built a cabin in Costa Rica, I sold everything I had to go down there. But he shipped everything he had down there. Long story short, he had everything his Mother owned and HE decorated the cabin with her stuff. We were only married a year. I like living by myself with my own things and doing exactly what I like. I'm the proverbial Free Spirit and I like it. 🙂 Good post, Brenda. I enjoyed it.

    1. Guess I'm like you. And the older I get, the more I like to be alone. There will be no more picking up after a man for me. Oh, the joys of being single again!

  14. I think we all have this in common. It would be boring if we left everything the way we arranged it when we moved in! My home is my nesting place and if you've ever watched birds long enough, they are always trying to rearrange their nests. They either add straw and sticks or they're taking some away. It's kind of like spring cleaning except we actually do it all year round. With Christmas coming, I'm already mentally rearranging the furniture to decide where I want to put the tree! In actuality-we're a sisterhood and one that I'm proud to be a part of with the rest of you! When I visit your blogs, I always get new ways to do a vignette, or move a chair or try that lamp on some other table! I hope we always keep it up and are constantly learning from each other! Have a blessed day each of you! And happy rearranging!!!!! P.S. When my husband did marriage seminars, he would tell the men, "Guys, whatever you do, don't ever come into your bedroom in the dark and try to jump in bed. You could very easily land in a potted plant or stradle her sewing machine!"

    1. I love what your husband told the men. Sage advice. I'll have to watch the birds more closely. I too get a new idea every time I visit a blog.

  15. You brought up some good theories. I think we just get bored with the way things look and want to refresh our surroundings. Just like our clothes. Plus, moving things around gives a new look without costing anything!

  16. You said it yourself…I'd rather think we are creative souls! I've done everything you've described…except hot glue something to my ceiling…I used to move furniture all the time, when I was younger…now I move accessories around constantly. And whenever I'm invited to someone's house, I take in every detail, and mentally move it all around! Kindred souls…you bet! 😉

  17. It's just human nature to move things around. Someone is always moving something, somewhere. Construction workers move the earth with big machines, cars, trucks, planes and trains move people and products all over the world, and home dwellers grunt and groan while moving big pieces of furniture from one room to another. It's been going on since Eve decided to decorate by bringing in a few apples from that tree out in the garden. (She violated one big interior design rule — Don't eat the decorations!)

    1. You explained it very well. Men like to use big machines to move things around. The only decorations I admit to eating is the candy corn in the mason jars.

  18. Brenda, you seem to be so comfortable in your skin now, compared to a few years ago…While I don't have the answers to your questions, I do know that it's good to see things in different places, almost like redesigning your interiors.


    1. I guess it's like playing house. Except it's real. And I thank you for saying I seem more comfortable in my skin. I am more comfortable. More comfortable than I've been in many, many years. And I love my blogging friends who helped me get there.

  19. I think there is always the possibility that it will look better, some other way. According to my husband, as we're talking I'll go into this staring trance, not looking at him but rather some spot in the room. So he stops what he's talking about and says, "Oh, you're rearranging the room again…" And so I am.

    1. Yes, indeed you are not the only one with this aberration. I wonder why some don't get out and do some good in the world with so much energy rather than move things/furniture around relentlessly. Sorry for my frankness, but seriously, it just doesn't make too much sense to me. Too much self focus on self and self's surroundings. Not for me.

  20. I definitely identify with you. The last major move I made, switching bedrooms, was made when Steve headed to the doctor. I knew I had 2 hours to get it done. He would have thought up a dozen reasons not to make the move, but now he loves it.

    Steve says he thinks my furniture moving is my adult version of playing with my doll house. When our daughter went away to college, I really started going to town on the house. Steve's philosophy is that I no longer had a doll at home to dress so I started dressing up the house.

    1. Well, Steve's idea does make sense. I use to wait till my husband went to work too. Otherwise I'd have had to hear him complaining about it. Once it was done, if he said he liked it better the other way, I'd say: "Then feel free to move it all back." Of course he didn't!

  21. Haha Brenda, I have found my 'family'!!! All of those people (usually bloggers!!) who just keep shifting things around must belong to the same family I'm sure…..I think I am one of your 'sisters'!!

  22. We move our furniture because we have always had more ideas than money and we keeping hoping it will magically be something new if we do. But really because it is fun.

    1. Oh Elaine, you're so down to earth and smart! I think you're right. I think it is new to us for awhile, because it's in another spot. And when the new wears off, we move it again. Your husband decorates. Does he move furniture about too?

  23. I move my fur outré a out twice a week I have to vacuum under everything anyway so why not. My kids and hubby have learned things are never in the same place so make sure and turn the lights on before moving forward.

    1. Do your menfolk help you move things? I never had a husband that was willing to do that. So I just waited till they went to work. Sometimes they weren't even out of the driveway yet. And I'd start moving that stuff all over the place.

      1. I found this hilarious, because I do the very same thing, my husband has gotten to the point he will come home for lunch now just to I interrupt my rearranging grrrr because by the time i get started I’ll be about in The middle and he comes home after that I quit because I’m irratied, I actually go nuts when he’s off 2 days I know this sounds selfish, he hates when I move things but I like my house clean it doesn’t bother him to have a dirty house so I gave him his own room its dirty mine is clean

  24. Oh, how I love this post! I remember having a sleepover when I was ten and we all slept in the living room. I don't know how I convinced them, but some time during the night I enlisted their help in rearranging the bookshelves on either side of the fireplace! If I'm not rearranging, or planning for changes…I'm sick. Literally, it's the only time I'm not doing this and I am my happiest when I am rearranging, moving, tweaking. I think for me, it brings new energy or even peace to a room to do this and therefore does the same for me. Not a child, or my husband may notice but I do and I feel better, freer, happier, and if I don't ,,,I change it back just like you. You are a kindred spirit to many of us as you can see by the comments. I say, move to your heart's content and when it's not…move something again!

  25. I laughed my way through your entire post…this is SO me! Guess I should be glad that my husband doesn't mind at all when I rearrange things, including furniture. The only thing he doesn't like is when I want to move pictures, shelves, etc. that have had nail holes in the walls – and I don't blame him for that. It's a pain to patch up nail holes and repaint. I once got myself calmly through a MRI by rearranging and redecorating my entire house (money wasn't an object while daydreaming, lol) in my mind!

    1. I did the very same thing once! You have to be so still in those coffin-like things. The only way to completely concentrate was to move furniture in my head!

  26. Oh Brenda I loved this post. I see a little bit of myself on both sides. I have a huge TV cabinet that's been in the same place since we moved here 23 years ago. It's been moved away from the wall to paint many times, but the darn thing is so big and heavy, it won't fit anywhere else. Was just looking at it today and decided it needs to be replaced. Then, I have a bed with a lovely old head and foot board that's been in 3 different rooms in the last couple of months. Got to love those furniture moving disk thingies. I love re-arranging furniture in friend's homes…if only in my mind.

    1. We should come up with more ingenius ways to make moving furniture easier somehow, and just think of all the women who would buy it! We'd make a mint!

  27. A friend of mine once asked why we are never satisfied with our homes and we're always changing something or other. I told her that it's our artistic nature to try to find a more pleasing way to arrange things in our homes and gardens. When my husband and I walk around our town, I usually have a running commentary going about how that house would look so much better if the shrubs were trimmed and the people over there should have chosen a different color for their shutters, etc. He always has the same comeback. "You must have been working when they called to ask your advice." hehe I can't help myself!

  28. So glad I stumbled on your blog! Abi and Charlie are so sweet and YES, I move furniture all the time (and ex-RAF hubby will tell you, I have done so for the last 38 years – that's how long we have been married- and justify it by saying 'it needed cleaning at any rate).
    I agree we use lots of muscles to accomplish our creativeness (love that! Must remember the next time Mum comes in and says: "Not again!) But not moving anything for years would drive me nuts!
    As to why we do it? No reason comes to mind but it is so much fun!
    All the best,

    1. I'm so glad to have found my "ilk." I'm tired of people coming in and looking about like they're in the wrong house. And then saying: "Wasn't that chair somewhere else last time I was here?" Maybe they are in the wrong house.

  29. I agree with you about moving around the little things and rotating in holiday decor but when I find a good place for my furniture I leave it there for.ev.er!! I do go into other people's houses and move things around in my mind. Which is a handy thing to be able to do when you're bored or not really enjoying the company…Mimi

  30. You just described me to a tee!! I moved a bunch of stuff today and blogged about it! I felt the same way when I started blogging. I couldn't believe there were so many other people who did the things I did! We are kindred spirits for sure. I enjoyed your post!!

  31. I'm not a furniture mover. I'm a bit unsettled by constant rearrangements and redecoration. There's been one rearrangement in the 15 years we've been in this house. I like the way it feels and I'm the one wandering around the house at night and really like knowing that there'll be no surprises awaiting me. Accessories and such can certainly be changed, though.

    1. Well, you're a might different. I can't imagine moving the arrangement one time in 15 years. I've never even LIVED in one spot 15 years. Or even 10 years. You just don't have that furniture moving itch some of us have.

  32. I am, therefor I move.

    Seriously though? I read your entire post and said out loud "Yep, uh-huh, right-o, she gets it, I am same way, yeppers, sheesh yep haha" over and over and over.

    I am a perfectionist and have to have things that to me are spot on right.

    A perfect example is a post I did of my autumn things on my hutch in the kitchen a few days ago.

    It looks nothing like that now, haha – just needed it different.

    As for why I move things often? I change with the seasons, so there's THAT – I don't tend to move furniture a whole lot of the time b/c it is usually well thought out and tested to be right, and there it stays – my thing is I get new furniture often and sell furniture often – mostly trading and almost always second hand – so it is all done frugally, but I don't want to get stale or dated.

    Most people get and stay/keep as is – which is nice and cozy and homey, but I get easily bored with things as is and like to switch – I seldom lose money doing it, just exchange things a bit. : – )

    I adore bloggers that are like-minded.


    1. I'm not out much to buy or trade things. I did use to trade with my neighbor in Tyler, TX. She was a retired school teacher. She too said she had to bite her tongue when she visited someone. I'd say: I have such and such and no room for it. Do you have something you want to trade? And there we'd be, moving furniture down the alley, while the other neighbors stared at us.

  33. Hi Brenda,
    My husband always says, "never walk into Robin's house in the dark or you will kill yourself, as nothing is ever in the place where it was when I left in the morning!" lol Anyway, I just moved my Granny's hoosier cabinet today!

    1. Bet that was heavy! Mine always said the same thing. I'd act surprised. Like when you're wearing something new and someone notices and you say: "Oh, this old thing?" I'd act like it had been moved weeks before. Don't know why I thought that made any difference…

  34. I can't answer the question but I'm same – always moving furniture. Lately I've been moving rooms. I try to bite my tongue but when I go into someone else's house, I just want to move things around. I always think they could look better in a different place. j

  35. I can't answer the question but I'm same – always moving furniture. Lately I've been moving rooms. I try to bite my tongue but when I go into someone else's house, I just want to move things around. I always think they could look better in a different place. j

  36. Brenda, I think I'm like the Momma bird you mentioned.. I've lived in my home for 46 years. I don't plan to move. So, I move things inside my home.. I've done it since my late husband, son and I moved here.

    Yes, I do have lots of nail holes in the walls.. I bought a can of spackling just to have when I need to fill a hole.. I've heard that tooth paste is good for that too.

    I've downsized a lot of my accumulation of things and want to do more.. I think I'm doing that so I can buy new things and have room for them.

    I think we just get tired or bored with how furniture is arranged or think things would look better a different way.. There's no harm in that that I can see or think of..

    I hope you're asthma has subsided and that your ankle is behaving.. Take care.

    Charlotte in Virginia

    1. Goodness, I can't even count how many times I've moved. Not that I really wanted to. There was always a husband getting another job or something.

  37. Can't give the answer to Why, but have a suggestion for how? I have moved several really heavy things by myself by getting it onto a large old blanket or something similar and take hold of two corners and drag it across the floor. Sometimes even up the driveway from my car.

    1. I've used that tactic too! But I'm usually so impatient I can't wait to get the blanket underneath it properly. Thus I scratch the floors.

  38. When I was reading your post, I thought for sure you had a camera focused on me somewhere in my house..because you described me to a tee. I can not leave my furniture in same place for very long and I get such a rush from seeing things in different places. I, too, have had to devise different ways to move big furniture but always find a way and when it all comes together I can sit back and admire the new look….but I know that in a short while the feeling will come over me and fully occupy my brain with thoughts of……..wouldn't that look great over there!!!

    1. Yes, it's a "feeling" that comes over you. And I think an adrenalin rush. Because after you exert all that energy, you've actually exercised. And doesn't that raise your seratonin levels in the brain?

  39. Yes I am one that can not leave things along as well. I drive my hubby nuts and when he comes home from work the whole living room can be turned around….LOL Well then there are the time I change things and he just does not notice until a week later….LOL Love this post and I guess we ALL have it really bad. LOL

    1. I loved it when they didn't notice for about a week. Then I'd say: Oh, that's been there forever! One day my last husband said to me: "Did you not notice anything different." I said no. He said: "I shaved my beard off three weeks ago." Oh, well, guess you know why we're divorced now…

    2. Brenda, JUST HAD TO LAUGH at this entry about the beard! I've had that happen to me, about hubby shaving off his beard of mustache and I didn't notice! funny funny! our brains get so used to one thing that it becomes a habit and that's all we see….. I think maybe that's why women like to change things around so much… to keep our brains active!

  40. I too moved things when I was very young and made wall art for myself from scraps my PawPaw put in the burn pile.. Kindred Spirits, Indeed:)
    My husband used to say he wouldnt consider walking into the house without a light on because he's either run into something or try to sit down and hit the floor because I'd moved everything.

    My mind tells me if I'll move things " Just one more time" it'll all be perfect.. it never is.

    I have finally reached and age and physical condition that doesnt allow me to move the big pieces from room to room, but do you think that stops me? Nope- no way- I just looked on craigslist and for a couple mover guys and they come and do it for me.. where theres a will–and $30.00 an hour– theres a way..


    1. You've got the right idea, Sonny! I'll tell you something, now that I'm divorced and never planning to wed again. Now that I'm at a safe distance, I wish I had the memory of just ONE of my husbands actually sitting down and the chair wasn't there and they plopped down on the floor! I would have that memory to make me laugh. I would tell the story constantly to other women. I'm laughing now just thinking about it…

  41. Brenda – I call myself a "chronic-re-arranger" but sometimes I just want people say it looks nice instead of "Oh, you changed things around AGAIN…" It's therapy for me to have control over my surroundings – especially when there is nothing else I have control of. Nice post!

    1. Yes, why can't they say something nice if they're going to say anything at all. I really DON'T CARE if the couch looked perfectly fine where it was. It's MY couch!

  42. O my goodness! You just put into words what I have been living with ALL my life.

    I too, as a child would rearrange my bedroom over and over again…always under the guise that I was cleaning. Well, in my two homes I have done the same things. And…my hubby often grimaces at yet another way to *re-arrange" the room…but he does oblige me during the Holidays as HE loves the decor and will help me get it all arranged so HE can see the tree. I think I may have gotten him convinced that rooms get cleaned that way :-}…and I get a decorating/redo FIX with a newly spruced up room. Do you find after you have done this, that you stroll by and admire your handiwork? yep me too!


  43. Your post and the comments have made me laugh out loud. So glad someone has finally pegged this urge we have to rearrange and make all things new and different. My husband has said that he is so glad I can't move the king size bed. Also I think this thing is genetic. My mother moved furniture with my sisters and I helping. I move furniture and taught my girls. When I didn't have plastic slide discs from the store I grabbed lid containers from my kitchen. They worked! The other day, I noticed that my granddaughter has …you guessed it…rearranged her bedroom.

    1. My daughters don't seem to have this urge. I think they had kids too late and they're wearing them out. My youngest daughter is pregnant with my third grandchild, though I haven't said anything yet. As she had a miscarriage months back. I can't believe she's going to have her first child at 35. That puts her in the doctor's "have to watch this one cause it's a little riskier" category. Lord, she'll be worn out and in menopause before the child is a teen. Well, I sure got off-topic. I hope my granddaughter has this urge just to irritate her mother.

  44. Hm, I just wrote a post and it disappeared. But I'm one of those aliens, Brenda. I don't move furniture around in the great room because of the window placements and sliding glass doors on either ends of the room. Same thing w/my small bedroom, I have a sliding glass door on one wall and the other wall has two doors on it, so the bed won't fit there either! I do change things for the seasons though. And it is fun to shop the house when you get the desire to change things out! I enjoy your house and what you do in it so much! Hope you're feeling better.

    1. The very minute I'm feeling better, I'm up moving something. Yesterday I moved those wicker chairs (thank goodness they're light) all over the living room. Then finally put them back in the same spot, but angled them. And that seemed to satisfy me.

  45. And then there are those other days….I blame them on hormones. This morning I got up and one of the first things I said was, I feel like all I do is move things around…rearrange my clutter. And I start setting things 'right'! heehee! I decide I'm going to put everything 'in it's place' and leave it there. Then when I get up tomorrow I can just enjoy my house! haha! wonder what mood I'll be in tomorrow? Happy Sunday afternoon my friend!

  46. Kindred spirits, indeed! I do this all the time and the reason for me is that I get the same feeling after moving things around that I get when I buy new things. Something DIFFERENT to look at is the same as something NEW to look at.

  47. I'm afraid I'm one of those people you can't understand. I do change furniture some times, but it is always if something about how I have it hasn't turned out to be functional. I really don't like the domino effect it creates with everything else that has to be changed. I like changing mantles, shelf displays, etc., but not moving furniture. When I do move furniture, those little plastic discs (moving men) you can get at Walmart, make it all a piece of cake. I've even moved a heavy buffet with out removing the stuff in the drawers with those little disks and it's always by myself. Don't have anyone, ever, to help me with those kinds of activities.

  48. I have been changing things around since I was a kid! Yes even as a child I would re-arrange my bedroom.Something my parents never did so I don't know where my decorating gene came from LOL!

    1. We only had one bedroom when I was a kid. And two grandmothers to share it with. Or I'd have been all over moving the furniture then too. Instead I burned off energy running around the yard with dogs chasing me barking. Now they'd put you on Ritalin or something.

  49. Love this post! I remember too exactly what I was doing when I heard John Lennon was dead. I was putting up and decorating a Christmas tree in my college boyfriend's apartment. Against his wishes. He saw no reason to have a tree but I'd begged him to buy one on the corner and I was decorating it with an old string of lights I'd found and a little of this and that and I thought it was wonderful. Then the news came over the radio and spoiled the whole thing.

    I think it's a creative thing. I'm not so into moving furniture around as to making stuff in the middle of the night and especially pulling out the decorations in the middle of the night. I too have had many an argument that started with me pulling out boxes at midnight to start some project.

    I too redecorate my friend's houses in my head. I know exactly how they SHOULD have them decorated…I pretend they look find and compliment them but I'm really thinking…"this is all wrong". This kind of house should never be decorated in this manner. These colors are all wrong.

    Before I had my own house…I would lie in bed at night and plan out what I'd do if I owned my best friend's house. They had no idea what to do with it and didn't like it and I could see all the potential. They didn't want to stay in it…so they did no improvements. It just needed paint!

    I started blogging because I knew here were people that got it. People I could share my passion with. People who didn't think I was crazy.

    Love the photos in this post!

    1. Well, I don't pull things out in the middle of the night to do because I'm too zonked out on medication that makes sleep. And helps with a few other "oddities" I have. If they ever make a pill to reduce our moving about the furniture, I'm refusing to take it.

  50. HI Brenda!!! I just have to laugh at out loud at this post!! I move stuff all the time!!! I can have something in a place and all of a sudden it hits me and I wonder why I placed something there that clearly does not look right! And I wish someone WOULD have pointed it out!!

    I found a house on the internet that is for sale. It is my exact floor plan. Its so strange to look how they placed furniture and accessories compared to mine.

    One room I don't move furniture in is my bedroom! Holy cow!! My bed is 4 poster king so it stays put. But I do change what is displayed on my night stands tables!

    I change my mantel and kitchen dishes according to the seasons! Yep! I have 4 sets of dishes! It would drive me nuts to eat off my summer dishes in the fall! My summer dishes are the ones you have! The flowered and plaid ones! They are put away until next spring.

    Why do some women do this? I believe we are more visual. I know I am a visual learner. I could never read directions on how to learn to knit in a weekend… but if I sat with someone and watched I could learn.

    I am getting ready to sell and down size into a 1450 sq foot villa from approx. 2300 sq ft. This should be fun! I am slowly going thru stuff and getting rid of stuff. My storage tubs are clear. Again… I have to SEE stuff so I know what I have. Every tub has a detailed list of what it is in.

    I agree with you about going to homes and nothing changes. Its very boring to me. I believe we add and move stuff to FLUFF our surrounding's. We are nurturing something … not sure what it is tho! LOL!

    I love the pics of your home… and I can tell right away when you change something! So funny to me!! Your house is very cute. It feeds my soul.

    Have a great Sunday!! I just made a pot of chili. Cool and raining here in Indiana. Apple crisp for dessert!

    Mary jane

    1. Do you think the psychiatrists have a diagnosis for it? If they do, I don't want to hear it. Would probably fall under "obsessive-compulsive" disorder.

    2. My husband says it is a form of OCD! For I am the exact same way. I could help but laugh while reading your post because it describes me perfectly. And after over 23 years together he's such a good man he just goes along with me. Even today, during our teams football game I decided that I wanted the TV in the living room mounted back on the wall. Which entailed moving all kinds of things – and he helped me with every bit of it!

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