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  1. This would be wonderful in my meth and pitbull fuzed neighborhood. I live between two lovely churches and that still does not keep the meth addicts at bay. I need to move, but that darn divorce lawyer wants to be paid.

  2. This sounds useful for us country folks.

  3. I live in a city of 350,000 people, and we have had Nextdoor for a year or so. The city has been broken down into smaller sections, and Nextdoor is available to each smaller section. That way, there is a more small town feel. People post things such as lost dogs, crime alerts, neighborhood watch meetings, and other news that would be pertinent to our area. It seems to be a good thing.

  4. Good for many communities but I live in a retirement community..Probably not necessary here..

  5. OK…as a Libra, I see both sides of things. I can admit that this is a good thing in some ways. I have moved to town, and I don't know my neighbors. That works both ways. I could aproach them, they could aproach me. I just think we would be better to live a real life outside and less on the computer. I know everyone has different circumstances that shape their lives. I know I can't always visit my friends in person, so then a phone call, or email is better than nothing. Sorry, this sounds all mixed up, but I just worry that our future generations will all become drones to technology, and never experience real life….I would never mean to insult anyone, our differences are what makes us unique…..

  6. I think this is a great idea and definitely something to look into, but it also makes me chuckle because as much as it brings people together and helps in different situations, it also keeps distance because of the online aspect and not really having to *talk* to anyone in person. Kind of like all social media, right?
    Anyway. I also wanted to say that I found your post yesterday about the beeswax candles and the cold remedy really informative. My husband is more into natural things than I am (I'm working on it) and he was really interested in the info you provided. Our son seems to have seasonal allergies (neither of us ever did/do) and I'm now on the lookout for beeswax candles for the house and his room to see if they will ease his symptoms. I would love to read more about your findings as you come across them.
    Thank you for sharing what you found! Have a great day!

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