1. Everyone of those appetizers looks delicious!!! Could you make me some and deliver them to Colorado in time for supper?!!! I very much enjoy your blog and the great variety of things you talk about and share with us….especially your fur babies!! Mary in Colorado

  2. Dear Brenda, This is to tell you Susan Freeman from Ash Tree Cottage is in the hospital with serious issues. I found out through Sheila Blaylock’s blog, Sheila’s Note Songs. Susan’s husband updates on her Facebook page via himself or through her cousin. He asks all to pray. I know you would want to keep up. Sending love from NYC, Robin a longtime reader of your wonderful blog.

  3. These all look delicious. As I am by myself I will probably have some hot chocolate and popcorn. Then I will be lucky to stay awake to see the new year come in. xo Laura

    1. You’re never alone there – Lots of folks are by themselves, especially during holidays. Well, Laura Walker, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! ps I’ll probably be asleep, too, especially if Hubby turns on a movie!! lol 🙂 b

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