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  1. The new mirror is Cool – I, too, thought it was rattan – How very clever and definitely looks rattan from afar off. It looks like just the thing that would be at FF (Fantastic Finds) here in NC. I wanted so terribly wanted to go to FF this week, but then realized I would be out there on Dec. 24th – Hubby was concerned, but I was able to talk myself out of going – Just washing up and getting ready takes time, but I do like to go and just walk around and look – I got “smart” and took a pic of a purse that I thought would be a good one – They always have brand name purses, some old, some new, and I really liked the one I saw – I am ever on a journey searching for the “Perfect” purse/handbag!:)b

  2. I’m just like your granny. It’s all too much, too chaotic. But moving on, I love your new mirror over that quilt. I also love that white pillow on the chair. I saw it in Hobby Lobby ad and really liked it! I really like that you put color back into your apartment too! Merry Christmas.

  3. What a great addition to the quilt and the beautiful table and red chairs. Was surprised you ventured out on Christmas brave. :0) .. Great job as always vamping up and making your home more cozy. That must have been difficult not celebrating Christmas when you were probably surrounded by reminders of the Season at school and all. I was watching someone on TV yesterday..not recalling her name..a film star, and she was expressing how she tries to teach her children to give back and remind them that they were born into a blessed life(in summary/essence of what she said).. Some were blessed in different ways and that would be how to cope with the situation at hand..of which alot we have no control in the beginning. . Thats you and many others. We were blessed to have three rowdy grands over last eve for celebration…though fun..I was so glad when the storm was Peace and Goodwill to you and your furbabies!!!!

  4. Merry Christmas to you Ivy, and Charlie. I hope the New Year is wonderful for you. I can understand why you would like a low key holiday. We are home this year, just my husband and I and it is a little strange because we have always been with one or the other of our family.

  5. Happy Christmas, Brenda. Hope all is well with and your babies. I am slowly recovering from the really difficult and painful events of this year. Will be in touch in the meantime have a peaceful holiday.???????
    Joan and the purr babies

  6. Christmas tomorrow will not be quiet as my two nine-yr.-old grandsons will be back here from several days with their father and they tend to be pretty noisy, either having fun or fighting! I have been fighting off a sinus infection for two or three weeks and am so tired I haven’t done any baking or cooking for the holiday. It will just be me, my daughter, her boys and maybe her boyfriend. My older daughter and her family will stay at home for Christmas this year, which is fine. I haven’t done much shopping for gifts this year either. Just for the children. Funds are scarce and no energy. It makes me sad because I love giving gifts. So this is going to be the lowest-key Christmas in a while. I think I could get used to it!

    The new mirror is really nice, Brenda. When I first saw it I tho’t it was rattan, but then I saw that it was metal and I liked it even better. You have such good taste and such talent for putting decor together.

    Enjoy your quiet, peaceful day tomorrow with your fur babies.

  7. Merry Christmas, Brenda. I hope you and your fur babies have a wonderful day enjoying your peace and quiet… and each other.

  8. Brenda, your home gets more special every day. I love the new mirror and the placement. I wish you a peaceful Christmas Eve with your two little pals and your cozy fireplace. I don’t think you’re life was always easy and I’m happy for your much deserved contentment. Prayers for Lynx’s daughter and Annie’s husband. This is my 3rd year without my husband and it can be a terribly sad time of year. But best wishes to you and all your devoted readers.

  9. Hi Brenda,

    I love your new decor additions. You always know just how to add something to make things pretty and cozy.

    Our Christmas is a little low-key this year, as I lost my hubby at the beginning of the year. So, will be with my two daughters and their guys tomorrow. We are doing chili and a dessert. Not so traditional for others, but we always made the meals simple at Christmas when the girls were young to allow them a day to play and eat when they wanted. And, this is what they requested this year.

    I wish you a blessed Christmas and I hope 2020 is a healthy, happy, loving year for you and your fur babies.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know it will be harder at this time of year. Though it is never easy. I like low-key.

  10. The mirror is lovely! May you and your very special furry family have a peaceful and loving Christmas!

  11. Enjoy your peace and quiet Brenda with your furry babies. Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

  12. The colors and decor in the dining area are so bright and lighthearted. It must be such a pleasant area for dining or just sitting for a bit to gaze at the patio. The mirrors probably help the apartment seem to have more light.

    It’s just my husband and me together today and tomorrow. We have it arranged so that we saw some of the family the weekend before Christmas, and will see other relatives the week after Christmas. So I am looking forward to the next couple of days as being simple and relaxing, with some time spent outdoors in the nice weather. My memories of Christmas as a child are good, but the memories of the holiday from the years of my first marriage, and then my years as a single parent are not as good. Those were more stressful times, and I do get some sadness at this time of year when such memories come to mind, as well as thoughts of my daughter who passed away. So, I do like to take some pressure off of myself at Christmas and don’t push myself to be upbeat and in a crowd on the actual holiday. I know it could get me pretty stressed out. It is easier to handle the day without a lot of people around, and see all of them at a different time. Some people don’t really understand it, but I know it’s OK to handle it in this low-key way. Have a lovely holiday!

  13. With the leaves up, I notice the beautiful pedestal base of the table. Nice to see the red chairs again too, so cute. Merry Christmas to you! Hope you enjoy the day with the pets.

  14. Love the mirror in the dining area — I think the mirror actually draws attention to that gorgeous quilt.

    We are spending a quiet week at home; our families live a distance away and we do not like to be on the interstates during the holiday season. We celebrated the season with family a few weeks ago in conjunction with various birthdays. It is nice to be at home where all is cozy and quiet. We do plan to venture out to a local church late afternoon to participate in their Christmas Eve service but this is about the extent of our plans. And it is a cool, breezy, rainy afternoon here in north Florida. Good for staying in with our furry friends.

    Take care and enjoy your peaceful holiday. Hugs to you, Charlie, and Ivy.

  15. Brenda, I can’t think of a nicer way to take a break from the day than to see your Cozy Little House & what you are into. The mirror looks really nice & I love your bright & pretty apartment. Enjoy your precious little ones & have a relaxing & very Merry Christmas!

  16. Brenda your decorating is awesome. I ?the mirrors on the quilts. I hope you enjoy a quiet holiday with your furry kids. Merry Christmas & 2020 will be a gr8year!! ??

  17. Both mirrors look so neat on top of your wall hangings! I still have one red chair like yours in the dining room. Bought at Pier One many years ago. Always love the color red! I always loved the red block quilt (tumbling blocks I think its called) and never could get my hands on it. LOL You have so many beautiful quilts. Your home always looks warm and cozy. Merry Christmas Brenda. My mother did not like holidays or parties. I can’t remember why. As I haven’t gotten older, I don’t enjoy them anymore. I like my quiet time. LOL

  18. Good height on the mirror. I’ll be alone tomorrow as well with my doggie, but have planned a nice meal and watch a movie while working on a couple of projects. I’m looking forward to it. Merry Christmas!

  19. Brenda, I like where you hung the new mirror…but then again, I like everything you have done in your home. Your decorating ideas always impress me, You are amazing!!!! Hugs,Bonnie

  20. That looks great, Brenda! I have a crowd at my house for the holidays, but I’m always grateful I have my wonderful master suite to retreat to when I need some quiet time….it’s one of the many reasons I invested in the renovation when I bought the house. I can close my door, turn on my fireplace and my Christmas tree, and watch tv or read in peace from my little chair in the corner. I find it necessary!

    Merry Christmas, my friend. Enjoy your peace.

    1. “I can close my door, turn on my fireplace and my Christmas tree, and watch tv or read in peace from my little chair in the corner.” This sounds so very inviting! I have a bedroom with a bed, “dog bed,” really – All the dogs lie on it looking out the double windows at our neighborhood. I moved a recliner in there and lil guy has taken up residence on it, but will share when I need to rest after cleaning days. I, also, moved my desk (I do all my office stuff, i.e. pay bills, etc. in our “junkroom/office”) in that bedroom and put a pretty tablecloth over it and put plants on it – So far, nothing has died, but summer is aways off. 🙂 b PS Last night I turned on YouTube and found a burning fireplace and let it run – Just playing that makes it feel cozy! 🙂

  21. Even though holidays have come full circle for you, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love your blog.

  22. I wish I could celebrate quietly and simply! I have thirteen people coming here in six hours and I’m nowhere near ready. I’m just pausing now for a cup of coffee.
    I love the mirror, it looks perfect there!

  23. Oh Brenda, I understand exactly how you feel! It’s been a tough year in more ways than one in our house, but we still bought our children and their families a few small gifts and gave money to the adults. I am hurt because no one reciprocated, not even a card! I don’t need a thing but it’s the thought. And all any of them needed to do was tell us they couldn’t participate this year. I told my husband that I plan to travel at Christmas from now on.

    1. Sending you hugs, Peg…part of our kids/grandkids are the same. Good thing Hubby and I really just as much enjoy being simple and ignoring holidays so much as we can. This year our single daughter came and we are doing all we can for her and other daughter here and those 2 kids to help them feel happy…but still…there is the “last place”…or really “no place” thing with the others too…hard. You would be very wise to travel while you can (we no longer can) and go have a happy time someplace!!

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