No one wants to slave away in a hot kitchen in the summertime. Certainly not me. 

The other day I made this crock pot recipe that I found on Pinterest. And boy was it delicious!

It was quite good, easy to prepare, and I even had lots of leftovers to freeze in individual sandwich baggies for a quick meal.

I think I’ll be making this next…

Doesn’t it look delicious? And it only has a few ingredients too. Besides water, only three ingredients! 

Some scalloped potatoes or wild rice and veggies and a salad would complete this meal.

I’m eyeing this recipe for sometime in August…

I think mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and a salad would hit the spot perfectly. And I’d probably have leftovers for sandwiches!

And this one is on the list too…

Go to the source numbers below for the actual recipes.

Source: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5


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  1. Just beware if you're still having trouble with your blood pressure that the salt content in many of these recipes is pretty high.

    And that taco soup could easily be made without a crockpot, since none of the ingredients needs to be cooked anywhere near that long; in fact, other than warming them up, they don't need to be cooked at all.

  2. All of these recipes look so good! I use my slow cooker so much, both in the hot weather to keep from heating up the kitchen and in cold weather for hardy soups that are comforting on dreary winter days.

  3. Have you ever checked out Stephanie O'Dea at She has literally HUNDREDS of recipes, some very simple. I really love making beans in my crock pot, then freezing them in baggies. Cheaper than cans of beans and you totally control the salt and seasonings. I love my crock pot!

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