1. Like many people, I love all the side dishes. The glazed carrots and the apple salad look mouth-watering. I can just see our Chihuahua mix begging for a carrot or two!

  2. So many yummy looking ideas in one post! My mouth started watering. LOL

  3. Thanks for the recipes and they all look yummy. I have been roasting veggies for awhile now, so easy and delicious. Stay warm everyone.

  4. All the sides look delicious! I especially like the Hasselback potatoes and the Brown sugar glazed carrots!

  5. I hope to try them all between now and Easter. Thank you for finding them all! The book you highlighted yesterday is now on reserve at my library as well as his first book?

  6. Yummy sides Brenda that will go great with a protein!

    Today is free shipping day, so go to your favorite sites and see if they’re participating or not.

      1. Your welcome! It’s called National free shipping day. I never heard of it either till I saw it the other day on a website.

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