When someone walks into a home looking to buy, they fully expect to see lots of kitchen cabinets.

Yet, when it boils down to it, those cabinets take up lots of valuable space that often could be better utilized in a more unique fashion.

Domino.com, one of my go-to sites for decorating ideas and tips, shows you how not having cabinets sometimes looks much better while opening up your space. 

This could be a great baking station or beverage bar. Having the stand-alone storage furniture next to the stove makes things very handy for the cook. 

With the knives to one side and the spices nearby, the cook doesn’t to have to walk all over the kitchen while cooking.

This clean monotone look is very classy and easy on the eyes. The color of the marble blends seamlessly into the space.

Here the dinner plates are close to the counter and the stove. Which means you could serve up the food by reaching up for a plate, and then simply handing it over to whomever is sitting in the chair. A very handy set up.

This monotone look seems to visually take up less space with the colors all blending together.

This is a wise choice if your kitchen is really small. The tile looks great on the diagonal. The black and white colors are classy.

There’s no need to clutter up cabinets with pots and pans when they can so easily go overhead and be out of the way. 

This is a great look. I love the shelves and the faucet. Very interesting.

If you’re thinking of building a house, you might want to take these ideas into consideration. Having what you need close at hand, instead of behind cabinet doors, means company can help themselves without opening all the doors searching for what they need. 


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  1. I like the way open cabinetry looks, but I hate the way it "lives". We had them in our first home, and I did not like having to take everything off the shelves every week to clean.

    I also didn't like feeling compelled to arrange everything to look artsy, or even just tidy.

    I couldn't wait to get my daily essentials back behind closed doors!

  2. I love all the open shelving. All the kitchen are so beautiful with all the open shelving.
    It's a great way to keep everything neat.


  3. You found some great examples here, Brenda. I don't have a lot of overhead cabinets but I do have a lot of lower ones. I wanted windows wherever I could get them. xo Diana

  4. Brenda, those are good points. It saved me at least 5000 not to have upper cabinets or lower cabinets on one side. I also like that I can see the plates and cups that I use in my tiny kitchen, so it encourages me to not accumulate. It makes the small space more open. Like you wrote, my sisters come over and help themselves; they don't have to ask to which cabinet.

  5. I love the open shelving instead of cabinets, but it just won't work for me. I cook so much food on a daily basis and I just don't thing it looks that good. My pantry is down stairs so I keep as much upstairs as possible. I have removed two of the door on my larger cabinets, just haven't shared yet. Love the openness, also wish i could hang my pots/pans, but doesn't work in my kitchens' layout. Never heard of the web site before.

  6. For convenience, love the set up where the plates are close to the stove and eating area. Very handy! Also, love the spacious look of all the open shelves. It is much better than cabinets. The aqua lighting in one of the pictures sure did catch my eye! Such a pretty color.

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