I’ve been painting all week. This old trunk was in the closet, brown and all scarred up. It is now sporting a coat, many coats that is, of white paint.

The shelf on the table was red. Now it’s a fun peachy color. The fun thing about boho style is all the bright funky colors.

This was my red hutch. It is now a turquoise-y color. I replaced the white knob with a bright pink one that adds a bit of whimsy. The turquoise color of the hutch was pulled from the wall quilt on the wall.

Can’t forget the scruffy boho pupsters. They didn’t help much, but they’re good for a photo op. Abi loves to have her picture taken.
I love seeing house plants through the slats of these window blinds. It’s a bit muted but gives low light plants plenty of bright light.

I painted terra cotta pots for my plants in various paint colors. It was actually a lot of fun to try all these colors.

House plants fit in perfectly with the bohemian style of decorating. Think 1970s and macrame hangers and lots of plants in every nook and cranny. House plants are as popular now as they were then. And I had lots and lots of them!
I recall everyone had lots of wicker back then, and we put basketry on the wall for wall decor. It was a fun way to bring texture into the room.

I purchased the same quilt I have displayed on the wall for my bedroom.

Try creating a fun Boho corner in your home. See how you like it. It kind of grows on you, I’ve found.

You don’t have to go out and buy everything new. Look around and shop your home. Buy some fun bright paint colors. Pick up a pretty boho bedspread. And pull it all together.

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  1. I've been decorating Boho for many moons. It's nice to know that anything goes! Just think hippie love nest, with touches of Morocco. I do love that quilt. How about some macrame plant hangers in front of the living room window? I'm serious!

  2. I've been decorating Boho for many moons. It's nice to know that anything goes! Just think hippie love nest, with touches of Morocco. I do love that quilt. How about some macrame plant hangers in front of the living room window? I'm serious!

  3. I noticed your book, Home Outside, on the chest and it looks like it would be great. Luckily my library carries it and I have placed a reserve on it. Can't wait.

  4. Brenda!!!

    OMG!! How bright and cheerful and inviting but color does tend to do that, doesn't it???? You know I LOVE color too even if i perfer the deep rich jewel tones colors but i do appreciate all colors and I truly love this!!

    I have my Dad's old army trunk up the attic and now i want to get it out and paint it and find somewhere to put it…Hmmm….. you have me thinking now!!

    Thanks for the inspiration as always!!!


  5. Love it all. Very happy and inviting. I, also, love red and I'm glad you are keeping a touch here and there. I agree that the pupsters better nap with one eye open or they may get BoHoed, too.

  6. You amaze me with what you have accomplished while feeling so ill! Love everything, especially the blue on the cupboard and the trunk for a coffee table. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  7. Brenda–I've been an admirer of your decorating style since way back in Texas. I, too, must have RED. I'm enjoying your new pops of bright color in your BoHo decor. I sense a change in your energy. A fresh start to the new year, perhaps? The freedom of the smaller boot? The pupsters look healthy and happy.

  8. Brenda this is wonderful! I love it all. The turquoise, the quilt, the foot locker.
    You are amazing how you manage to do this when feeling so under the weather.
    I hope a magazine takes note for you and publishes all your fabulous Boho Chic
    cottage décor. I just adore it all . Well Done. Your Pups are the cutest

  9. Wow, you've been busy! I love everything I see in your little, cozy place. I've lived in small apartments before and am currently getting ready to move again…into another small apartment. Thank you for all your ideas and inspiration. I hope your ear problems can get better very soon, that would be so annoying. Hang in there and hug the pupsters for me (I have a almost 13 yr. old chihuahua who is trying to drive me crazy.)

  10. You are my hero. I love how vibrant your spaces are. Everytime I want to make a change I end up overthinging it and dont do it. You make me want to jump up and paint something!

  11. Your space is as colorful as a vase of spring flowers. I know the pupsters were excellent moral support and
    supervisors while you painted. I have many of those helpers.

  12. ooh…I might have to paint my trunk white – love that!
    I especially love it with the colorful pots and plants.
    Good inspiration on a January day.
    Thanks Brenda!

  13. I WANT that trunk!! It looks great, and you have been painting up a storm! I love all the colors, especially the peachy shade. I like the plants in the window, too.

    Have you ever been to Thoughts From Alice? She is transitioning to boho, too.

    Happy Weekend

    Jane x

  14. Looks great. Very cheerful. Can you share the paint colors and brand. You have been busy.
    Have you tried a decongestant. If not I would try one for a couple days. If it doesn't work you will save a step for when you go to the doctor.

  15. It looks beautiful Brenda! I love boho style and have been incorporating it into my home a little bit at a time too! I am also working on recreating one of my Etsy shops into Little Boho Cottage (my main shop name is Little Vintage Cottage) and I created a facebook page for it too. I think boho is really gaining popularity and I think the shop will do good once I get it all up and looking good!


  16. When I clicked onto your blog today, I felt immediately attracted to the gorgeous room I saw. Then I started reading and realized it was your room! Good God woman! You've outdone yourself! The room just radiates joy! It's the room of a positive and vibrant person. Congratulations! If some magazine doesn't do an article about it's transformation, they'd be crazy.

  17. Brenda! It looks A-MAZING! I love it! I've got so many neutrals and whites going on over here – which I love, I can't help it. BUT, I also love the boho feel and think you've nailed it. I can't look any more or I might get tempted and I'm too far committed. Ha! Great job! ~julie

  18. Love it Brenda, you have captured the feelings of a trend, and incorporated them into your world, in your way. Very fresh, and colorful…and of course you have to have red!


  19. I absolutely love this new look! The colors are fabulous. When you paint furniture in the winter, do you do it indoors…if so, do you put it on a big drop cloth or cardboard or ?? I have furniture I want to paint, but I'm thinking I should wait and do it out in the garage this spring.

  20. Hi Brenda! Oh, I'm loving all of your colors. Next thing I know, you'll be sporting scarves around your head and wearing gypsy skirts! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  21. Brenda, My mother would say you do not let any grass grow under your feet. You hopped right on that Boho look. It really looks very nice. I love the pots and plants. xoxo,Susie

  22. I was shocked when I clicked on your blog today. I thought, no, it isn't her living room! You have gone and done it again! I love everything! I hope some magazine picks up your transformation! I know the pupsters love it, too.

  23. Oh my goodness, did that brighten up your room! I loved just the quilt and the pillows, but you really have done a super colorful job! Excited to see your bedroom when it's done. Rest this weekend.

  24. The new place looks great and the BOHO look suits you 🙂

    I answered you back on my post, but I'm not sure if it lets you know, so I just did LOL

    Great to find you again, my friend.


  25. I adore that TRUNK~!!!! it all looks so cheerful and a bit like a world traveler who's gathered items and brought them together to mind them of the places they've been…
    I never could handle much colors but it looks good at your place.

  26. I love it! Do you spray paint those planters? I just wreck havoc when I paint anything. It is certainly not my calling. It looks so fresh and lively! I love all the plants. I just bought two new ones.

  27. I love how you've worked your room around that pretty quilt! I love the trunk painted white too. It's a nice break in the center of the room from the rest of the color. Very pretty!

  28. I'm impressed with your new BoHo look. The change of colors looks so fresh and pleasing. If I were Charlie and Abi I wouldn't sit still too long though. Hahaha.
    I hope the situation with your ears can be corrected.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  29. The quilts are beautiful and a wonderful decorating addition. I love your cottage boho look so far! So bright and lively. Also, love the colors you've chosen.. And of course, love those darling pupsters!

  30. Looks like a breath of Spring on a Winters Day! I like that you always have a picture of your pups. What would we do without them? We love our little Schnauzer, I always say he was the third child we never had. LOL

  31. How did the pupsters escape the paint brush? LOL! You've been busy! I love the way the colorful pots tie in with your quilt and all those sunshiny happy colors. A breath of fresh air!

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