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  1. I really like the new pumpkin plates! They are so festive! The whole dining table setting is beautiful! Very inviting. What time did you say lunch was? Lol! The new painting looks great in there too. My dining room table is currently decorated for Halloween. 🎃

  2. It’s a cold and rainy night here in NJ, and I just came in from taking the dog out. I was feeling chilled, and when I opened this post, I could feel the warmth and coziness oozing out of that first photo! Your dining room looks lovely, Brenda!

  3. Love your new dishes and your painting! Both are beautiful and go perfectly in your dining space.

  4. What a beautiful table to enjoy sitting down to eat at. You make dining a moment to look forward to. Love your new dishes.

  5. So cozy! Love the dining room chairs and lamps and barn picture. Beautiful!

  6. Everything looks beautiful! I love my Corelle all white plates with a raised edge trim. Love the cake stand and new plates. Have a good evening.

  7. I was wondering if you can at least use some of the cost of the plates and other decorative pieces on your taxes. Your blog is your business. And you do you them in your blog. Maybe it is something to look into. That would be so nice if you could.
    Everything looks so nice. Always so relaxing. WOW! I really used great wording in my comment! No structure at all. Lol

  8. Seasonal decorating is my absolute favorite. I particulary love place settings and accent plates in seasonal patterns. Autumn/Thanksgiving and Christmas motifs are easy to find, but I struggle a bit to find Spring and Summer decor. I’ve got a few Easter items, but I don’t think that substitutes for all of Spring. And Summer? I have nothing. That’s OK I guess, because Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year is plenty.

  9. That is so pretty & welcoming! Beautiful plates just waiting for a slice of pumpkin cake.

    I love the barn painting, too. I am almost packed & move tomorrow. Boy, am I exhausted & stressed!

    Looking forward to autumn days! I will be in a good dark sky area & want to stargaze from my zero gravity chair.

    It’s very dry so the fall leaves may not be as showy this year. They usually don’t fully turn until November though.

    I’m glad to hear you are able to walk some. I am having leg weakness & turn 60 next month. I think I need to just get more active (my pandemic laziness has held on toooo long). I am generally healthy so it’s been concerning.

    Give Ivy a pet from me – I’m definitely one of her fans 🙂 Hoping to adopt one of my own in the new year.

  10. I love the use of mixed napkins – they all coordinate beautifully together with the plates and the stained texture and color of the table and chairs. The barn in the country art is beautiful. It reminds me of summers spent out in the country with my paternal grandparents. Now I’m older than either of them were when the passed away in the early 1960s. Wow. This time of year I start getting sentimental, and already getting enthusiastic about this year’s Christmas tree decorations. I bought a bunch of “nature-woodsy” oriented ornaments last year after the season ended and I got such good deals. And this afternoon when I checked my mail box in it was the annual orange flyer from a neighborhood organizer about our subdivision’s annual nighttime Halloween day and hours. I’m going to have to start buying candy, I haven’t wanted to turn my brain to that yet because I am already missing summer – although the rest of this week we will be getting nice warm and sunny days. I get a lot of kids coming through for our neighborhood nighttime Halloween, and I expect this year will be even more than last year. We didn’t have a Halloween in 2020 because of how bad the pandemic was. Last year I stayed outside at a table with pre-bagged goodies for the kids who came through. I may do the same this year, weather permitting. It was fun to have candle lanterns lit all around me and seeing the young couple next store doing their first Halloween in their new home – the REALLY decorated their place up! I am looking forward to seeing what you do in the living room and with the new classic looking wood burning stove. I love this time of year so much, and it looks to be a more typical autumn for SE Wisconsin, as the leaves are already turning colors on the trees although the avalanche of endless raking hasn’t begun yet.

  11. So pretty,Brenda! I love this simpler, calm style. And the chairs are exactly right!

  12. Your table looks so pretty with the autumn plates, and the pumpkins on the centerpiece just sets everything off. I love the barn painting.

  13. Oh I agree!!!! I love lovely dishes but food does look best on white ones!! The ones I use every day were $.99 each at Goodwill. Your table looks lovely! What lovely autumnal pictures.

  14. The plates are really cute for the season. And I really like the painting. Everything looks good together. I’m a fan of the color green, so like what you’ve used in that respect. The room looks great!

  15. Makes you say awwww….Looks so good…love the barn painting…💕

  16. Everything is so cozy! Your lovely new dining chairs ground the space with style and comfort. And yesssss to the mixed napkins!

  17. Love the dining room chairs. They are so classy looking. Your salad plates too. I like how you placed the extra plate under your little pumpkins. Fits on the plate stand so nicely.
    And, I didn’t forget your napkins. Having two different patterns, couldn’t have turned out better.
    Your home is warm and cozy for sure. Perfection and Lovely, Brenda.

  18. I love the new plates Brenda! Just a little something extra that makes it different to change the mood. Plus it gives u a bit of a pick me up too! Whenever I change out my decor it makes me feel better too!

  19. The Autumn plates paired with the white plates look stunning. I love that you mixed the two napkins. Everything is very appealing and beautiful, Brenda.

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