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  1. That photo of your grandson is so cute…I love watch my grandchildren simply playing in the sand. I loved the sand as a child, too! The book sounds like a good one. I’ve been wanting to read the Little House series from the beginning again, too, as I last read them many years ago.

  2. Oh Brenda, I saw that book and almost took it home. I loved Little House on the Prairie – still watch a rerun now and then just to bring back that joy. Let us know what you think of it, I might just order on amazon.

    Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red. They have been more abundant in my yard since I added orange honeysuckle and trumpet vine.

    1. I know they love red and other bright colors like purple and orange. I have all of those colors in my garden. I would like to have honeysuckle next year.

  3. Here in central Va, we have both dragon flies and damsel flies. They and lightening bugs have been plentiful this summer

    1. I’m going to have to do some reading on dragonflies and damsel flies in OK. I haven’t seen many lightning bugs this summer.

  4. I loved the Little House series, and read the books as well. Simple times, but hard times too. They really make you stop and reflect on what truly matters.

    1. I know reading it will make me more appreciative of the ease of things now.

  5. This past weekend we were kayaking on a lake in Central Kentucky and saw orange or rust dragonflies. In all of our years in this area, seeing lots of dragonflies, we had never seen orange ones. They were so delicate and fairly small, and zipped around just above the water so quickly. I’ve looked for them online, and we might have been seeing the Eastern Amberwing. I do love dragonflies, and also damselflies, which are a bit different in wing and eye placement and body shape. I’m glad you got to see a dragonfly in your garden.
    I liked the Little House books. My sister just turned 60, and to this day, if she has a cold or flu and is confined inside for several days, she will binge watch the entire Little House TV series! I am not quite that devoted. I would choose to watch all the various film versions of Jane Austen’s books, particularly the version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth, if I was confined for such a long time.

    1. I got some great photos of an orange dragonfly while I lived in Texas. It was probably attracted to my pond.

  6. I am sure you now that certain plants attract hummingbirds. Maybe you could give them a try next year to attract them. They are fun to watch!

    1. Oh, I always plant for wildlife. I just don’t always see them in my garden.

  7. Brenda, I love when you post pics of Andrew–he is gorgeous thank you for sharring


    1. I look forward to having Andrew tell me all about his big adventure.

    1. From what I’ve seen on my daughter’s account each day on FB, he is having a blast. They were thinking of taking him someplace like Disney World, etc. But you just end up standing in line, which Andrew nor any small child likes to do. Better that they planned a nice week in a condo with him and just let him explore.

  8. LOVE Little House on the Prairie. This book is on my list to read! Beautiful dragonfly & morning glory and it looks like I’d love to join Andrew on the beach! The sand looks so clean and as one who is from AZ I am coveting the smell of the beach air!

    1. I haven’t been to any beach in many years. I’m glad Andrew got to go see that huge span of water and play in the sand.

  9. I have many dragonflies in my garden – they are so beautiful and peaceful, aren’t they? There was one lying dead on my garage floor the other day, I don’t know what happened to him – he probably got trapped in the garage and the heat got to him, poor thing. That book sounds great, I added it to my wishlist!

    1. You are lucky to have those dragonflies, Debbie! I just love to photograph them. It is one of the highlights of this summer for me to have gotten that shot.

  10. Brenda, we live very close to the coast of North Carolina ( about 30 miles) and always have Dragonflies in the summer. But I have never seen as many of them as there are this summer. They are so much fun to watch. Maybe we have so many this year because I planted a rather large flower garden. In the late summer or early autumn we will have many butterflies. Enjoy Nature; it’s precious.

    1. I always plant many flowers and herbs that attract all kinds of wildlife, but butterflies are usually all that I see.

  11. I am amazed that you were able to get that picture of the dragonfly… how pretty !! And … love… love… the picture of your grandson by the ocean !!! Precious !!

    1. It wasn’t hard to get a photo. That dragonfly was completely still for some minutes.

  12. Yes, I love to watch “Little House”….. I’ll probably have to read that book too, I am sure that I would enjoy it. I am surprised too, that you haven’t seen a humming bird out on your patio. Maybe you could put up a Hummingbird feeder for them. Pick up a cheap little feeder, some sugar water and hang in among your plants. You have a very private, wonderful little haven out there. Love the picture of Andrew so content playing in the sand. Have a wonderful day & stay cool…

    1. The only reason I haven’t put up a hummingbird feeder is because there is a real problem with ants out there. And I’m afraid the sugar water would attract them even more. I’m NOT letting them onto my patio to put chemicals again. That happened shortly before Abi died, though everyone felt that was not what made her so sick. Still not happening again.

      1. Something I discovered that really works well to keep ants from the sugar water is to put some Vaseline along the wire that the feeder hangs on…a few ants will try it…but the message gets back to the rest pretty quickly.

  13. I read that book a few months ago and really enjoyed it. As you said, just appreciating what had to be done in those times to keep a house is amazing. Since I read it, now when I “throw a load of clothes in” or empty the dishwasher, run the vacuum, turn on an electrical appliance, or call and talk to a friend or family member, I think of what we have and how very much we take for granted. It was definitely a very interesting read. Yes, when my daughter was a little girl, we used to love to watch Little House!!

    1. I know I’ll be thinking the same thing as I read it. I just wish smart phones had never been invented. I’m so sick of hearing them ring and people talk on them out in public and texting and having car wrecks. Can you imagine how you’d feel having killed someone because you were texting?

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