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  1. Love the photo of your morning glory, it is very pretty. I have the same color sweet potato vine but it is not blooming. It may just be too darned hot already! Love and hugs!

  2. I love morning glories but haven’t had any since we’ve been at our current location. I bought a pack once that had different colors in it and I got a kick out of all the difference combinations of blue, pink and white. Isn’t it funny how cats like to sit in boxes? As for cats and water, I sometimes call our smallest cat Aqua Man or Aqua Cat because he is so fascinated with water. I have to put him in the bedroom and close the door when I wash dishes because he has gotten to be such a nuisance. I will have to try Susie D’s trick and put him in the bathtub with a little trickle of water!

  3. I love Morning Glories, Brenda, they are lovely. We can’t find them in our area as plants, only seeds. Ours take their time to grow, we don’t usually get blooms until August…

  4. Ivy is so funny with all of her hi-jinx. Years ago my Mom’s white mostly Persian cat was fascinated with playing in water, so Mom used to leave the water on in the tub just enough so a little trickle would come out. That cat would entertain himself playing in that trickle of water for long stretches of time. He liked to play by standing on top of the tub by the faucet and then after a while he would usually jump down in the tub and manage to get his big furry self all wet. She kept a big bath towel on the foot of her bed for him to roll around on and lick himself dry. I wonder why some cats love water so much and others absolutely hate it.

    Your morning glory is very pretty. My favorite morning glory is the Heavenly Blue one. I had success in growing it one year and it was gorgeous. It had big flowers in that sky blue color. It grew up the front of the house and on the awning supports. It looked so pretty on our little 1950’s (sort of) Cape Cod style (in Missouri) house. I have never been able to grow another Heavenly Blue because two or three different times my husband managed to get a smidge too close with the weed whacker. Another time the vine got about 5 inches tall and just shriveled up and died.
    I always enjoy reading about Charlie and Miss Ivy’s antics.

  5. I can’t ever get this type of seed to grow, either…now I know I’m in excellent company!

  6. Messing with the water is a very common cat theme,they love the fresh water when it’s running….if you ever figure it out,let me know?

  7. My morning glory does not produce seed. It can only be grown from cuttings. Yours are lovely as always . I

  8. Good morning! (Glory)
    If you want to purposely grow these little beauties maybe this little trick will help.
    At the end of each year I gather all my seeds ( all 2 million of them) and leave them for several weeks in an old bowl uncovered to dry. After I have almost forgotten about them I put them in old pill bottles for the winter. Now here’s the trick. When I’m ready to grow them I Do Not nick them. But I put them in a bowl, cover with water and leave them for about 2 days. Let them sprout. After they sprout you can gently plant them.
    Happy growing
    Blessings to you

  9. My first Morning Glories came out yesterday here in Pennsylvania. They too are volunteers. Their name is Grandpa Ott. So lovely, aren’t they?
    I used to have the Heavenly Blues at my old house – they are the most beautiful of all, I think. It’s iffy, growing them from seeds. I would buy a plant or two at the garden center and they did very well. They are late bloomers but well worth the wait.
    Enjoy your pretty garden and sweet pets.

  10. The color of the morning glory flower is just beautiful. My garden now needs constant watering in this hot dry Florida heat. We had a good bit of rain last week but none this week. Hopefully the remaining tomatoes will hang in there and make it to maturity.

    The escapades of Ivy would make for a great kid’s book (of course us adults would love reading it too).

  11. I laugh reading about Ivy and her crazy antics!! I have the same morning glories…I love them, but yes they reseed like mad! I pull out a million seedlings every summer, letting a few stay in places where they can climb to their heart’s content!

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