If you’ve ever wondered why Charlie has the middle name of “Ross”, this is the story.

My best friend, who died in 2006 before I got Abi and Charlie later in 2006, was an only child and named after her father. Her name was Charlyce. Her father’s name was Charlie Ross. So it was in tribute to her.

I knew what his name was going to be even before I brought him home with me.


Charlie wakes me up in the morning, letting me know he wants to go out. Then afterward we tend to go back to bed for a little bit so I can fully wake up.

We spend a lot of time on this couch because it is where I work on my laptop. Charlie will either be on his bed on the right side of me. Or squeezed in on the left side of me.

It is rather comical to see him get into place on the left side. I always leave about a foot of space for him. But what’s funny is the way he chooses to get himself settled.

First he turns his back on the ottoman, and then he scoots himself backward into place. Once he gets going I generally lift him up and help him the rest of the way. I guess because he looks so awkward getting into his spot.


Charlie is a happy boy.

If his tummy is upset, he chomps on the pineapple sage on the patio. It is okay for him to eat this, just not in huge amounts. I watch him, so that will not happen.

I think some of his tummy upset is simply because Charlie really likes to eat. I’m sure he’s gained weight lately.

This is a boy who really likes his dog food.


He enjoys being out on the patio with me.

While I’m tending to plants, he likes to weave in and out of the pots and containers to get to the back, where he probably is catching the scent of squirrels.

If it’s a slow day and there are no squirrels to get excited about, he might chase the birds just for something to do.

I worry about him being bored because he never quite caught on to playing with dog toys. I have a big box in the closet that he won’t have a thing to do with.

When I’ll tell him it’s time to go in, he goes right inside with me.


Charlie eats his meals twice per day, and snacks on hard dog food. He eats at the same time I eat, because that’s what he prefers.

I give him about a teaspoon or so of food at a time.

As I sit at the table to eat, his plate is on the floor next to me.

Since he only has two teeth, he uses that long tongue of his to gather food into his mouth.

The food he eats is prescription food. The soft food has tiny bits of carrots in it. He always manages to leave the carrots on the plate.

In the evening, I will ask if he’s ready for what I call his “goodie.” Of course he is, but I still always say it. These are chewables of joint pain relief and the liver tablets the vet said he needed last time we were there.

Maybe the joint pain relief chewables are helping, because he hasn’t limped in a month or so. And he was having quite a bit of trouble there for awhile.

The liver tablets stink to high heaven.

I divide the soft chewables into a smaller form for him. He laps them both right up off a plate I put down for him.

If something is chewable he’s going to eat it. But he is a pain when I have to give him other types of medicine.

Lately he’s been having allergy problems and has been coughing a lot. So I give him children’s liquid allergy medicine with a little dropper the vet gave me.


At night I turn the lights off and start singing the little song to him that I made up after Abi died. I pet him while I sing and he seems comforted. It is our nightly ritual.

My Charlie is a sweet boy. He will be 12 on September 18. Oddly enough, that date was my best friend’s birthday. The friend he is named for.

I was so surprised when I found out that his birthday was the very same day that I cried right then and there.

She had been gone since May and this was just before the end of the year. What are the odds that they would have the exact same birthday?

Charlie may be a senior now, but he will always be my baby. And he is very, very much loved.

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  1. My best friend for over 60 years, since we were in junior high school, is named Charlie…Charles after her dad who was a test pilot during WWII and died shortly before she was born.

    1. Maybe my friend’s mother thought Charlie wasn’t feminine enough. She took Char and added lyce. I like both names myself.

  2. I loved hearing about a day in the life of Charlie. Made me laugh when you said he leaves his carrots. So does my Boxer/ Lab mix. Her name is Darling Dolly Dog Dobson… at the vets. At home she is Dolly Dog and a better companion never found me. She was a stray who happened into my yard and decided to stay. She’s fifteen now and I pray every day that I get to keep her much longer. When I say thank you to God for what I’m grateful for every night, I always have her at the top of the list.

    1. I’m so glad you have your Dolly Dog. Sounds like she was sent right to your door. With what I know now, I should have never married and just had dogs. There was a book I read a few years ago. I’ll have to try to remember the name and the author. She wrote about how she was so much happier sleeping with a bed full of dogs rather than a man.

  3. What a sweet tribute to Mr. Charlie Ross. I enjoyed hearing about your little rituals together and Charlie’s various quirks, like backing onto the couch. How funny!

    My daughter came with her two little boys and their boxer named Bently. It was nice having a dog in the house again. I can’t help myself from looking at the puppy ads in the Sunday paper. Sometimes I just get so sad missing my Tavi. I tell myself to just be patient and if I’m to have another dog, one will come to me and the situation will be right. Not always easy to buy it, though.

    So glad you and Charlie are doing okay. So glad you have each other. Sending Charlie Ross a pat or two and a hug for you, Brenda.

    1. There are so many homeless dogs waiting for someone to take them home and love them. If I didn’t live in an apartment, I’d get another dog at some point. But with my situation, I will probably get a cat. Charlie has his little quirks just like I do. It’s really hilarious to watch his fat little body (he’s eating like a pig) scoot himself backward to place.

  4. Brenda, hope you don’t mind me asking, but how did your bf die? She must have been well loved having a school named after her.
    I hope you and Charlie are having a great day!

    1. She had a stroke and died a few weeks later. I drove from TX back to OK and laid in her hospice bed with her once I got there. She died a few hours later. I was glad I got there in time to say goodbye. She couldn’t talk, but I talked to her. She also has an outdoor section with a bench on the University of Oklahoma campus named after her.

  5. Charlie is ever so handsome and what a little guy he is in your life. Brenda I am so glad you have this guy to keep you company and be a big part of your life. I know you miss Abi but am so glad that Charlie is doing great. He has the sweetest little face.

    1. I do miss her so much. But Charlie is here to be my companion. I tell him it’s him and me against the world.

  6. Thank you for sharing Charlie’s story! I give Benydryl to Dixie, my Yorkie mix, in a blob of cream cheese. She loves it! Have a nice evening, from Crystal & Dixie

    1. He might like it better if he could have the cheese with it. But he can’t have treats like that. He gets pancreatitis easily so I must be very careful what he eats.

  7. Charlie Ross seems to be thriving after Abis passing,he is a cutie!
    My furkids are kitties and we have our routines as well,they dont like waiting on their breakfast much past 7,even though there’s always dry food.
    We also have a cat tree and a bucket of toys that collect dust,apparently its much more fun to scratch things we shouldn’t, lol
    They’re my little loves and they keep me company and give me laughs with their shenanigans.

    1. I do enjoy watching cats. Throw a box of any size down and they will manage to squeeze inside it. At least the ones I’ve had did that.

  8. Brenda, this is a great post about Charlie’s life and background. These are great new pics of him, too. News on your home front is always interesting and your photos make it even more so.

  9. Handsome Charlie-boy. He is really thriving being the Only Dog. My dog, Zoe, I’ve had since she was 8 weeks old (she’s 13 now) and she has never figured out “playing.” Just a different personality, I guess.

    1. I guess so. Abi really didn’t play either. But she loved chewing bones. Charlie never did that even when he had teeth.

  10. Just loved reading this post on Charlie’s life with you. He is so cute and such a good boy. My little dog doesn’t play much with toys either but loves rolling around with his fleece blanket and burying in it which is just as funny and play time for him.

    1. Charlie doesn’t even bark when he wants out. He might groan. Or he will just stand about 3-4 feet from me and stare at me intently.


  12. Charlie boy is just too cute and adorable for words! Animals are just a joy and I just love the little routines that have. My Molly doesn’t play with toys either but she does follow me around the house, like a little shadow. To get Molly to eat her monthly flea/tick pill I have to break it into small pieces and wrap it in cheese, she is a cheese-monger and somewhat spoiled! I think you have sent the rain to Atlanta, as the forecast is for rain all week and so far, it’s accurate. Have a great afternoon you two.
    Carol and Molly

    1. Charlie would think he’d gone to heaven if he could have a piece of cheese. He’s been on a restricted died since he was a puppy.

  13. A day in the life of Charlie is pretty darn nice. It’s interesting that he shares the same birthdate with your best friend. I’m glad he’s a good and comforting companion for you and you for him. ♥️

  14. Loved hearing about ChRlie Ross. And what a beautiful tribute to her. It is ironic that often dates coincide or incidents as to how we come upon our pets. Two mths after Don, my husband, died I saw the local shelter was inundated with 150 dogs n cats. And I started looking thru them to come upon this breed we used to have. In fact we had two of them and Don loved them. I did not news another dog. I was down to two and happy but this dog caught my eye. Off we went to see him. Two other women were visiting w him when we got there and I thought they’d take him he’d been there a week already but they walked away. So we went in and I told my daughter to go call him over to her. He came immediately. That was it. He came home w us. We named him Eddie, my husband’s middle name was Ed.ward. We love him to pieces and he helps heal our hearts. Let me tell you Eddie is as much of a. character as my husband was!! Love Charlie’s picture under the blanket.

  15. Thank you for telling the story of Charlie and especially about is days! I smiled reading the entire post. And, a bonus is all the great pictures! I just want to reach out and pet him. He’s clearly a special boy.
    My poms don’t play with toys either; they do like to play peek-a-boo with their blankie. We do that after supper.
    Have a wonderful day, Brenda and Charlie!

  16. Charlie you are a sweetie. His little face makes me smile! What a wonderful tribute to your friend to name Charlie after her. She must have been very special.

    Have a wonderful day you two!

    1. She was special. She was an educator and taught many teachers. There is now a school in the Philippines named after her. Her daughter in law was born there.

  17. Your Charlie is prescious!!!!! I can see why he is such good company. I have a Chipom and she is my life. I live alone so she gets all the love, attention and food any pup could ask for.

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