The State Of My Garden June 27, 2020

I will be eating cucumbers from my garden soon.

It has surprised me that the cucumber plant that grew from a seed looks so much better and healthier than the plant I bought at the nursery.

The cucumbers on the plant from seed have bigger cucumbers growing on it as well.

The leaves are huge. They are about a foot wide. I’ve scooted other plants over by the cucumber plant so the big leaves will help shade them from the sun.

The peppers are quite tasty too. They’re not hot peppers, thank goodness.

Last night I ate a simple supper (wild rice, beans and corn) and added some cherry tomatoes and a pepper from my garden.

I took a plastic baggy of fresh veggies over to Kendra’s house for them to enjoy a few days ago.

I have dozens of cherry tomatoes growing and ripening each day. Last year my tomato plant (not a cherry tomato) fizzled out before I got to eat one tomato.

I’m going to make a note of how well the cherry tomatoes have done and get one next year. I will look for seeds next time though.

I have honeybees. This is the first year I recall seeing honeybees in my garden.

Did you know that Oklahoma designated the honeybee as the official state insect in 1992?

The honeybee is recognized as an official state symbol in twenty states, primarily because honeybees play such an important role in agriculture.

Honey bees are super-important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables.

The honeybees love to burrow into the middle of the daisies and zinnias.

I have all kinds of moths and butterflies. Occasionally I see a blue dragonfly, but I haven’t been able to get a photo of it yet. The birds are proving illusive too.

I have zinnias growing at various heights.

When I thinned them out when the plants were just a few inches tall, I took the seedlings I pulled out and moved them without much thought into various pots and the raised bed. Wherever I had room.

And I’ll leave you today with a token photos of the pet babies.

I wonder what Charlie is thinking as he gazes toward the patio door?

Ivy looks snug as a bug in a rug. Whatever did she do before I ordered her this sturdy cat tower?

Just wish I had gotten her one sooner.

I recall trying to pick one out for her. I knew which company I wanted to order from, because they used wood instead of cardboard.

I just didn’t know which one she would get the most pleasure out of. And since they’re over $100, I wanted to pick wisely. I debated for weeks before I chose one.

I need not have worried about this one. She adores it and spends most of her time in and on it and jumping through it. I think she’s maybe lost a little bit of weight from all the exercise too.


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  1. Just discovered your story on Pinterest and thought I would like to find out what you are currently up to since this is an old posting. Berta

  2. There’s nothing better than eating a cherry tomato right off the vine… that initial pop is everything that’s good about summer. Funny thing though, I don’t like them whole in salads. I always cut them in half so I can get all the taste at one time.

  3. Your plants are looking wonderful! I can’t believe those peppers aren’t hot – they sure look like they would be! Do you know what kind they are? I can’t wait until we get tomatoes. We’re still a few weeks behind you.

  4. Lovely garden…glad you found that seeds are better…maybe a business tries to save money more and thus buys the cheaper seeds?? I think the zinnias are beautiful…glad they are doing well. Cherry tomatoes are indeed a wonder…you can hardly kill them off!!

  5. Where did you order Ivy’s tower from? Do you remember which model it is? I think my cats would love one and I like that it is so sturdy. Thanks!

  6. You are so right! Bees are important, very important. What will we do without them? I just wish more countries would outlaw those pesticides that are killing them off in alarming numbers. I planted a container with wildflower seeds this year and as they’ve started blooming, the bees are buzzing around enjoying the bounty. It’s a nice sight to see! Your garden photos are so lovely and the pet babies, so very cute! I hope you’re eating some of that basil, too. It’s delicious snipped and sprinkled over a Caprese salad of sliced mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, with a bit of olive oil. Have a very nice weekend!

  7. Yesterday, when I was weeding the Hosta and Lily of the Valley garden, One fat bumble bee paid me a visit. This is only the second time I have seen one this year, and it made me so happy. I am so afraid we are going to lose them. Years ago, they would be all over my flowers. They are such a gentle creature. Well, anyway, one is a start…I’ve had several dragon flies, they seem to enjoy the fountains and my purple petunias. The pictures of Charlie and Ivy are always a delight. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could read their minds? Well, maybe (grin)…Hugs from hot sunny 83 degrees, WI.

  8. oh my gosh. those are always such adorable little furries. they’re simply wonderful.
    I never grow tired of seeing their pictures! xo

  9. I always had better luck with cherry tomatoes than regular ones! I had one come up every year as a volunteer. Maybe yours will come up next year too!

  10. Wow. Everything is looking lovely Brenda! Cucumbers are popular in our house! Especially on sandwiches.

    The pet babies are enjoying summer. Ivy is a gorgeous gal. Charlie looks really good! You take care of them both so well.

    Dinner described sounds yummy! Love those combos.
    We’ve been cooking very simple all month. Easy go meals.

    Enjoy the weekend 😃

  11. It has been a dismal year for my outdoor plants. We have lots of honey bees and they have been increasing in number over the past 4 yrs. we have been planting shrubs and blooming plants to attract them as well as butterflies and hummingbirds and it is paying off in that respect.

    The heat and excess rain we have recently had has veggie plants and flowers looking awful. Japanese beetles wiped out my morning glory and moonflower plants in 24 hrs! I’ve never seen anything like this growing season before.

    Charlie looks like such a distinguished gentleman and Ivy is displaying the definition of contentment!

  12. Brenda, have you thought about keeping a journal each year of your plants that have done well or not, and what seeds or plants to order next season?

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