Red & White Plant Stand Vignette

Today I put together a red and white vignette in my usual plant stand. I’ve decorated this plant stand a number of times in various ways.

When I purchased this green plant stand at the garden nursery a few years ago, I planned to just put plants in it. I mean, that’s what it’s for.

In this Red & White Plant Stand Vignette, I used faux plants and various other decor.

But then, as with all best-laid plans, I got steered in another direction. And it became one of my favorite spots to create vignettes.

Faux Plants In Red & White Plant Stand Vignette:

This time I used all faux plants, as I can’t lift a house plant with one hand while riding on my knee scooter. I fear a real mess if I try. Faux plants are lightweight and can be moved and rearranged easily.

I put a one-tiered cake stand inside it toward the back. I haven’t done that before with this plant stand used for vignettes. But it elevated some of the decor in there, and this provided the room I needed.

Vignette in a plant stand

I’m also using some of the red and white transferware I prize like nuggets of gold. And a vintage Mason jar full of wine corks.

I actually bought the jar years ago at the antique mall with the wine corks already in it. And I’ve never taken them out.

Using Mason Jars In Vignettes:

In keeping with the taller Mason jar, I used another jar with vintage clothes pins inside.

I also used the red and white stars I ordered from an Etsy shop for patriotic decor on July 4. It was a set of red, white and blue stars, but I just wanted to use the red and white ones for this vignette.

In this Red & White Plant Stand Vignette, I used two Mason jars for decor.

I like to use greenery to soften the angles of other types of decor. Otherwise, the vignette would not look “filled in.” There would be gaps.

House plants, real or faux, can be used in decorating in so many ways.

What I Used:

  • A tiered cake stand
  • Faux plants
  • Wooden stars
  • Mason jar with wine corks
  • Mason jar with vintage clothes pins
  • Red & white transferware
In this Red & White Plant Stand Vignette, I used my transferware dish

Fall Is A Few Months Away:

I’m already thinking about using this plant stand for a fall vignette. It’s so terribly hot right now it doesn’t seem like fall weather will ever arrive. It might be months, but it will eventually get here.

I do believe I have a brown and white transferware plate I might use in that one. For some reason, plates have always been my go-to choice for vignettes in this plant stand.

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Red and white vignette

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  1. First of all, beautiful vignette. I pinned it. Secondly, a broken water pipe? Really? That’s just what you need! That would be stressful under normal circumstances, but you’re trying to heal! Please be careful. You don’t need to trip and fall with that mess going on. I like the fact that maintenance is on top of things though. BIG improvement over your last place! And thirdly, if I hung out out clothes and sheets to dry, either they’d get covered in pollen or it’d rain. Lol. It sounds lovely though.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I really like this arrangement; I also am a lover of transferware. I have a table with a glass top with the same green finish as your plant stand. I bought it at a Marshall’s in Portland, Oregon while waiting for my husband to fly in from Shanghai. It’s one of my best purchases ever.
    I’m horrified about your broken pipe and mess with the water damage. Did they shutoff your water under the kitchen sink? I hope apartment maintenance is diligent about drying the floors and sub floors. I had a toilet supply waterline break while I was gone one Christmas and it did thousands of dollars of damage resulting in a bath remodel. It took over three months to put my house back in order! All kinds of work crews coming and going at all times of the day and early evening! Nightmare city!
    I hope you feel better.

  3. The humidity is what makes me feel sick too! Hopefully it will get cooler soon for everyone! Stay cool everybody!

  4. Love the display. The stand gives it nice height. Sorry about the pipe. Always something sometimes. My ac went out in 95+ weather last week. Took a week before they could come.Ended up having to spend 9 grand on new combo of ac/furnance. Guess should be grateful it lasted 24 years!

  5. It is amazing how realistic faux plants look. I have several in my house, a large tree and several arrangements in crocks. I think the room would look “naked” without them.

    Love how you arranged your vignette. Your plants really do look real. As for the red transferware, well that just goes without saying..but, I’ll say again, Love .
    Sending Hugs from WI, hope you are feeling well this weekend.

    1. As of this morning, there is a break in a hot water pipe under my kitchen floor. Will have to take hot showers. No one will be coming in till Monday. Guy just put a fan down to try to dry the dining room carpet. Might have to jackhammer the concrete, he said.

      1. Oh no Brenda! A broken pipe is all you need. Did it remind you of the old apartment?

        1. Hi Joyce! I hope u will have a speedy recovery after your operation last week! Keeping u in my thoughts and prayers!

          1. Thank you so much J. That’s very kind of you. I was supposed to come home the same day as surgery, but I was sick from the anesthesia so they kept me overnight. I got home yesterday and I am much better today.

  6. That is a lovely vignette. I’ve always liked that plant stand. It is so versatile.

    I’m having my first cataract surgery on Monday. Can’t wait. Glad they are being done before fall and it gets dark earlier.

    Sorry about your heat. We aren’t having it too bad out here in So Cal.

  7. Another Gold medal winner, Brenda. It’s stunning and beautiful. You have such an eye for putting things together. Adding the cake stand was pure genius.
    Enjoy your Saturday and stay cool.

  8. I love it and I’ll pin it. At first I thought there were 2 plant stands, but then I kept reading and saw the plate stand or cake plate. What a great idea!

  9. You have such an eye for decor. It looks great and I’m glad you feel like puttering, as my husband calls it. I loved the vintage clothes pins. I try to hang out clothes as much as I can. There is something relaxing hanging then seeing the clothes blow in the wind. The smell and feel of clean sheets on the bed is a simple pleasure many unfortunately do not know. Pinterest is already sending out pumpkins ideas to craft. September 1st my Fall wreath goes on the front door! Looking forward to Fall especially with the hot temperatures we are having. Stay cool and have a good weekend!

    1. I like to hang my bed sheets on the line outside too! I also love to look at them blowing in the wind and,boy,do they smell good!

      1. I too hang out my clothes! Nothing like a jar of clothespins to transport us back to simpler times and how good fresh dried clothes from outside smelled.
        Glad you are occupied in your wonderful place, Brenda. Our spaces are our havens to keep us safe and rearranging as we enjoy looking at what we create.

  10. The vignette looks beautiful! It seems to be hot all over the country. Thank goodness we have air conditioning!

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