It is a peaceful quiet Saturday morning. Ivy is taking her morning nap on the couch and Charlie is taking his, per usual, on the end of the recliner.

We’ve been outside to take photos this morning.

I notice the air is just a bit cooler early in the morning and in the evening, which I welcome.

Yesterday Charlie and I went over to check out the status of Kendra’s flip house.

The new bedroom and bath has been poured and the frame has been built. The laundry room has been added.

We discussed little nooks and crannies of spaces this addition brought about and what they might be used for.

Next she will build a deck.

We couldn’t see out to the backyard because she’s covered the windows with plywood. In case there’s another break in.

She will have to update the air conditioning system to cover the additional square footage. Which I think she’s putting in the attic.

Now you can picture a couple or family inhabiting the rooms. Living their lives in a house my daughter lovingly renovated.

We are both homebodies to the core.

I decorate rooms. And she creates the rooms to be decorated.

This is Ivy’s I’m-about-to-get-into-mischief look. No telling what will happen in the next few minutes.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. BRENDA, I just looked (online) at a house in Bluffton, S.C. that is on the market for over 5 million dollars. I cannot tell you how much I prefer your little home. It looks so much like a real home with you and your precious pets. Never quit blogging, PLEASE.

  2. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I love how you’re used different patterns so expertly… they all go together very well and that’s not always easy to do. Your curtains, quilt and pillows and your curtains all go great with each other. Does Kendra “stage” her homes before selling them? I really didn’t know that people do this until recently since I’m watching a lot more HGTV. Apparently these “flippers” say it brings in a better selling price but it’s so EXPENSIVE to have it done. Personally, I think it’s a waste of money. But, I’m not in the business. I’m wondering if this is just a thing they do for TV so they can show the finished product to people watching?
    Have a great holiday weekend.

  3. Dear Brenda,
    what a homey, happy room! Of course the rest of your home is just as appealing. It’s terrible that your daughter’s flip house was broke into! She might want to put cameras around for security purposes.
    Glad that Charlie is feeling better! Oh that Ivy, such a impy face. I love your pics of Ivy sleeping and lounging on that awesome cat tower.
    Wonderful weekend to you and the fur kidlets…

  4. Hey Brenda,
    I love the new look of your bedroom. Are the gold pillows a new addition as well? Since seeing your bedroom all put together, I’m so tempted to order your quilt set. If I remember correctly, you gave us the link, and it was from amazon. Are you set up to be an amazon affiliate, did I say that right. I agree with your statement, you do decorate rooms, extraordinarily well.
    All for now

    1. I ordered it Mary! Got the twin size on eBay for $39.99. Other sizes available when I looked. Excited to refresh my decor for fall!

  5. Wow Kendra really puts her all into those houses. It is sounding wonderful and I can’t wait to see pics. So happy to hear Charlie is better. As for Ivy just gotta love those mischievous little scamps.

  6. Your mystery plant reminds me of the little low growing wild flowers that we called ‘winde’ or ‘haagwinde’ in Holland. They never seemed to grow up, always stayed low in poor soil along roadways and paths. Try googling ‘images haagwinde’, and you’ll get hundreds of lovely pictures of flowers just like yours.

  7. Your home is so cozy!! I love when you post pictures! So thankful Charlie is holding his own for now..The cooler mornings and evenings are such a welcome treat!! Enjoy your quiet labor day weekend! Blessings….

  8. after 3 more days of heat and high humidity we’re supposed to have a cold front! highs in the 40’s! it’s that yo-yo time of year.
    I always love the Fall and just feel healthier in the cooler weather!
    and I’m so happy about Charlie. hoping you all have a wonderful holiday. xo

  9. Have a great Labor Day weekend. It sounds like the cooling weather has helped Charlie. Your daughter may end up with her own show on HGTV one day, who knows. I admire people who have the skills to do the kinds of things she does. I’ve watched them on Youtube too – so many creative and talented people out there in the world, it never ceases to amaze and delight me. The weather here for the last 4 days has been cooler and the air much drier. What a positive difference it makes in terms of my energy level. I will be going out in a bit to putter around the yard and sit in my Shezebo. It’s been extremely windy along with the better weather for the past 3 days, but today it’s more calm, so I’ll be able to sit and read or watch shows on my laptop outdoors without constantly fighting the blowing curtains and bug screening off.

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