I was not going to let my flowers die in this heat if I could help it. So yesterday I went out on the patio and moved those big pots over by the French door so they would get a bit of afternoon shade.

I rested every few minutes, fearing I’d hurt my ankle. But it was fine. I iced and elevated it just as a precaution.

I guess weeks of physical therapy and doing home exercises has helped a lot. This therapist always seems to be able to get me back in business. It doesn’t hurt much when I drive now and a week ago it did. So that’s more progress.

So much work goes into the planting and tending and nurturing of plants that I was going to do whatever I could to get the brutal day sun off of them at least part of the day.

I’m pretty sure my tomatoes and cucumbers have about bit the dust.

I had wonderful tasty cucumbers last year and I’m disappointed about that. But you can’t fight the weather.

I feel sorry for farmers who so depend on their crops.

After the success with this year’s zinnias I planted from seed I think I may just order more of them next year. Oddly enough, though zinnias are usually easy to start from seed, I was never very successful at it.

So note to myself for next year: order zinnia and cosmos seeds. When everything else out there looks wilted and sad, those zinnias are still perky.

You can see where I had the pots in the middle of the patio. That was all day sun there. The plants were beautiful from April till June.

I’d at least like to get through August without the heat killing my garden.

And this is going out 2-3 times a day to give the plants a drink! But then it is a hot cement patio.

If I need to constantly check on them to keep them alive, then I’ll do my best to do that.

Ivy has been on a tear this morning. She is making weird cat noises she normally doesn’t make.

She’s been on the table next to my chair while I type and aggravated me half to death sticking her head in my way to get petted. I tell her to just wait till I’ve finished and I’ll pet her all she wants. But a cat is a cat and that is that.

The past few days she has swiped toilet paper and paper towels and torn them to bits as though she’s making nests. I find little piles of them around the apartment.

I keep the toilet paper roll wrapped up pretty tight. But I’ve seen her reach up there with her claws and just claw at the bottom of the roll until she tears some loose.

I don’t know where she’s getting the paper towels. But if there are some tucked away in a chair or something, Ivy will find it.

Then there’s the furry mouse toy. I have purchased three more toys hoping she’d take to them, because the mouse I got her at Petsmart that she loved so much is nothing but a bit of fur and a piece of plastic.

Still she carries it around and ignores the other intact toys I’ve gotten for her.

I guess I’ll have to break down and go into Petsmart when I’m over that way and see if they have another one. I think it may have been on clearance though so I don’t know if I can find it again.

Just now I had to take a break for about 15 minutes because Ivy did something to my electric recliner.

I was sitting here typing away and suddenly the nearby lamp on the glass table teetered and thankfully I was able to grab it before it fell.

Then I pushed the buttons on my chair and nothing worked. So I had to move the couch, turn over the recliner, and find all the cords and worry with them until I got things fixed.

Then as soon as I sat down she reached up and grabbed at my hand with her claws.

She’s been causing trouble all morning long and even though I know I’m talking to myself and not doing a bit of good I holler: “Ivy, get out from under there! Ivy stop that right now!”

All I’m doing is scaring Charlie half to death, which I don’t mean or want to do. But a person gets aggravated.

Then after the mess with the chair I got an ice pack for my back before I sat back down and said, as I usually say: “I’m going to whip me a cat!”

Of course I don’t mean it and it doesn’t scare her, but it makes me feel a little bit better to say it. I don’t know where I got such sayings; probably from my granny.

So happy 4th of July to me with Ivy in a particularly rambunctious mood.

Oh, and I didn’t end up getting barbecue for my meal. I got a pizza instead yesterday, which will last me three days. Unfortunately, Marios, which was my favorite pizza place, just closed down.

Don’t you hate it when you find a restaurant that becomes your favorite and suddenly it’s gone?

It was a local establishment. The son who opened it some years ago died and his mother took it over. Apparently she wanted to retire.

You know, I’ve never seen a cat who could get herself in more trouble than Ivy. I recently got one of those wooden holders for my TV remote, readers and other things Ivy knocks off the table with regularity.

She is constantly putting things in those wooden slots and then trying to dig them back out. She’s probably going to eventually knock it off the table and break it. And I’ll be right back where I started.

I just looked behind me and she’s laying on that pet bed. Maybe she’ll settle down for awhile. If I wasn’t worn out before from getting up and down letting Charlie out after he had his diuretic, I sure am now.

Thank goodness for ice packs.

She’s staring up at me and I just wonder what that cat is thinking?

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  1. Ivy is such a sweet and funny cat! Are Charlie and Ivy bothered by firework noise? Makes Sophie and the granddogs quite skittish here.
    Your garden is beautiful…I quite understand why you would want to keep it alive and enjoy its beauty!

  2. She really is a pretty cat. When she gets through sowing all her wild seeds she will be a calmer cat and just lovely to have around – not that she isn’t now. Also, I love that you are letting the plants in the crack of the patio just be. A beautiful patio.

  3. Maybe we can all think hard and come up with a dlversion that will keep Ivy entertained and out o_ trouble! Does she like to watch “television”? A program involving cats, perhaps? Or maybe mice! She sure is a little busybody. Can’t think what else would stop her getting into things short o_ clearing every sur_ace in the house! I imagine that she will settle down eventually; she’s pretty young still–kittenish, that is. Meanwhile…maybe a tranquilizer. _or you, that is! (Just kidding!)

    Sorry about the toll the heat is taking on your plants. LIke Agatha above mentioned I was also thinking that elevating your plants might help as they would not be directly on the hot cement. I’d suggest bricks rather than pavers as that would provide more air circulation. Also, I was thinking you might want to get one or more wheeled pot movers or your biggest pots so they were easier to move when you need to. Just an idea.

    Well, I’ve been house-bound all day due to the heat and mosquitoes and having no energy. I don’t usually celebrate the 4th anyway. I know it was an amazing thing that those men wrote such a great constitution to base our country’s democratic system on, but…it’s just hard to celebrate when I think about what it cost the Native peoples on this continent.

    Anyway, I hope Ivy has calmed down or the evening by now and you have a pleasant rest tonight.

  4. Ivy is bored. She is doing some of the things because she knows you will react to her b/c she wants your attention. I sent you an email about a catio. Still think it is a good idea. She would not be loose outside and would love it. Many are quite inexpensive to build and I am sure Nathan could handle it. Please ask your vet about it.

  5. Oh how Ivy’s antics make me laugh. Last night little Norah was misbehaving and attacking my feet. I pick her up to give her kisses and she goes ballistic. Pay backs are you know what.

    1. I live in Florida, small backyard, I have two patio umbrellas, that helps shade my plants. I put them up in the morning and down at night. If I didn’t have them the sun would burn my plants.

  6. I have lived with cats all my life so I consider myself somewhat of an authority on them and their behavior. With Ivy getting into so much mischief I would say she’s bored. Pets need physical and mental stimulation just like dogs and children and even adults. Have you considered getting a harness for her and taking her out on your patio for short periods of time. There’s nothing like fresh air, exercise and a change of scenery to tire a pet out. Rotating their toys, just like you do with children, helps too. Hope she settles down for you as she matures.

  7. Any chance of getting a tilt umbrella for your plants? Do you have Big Lots there? They usually have decent prices on patio umbrellas.
    Oh Miss Ivy Lou. She sees her mama putting things in & out of the TV remote holder and copies her! LOL! What a little imp. Sending cuddles to both Charlie & Ivy. We’ll be home tonight too, keeping our cat company. Neighbors set off fireworks for the next several nights.
    Have a Happy 4th of July!

  8. My cat, Cleat, (I had named her Queenie, but husband named her Cleatus,) I know..right? anyway, the only thing she really does is swatting at my water bottle here next to my computer. I was afraid it would open and spill on the keyboard, so when I leave the room, I put the bottle on a tall shelf next to the desk. She loves to lay here on the desk most always, and when she does leave, she walks in front of me on the keyboard, then stands there looking at me, like a goofus. You are so right Brenda, a cat is a cat, and that is that. No matter how old, and they do slow down, they still let you know who is the boss..(grin) Happy 4th of July to you and your two lovies. Hugs from HOT 85 degrees, WI..but at least we have been having rain, so my flowers are hanging in there. Bonnie

  9. Brenda,
    Merci Kitty is my crazy little one.
    She has started to turnover the bath. basket with contents everywhere. Now I have to wrap up and dispose garbage 5-7 times a day!
    My older cat, “Baby” is fed up with the antics of the little one too!
    But the reward & joy they give is beyond measure!
    Happy 4th!

  10. Hot and humid here in northeast Florida. I just knew we were going to have some rain yesterday when the wind picked up, the sky was that beautiful dark gray, and the thunder/lightning started. But unfortunately just a few drops of rain and that was all. So today, I have been out watering my plants again. This heat sure zaps my energy.

    Ivy is quite a mischief maker but she is so pretty. One of my cats is outside asleep in the shade and the other is asleep under the bed; neither has the energy level of Ivy. Charlie looks quite content to sleep/rest the day away. Hope he is feeling better.

    Hope you have a restful Independence Day.

  11. Re: your container plants
    I have a friend who has her containers elevated on square stepping stones.
    Wonder if elevating would help with air circulation and heat?

  12. Wow, Brenda, that Ivy sure does get herself into some mischief!! I do love reading about her antics, though….even though I’m sure you get frustrated at times! That’s like my Monkey – her real name is Daisy, but she’s such a punky little monkey that just stuck with her, and none of us ever call her Daisy….anyway, she drives me crazy at times, barking her loud little head off….she wants to go out, she wants to come in, she wants to chase squirbles, she wants to chase chipmunks….she wants to lie in the sunshine, she wants to go downstairs, she wants a cookie….it goes on an on and she’s soooooo loud and so demanding! Thank God little Molly is a quiet sweet angel….I can’t imagine having two Monkeys, as much as I adore her!

  13. They can at times be like having a room full of 2 & 3 year olds!
    Buddy is my mischief maker,Bella is fairly laid back,she has a couple of favorite little mice.
    I hope you get a break from the heat and you can salvage some of your garden.
    Happy 4th!

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