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  1. I’ll warn you with allium…it spreads like wildfire and overtakes everything! It even splits off and starts appearing in places you wouldn’t want it. I highly suggest planting it in pots.

    I’ve got a lot of cooking to do with Brian working three 12-hour shifts in a row this weekend. He has to take all of his meals to work. This isn’t because of the virus; it’s the way it’s always been. He’s not allowed to leave the building. Last night I made a sheet pan dinner of kielbasa, onions, and tri-colored bell peppers; tonight I’m making a chicken – black bean enchilada casserole.

    1. I’m planting it in a pot. Thanks for telling me.

  2. Susan Anderson says:

    Sounds like you got a beautiful selection. I also gravitate to purple and yellow flowers. So pretty together ! I love Lavender, but I have such crummy luck growing it ! Can’t wait to see yours !!

    1. Purple is just so pretty in the garden. And yellow has always been a fav of mine since childhood.

  3. Oh how lovely, I’m envious – we had snow again today, that’s two days in a row in mid April – uggghh I’m over it!! Our temps are crazy cold this week, so I brought all my seedlings back in and they are in my dining room….so much for hardening them off!! Oh well, it is what it is, and I can’t change it. I’ll live vicariously through you until I can get my own garden going!

    1. But once you get going, you’ll speed past me because of all the room you have and that lovely deck!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Plants sound nice…glad you and your daughter had fun there together!! And still nice to hear you are enjoying the chef’s food…and how nice you do not need spend much time in the store too!!

    1. Yes, I’ve been very fortunate.

  5. Wow. Lots of plants Brenda! You must be very happy with everything! What does patchouli seeds look like? Or wherever it is yiu bought? Years ago, I always used Patchouli oil or cologne essense. Unsure who made it. Would love to use again. Scent us mesmerizing.
    Can’t wait to see your garden once again! Best of,,,,,,

    1. I didn’t get the seeds, and I’ve not bought it before I don’t think, so I don’t know what they look like. I’ll take a photo of the plant and show it.

  6. Very pretty flowers. The purples and lavender colors are mesmerizing. It looks like Ivy is able to get up tall enough to see through clear glass, so she must be looking at something out there – maybe things humans don’t notice. We’ve had several days of below freezing temperatures at night and my bird bath froze over and has stayed that way now for 4 or so days. I’m worried about the condition of the plants that have already popped through the earth, and now I’m sort of glad I didn’t get to clean out all of the leaf layers from all of the garden beds, at least they offer some protection to the plants. The iris looks okay so far, but no sign of any sprouts coming up on the three variegated hostas I planted underneath my large picture window out front last year. The large hostas that grow in the back are popping out, but they get more sustained exposure to sun this time of year, I am hoping that is the difference and that the rather costly hostas I planted last year didn’t die over the winter! No sign that the lavender plant is alive, and I read that I’m not supposed to clip it down, so there it stands, gray and withered looking. Geez. It was supposed to be hardy for Zone 5. Two previous lavenders I planted 2 years ago didn’t make it through the winter, either. Maybe I just have to give up on them.

    1. Priscilla says:

      Lavenders need excellent drainage. I used to plant mine in my garden beds and they always died. Then I saw a friend in zone 5 who had huge lavenders growing in rocks and sand, soil that I would never expect to support plant life. I found a patch of crummy, sandy soil and planted lavender ‘Phenomenal’ and it has survived 2 years.

      1. I always manage to kill lavender too. But I love it. Maybe it would grow in my big piece of driftwood!

    2. I may have to give up on lavender too. Doesn’t your birdbath freeze and crack? That’s what happened to both mine and Kendra’s. I learned a few years ago and she’s just learning and birdbaths aren’t cheap!

  7. I am glad you got such a nice and interesting selection of plants. I just put patchouli in my diffuser and love the smell. I don’t ever remember seeing it to buy as a herb. You must post a picture of the Goldilocks rocks, that is a new one for me also. Glad you have someone to cook you some good food,I am getting tired of the same old thing. Love the picture of Ivy. Plants and pets, sounds like a good afternoon!

    1. Oh yes I have lots of entertainment.

  8. That pic of Ivy is so cute !!! She is such a character. Looking forward to seeing your
    garden grow.

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing my garden grow! It gives me such joy.

  9. Nice selection of flowers and plants! I’m looking forward to my Mother’s Day flowers that my daughter buys for me !

    1. That’s so nice of her, and also something to really look forward to. That doesn’t change though lots of things have changed this year.

  10. Looks like you got some beautiful flowers. I know you will be excited to get them planted this weekend. I called downstairs and the manager said it will be next week before they get the garden spaces handed out. In the meantime I have ordered some wild flower and zinnia seed from Etsy. I plan to plant half my space with the seeds and the other half with a few veggies. xo Laura

    1. I wish you lived around here and I’d let you garden on my patio.

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