Colder Weather & The Daily Antics Of The Pet Babies

I got out early this morning to get a few groceries. It’s cold, supposed to freeze tonight, so I’m preparing for a weekend to snuggle in with my babies.

Charlie seems to be doing a bit better. I’m staying on top of his medication schedule and making sure he swallows it.

A friend in North Carolina told me to get all the scented products out of my apartment, which she had to do for her dog. So yesterday I put all the candles away. I put the small ones in zip lock bags and put them all in the closet for now.

I had to buy a regular mop this morning because the Swiffer solution is scented. I just ordered and received in the past two weeks Mrs. Meyer’s detergent and fabric softener. So I’ll go easy on using those when I do laundry.

Ivy sleeping on quilts

Does this look like a happy, comfy, sleeping cat? She loves this stack of quilts next to my bed.

I am typically awakened each morning by a knobby little head kneading up against me. If I’m cold and have the blanket over my head, she will stick her head under the covers and let me know it’s time to get up. And to refill her bowl of food.

Sometimes I’ll hold the blanket over my head for a few more minutes of rest. But little Ivy is persistent and doesn’t take no for an answer.

This morning I laid in bed for a bit to play with her. You know how a cat will pounce on anything that moves. I put my hand under the cover and move it around to tease her. She hovers close to the bedding, her eyes wide and excited, before she jumps on the bump in the covers.

She is so funny. She also keeps bringing the plastic bags out of the closet I keep there to clean her cat box. She loves to wear the plastic bags around and play with them.


She is also still carrying around that red and white checked curtain tie. I don’t know what it is about that little piece of fabric.

She seems to have lost the pumpkin stem. So her main focus is the curtain tie.

Ivy on bathroom floor

She will carry it around with her. Then she’ll pick it up in her mouth and jump into the bathtub with it. I can’t count how many times a day I hear myself say to her: “Silly little Ivy.”

She’s growing. She’s not so little anymore actually. She’s filled out. It’s no wonder since she loves to eat. She finishes her own food and then tries to eat Charlie’s food.

I pick her up and let him eat. He only has two teeth and she has a mouthful of sharp little teeth.

I made sure to get more eggs this morning. Ivy loves the boiled egg I give Charlie once per day, so now I fix two and make sure Charlie gets his share. That egg is the highlight of his day.

Charlie on the bed

I looked in the hall closet where the energy crew was working yesterday. They have sealed off and insulated a lot of the inside. I’m hoping my electric bill will benefit from all their work.

Before the owner took the management of these apartments back, we didn’t get much done. I have a feeling the management company, which has a bad reputation all over town, was taking the money and not doing any updates.

The owner lives in Dallas. How would he know?

Microwave with fall gourds on top

I was told when the owner took the reins again, they came in and found 20 apartments in complete disarray and not anywhere near in any shape to rent. Plus they’d stolen the copper and such out of the apartments.

I hated that bunch. They were hateful, rude, and I think crooked as a dog’s hind leg. I’m so glad the owner fired them and took over. I think he was getting royally screwed.

Now we’re getting some updates. I’m not talking granite counter tops, which I care nothing about anyway. But things we need like insulation and the sealing of holes where heat and air was escaping.

I understand from the manager that they’re bringing in people to fix the outdoor leaky faucets that are probably keeping our water bill cost raised. They divide the cost of the water with all the residents and we pay it with our rent each month.

One more pic of Ivy Lou and I’m going to get out and walk down to the manager’s office. I’ll take Charlie with me.

Some of the women gather there and visit from time and time. And that will get me away from the computer in order to rest my hands from typing.

Plus I need to walk out in the sunshine I see outside my storm door.

If I stay here, I’ll end up checking things online. Then I’ll check something else and before long hours have passed and my hands are really sore.

Ivy sleeping

Doesn’t she look sweet and innocent tucked into the couch cushion?

Happy weekend!



  1. We had close to 3 inches of snow here, and the average temperature which is normally around 50 high during the day has disappeared! Likewise with autumn – we had maybe a few weeks of it, if that. Last night it looked like a blizzard outside. The winds picked up yesterday afternoon but about 1 a.m. this morning they really started howling out of the northwest and were blowing what was left of the snow still on roofs and trees all over the place. This morning I woke up to inches deep drifts although we didn’t get any new snow (thank goodness!) Leaves were still all over several trees in my neighborhood, but after those winds came through last night (so strong they woke me up howling past my bedroom windows) this morning everything looks pretty bare. It makes me sad. This is way too early. We had wind chills earlier this morning of around 15 degrees. The Sun is out though, and the sky is pretty clear. The roadways have melted away the snow drift from all the blowing last night and the sidewalks are okay too – didn’t have to salt or shovel. Things are a mess, though, with blown off leaves all over snowed covered lawns. Geez Louise – you just can’t win with this “new normal” weather, which isn’t anywhere near what normal used to be! One of the commenters mentioned how her pets have had issues adjusting to daylight savings time. I and my tribe (herd?) of squirrels do, too. Now when I get up, although it says 6:30 a.m. on the clock (I get up later since I retired 3 years ago), I know in my body clock and by the level of light outside that it’s actually 7:30 a.m., and so do the squirrels. They are busy climbing on the patio door screen (which stays on all year although I know I should figure out how to remove it and stash it in the garage for the winter) and shaking/rattling it against the window! It makes a racket, more than enough to get my attention. The little buggers, they sure are smart! Of course I always open up the patio door and throw out hands-full of nuts. They are SO fat and furry this year, they seem larger (fatter/furrier) than usual. That doesn’t bode well for what kind of winter this is going to be. I just hope it’s not as bad as the winter of 2012-2013 was when we had a nearly constant “Polar Vortex” parked over SE Wisconsin. YECHY! It was SO awful for weeks at a time as the Vortex never seemed to move, temperatures with wind chills nearly every day 20 to 30 below zero and no sunshine to be seen. Now being retired, I can pick the times I venture out. Tomorrow it is supposed to get into the high 30s and still be sunny, so I will head to the supermarket then and stock up. I’m running out of everything, it’s time to go but I’d been postponing the trip because it was just too nasty to walk the long half mile there, and then lug 20 pounds of groceries the long half mile back in 2 canvas totes. You’d think I’d have the arms of Popeye by now, but sadly, they still look fat and flabby. Oh well.

  2. Love love love Miss Ivy Lou and Charlie too !
    These guys make my day !
    Oh and by the way my name is Kathy Lou ,I forgot to tell you that when you named Ivy Lou !
    Have a great weekend and stay warm it is cold on the mountain here in Tennessee !

  3. Love your stories Brenda! Our cat recently discover a wooden clothespin on the floor that I had dropped. We have tile floors. That thing has made the trip around the house a million times?
    Maybe that can replace Ivy’s stem she loved so much?

  4. I’ve read that the Swiffer residue on floors is harmful to pets. I hope that replacing it helps Charlie to feel better.

    I’ve used an unscented laundry soap called Charlie’s Soap (perfect!) for years and like it a lot. My 14 year-old little dog, Daisy, is having issues with anxiety and what I think may be mini-seizures. It seems so unfair that aging happens so fast for our pets.

    We adopted a new kitten a few months ago and named him Henry. That quickly morphed into “Goober.” He’s such a Goob! Does Ivy have nicknames yet?

  5. I’ve had two cats in my life. With my first one, I would feed her in the morning. So guess who would wake me up earlier, and earlier, and earlier, and earlier… you can see where this is going. I learned my lesson! With my second cat, I would feed him in the afternoon – no 4 AM wake up nudges! I don’t know if that is doable for you, but something to think about. Those cats – they are smart!

  6. Ivy looks asleep, but she could still be listening with those upright ears! We’ve been to two pet rescue shelters in the past two weeks looking at young cats, in search of a pal for Calvin. We haven’t found the right one yet. We will know when we see her or him. It’s a big job to find a cat who will fit in as well as Ivy has at your place. We’ve had lots of rain here and now it has gotten very cold. When we drove to the pet shelter this afternoon we enjoyed the colors because of the surprises — the sky was gray and most trees have lost their leaves but there were some bright spots of orange here and there. One little tree stood out just like a candle burning. I like the somber feel of this time of year.

  7. I love hearing about Ivy and Charlie and their doings. On the one hand it’s somewhat of a substitute for having a dog and on the other hand it brings up the grief of losing my Tavi. The geriatric cats here aren’t much entertainment. They eat, sleep, look out the window and growl at each other! The older one, Rhoda, is affectionate, though. Whenever my grandsons and I sit on the couch to read she comes up and wants to snuggle into my lap. And when I sit down to use the computer the younger one, Tuula, sits on the foot stool next to me and wants to be petted. She’ll reach out her paw and snag my pants if I don’t keep petting her head. Makes it hard to type!

    I’m so glad Charlie is doing a little better. Hopefully that will continue, especially with the scented candles gone. Look for some unscented ones or some of those that have little light bulbs in them. I have a few of those. They are alright and safe with the boys here, but I don’t like them nearly a much as actual wax candles that you light. I don’t do scented, though and I use beeswax or soy ones whenever I can get them at a good price.

    It’s great that your management is taking care of the property better. Also, that you are connecting with some of the other folks who live there. I think we all need that stimulation–but on our own schedules for those of us who love our privacy and solitude.

    Snowed here last night. Not much, but some stuck. I guess I have to accept that Winter is actually here, much as I hate to!

    Give some pats to the little ones and hugs to you, Brenda. Have a peaceful evening.

  8. You may consider heating pads for Charlie & Ivy, tucked under their blanket, pet bed or (in Ivy’s case) under the first layer of folded quilt. My 11 yr. old kitty, Tiger Lily, loves the warmth. My heating pad automatically shuts off every 2 hours for safety. To corral those plastic litter bags, I stuff them into an empty Kleenex box and put the small box on the closet shelf. You can stuff a lot of bags into those tissue boxes!

  9. My four legged alarm clocks haven’t gotten accustomed to new time. They try to get breakfast and hour early. I love them to pieces.
    FYI From 2-7 months, cats gain about a pound a month.

  10. Snowed here during the night, we have an inch or two, on the ground. But the wind is blowing, so that makes it really cold walking , so gotta wear a hood and mittens, to walk even a short way. More snow is on the way, this afternoon. I already am ready for spring, and winter hasn’t even really begun…Love the picture of Ivy on the quilts, and I LOVE your quilts. They sure do make your home so warm and cozy. Do you still make them?? I can just see Ivy getting into your scraps, or squares that have been already cut, and hiding them all over. Glad to hear Charlie is on the mend. Would not have thought about the candles, hope that does the trick. Have a nice cozy weekend. Love to all 3 of you…

  11. Brenda,

    I love Ivy stories and a favorite picture is when she is snuggled on your quilts (I’m jealous as I love quilts), but you know Charlie has my heart and I always breathe a little easier when I know he’s feeling better.


    1. Hi, Just a caution about the plastic bags, just like a small child, she might suffocate if she wraps it around herself or gets into it as she’s playing. I’m sure you don’t let her get at them when you leave your cozy home. Loving your stories. Barb

  12. My little duplex is so well insulated that my electric bills are really good!! I hope yours get better. Happy to hear they are finally doing some maintenance there. Oh that Ivy she is a wild one but so cute. I hope Charlie feels better. I know candles and anything scented make me cough and my nose run so maybe it will help Charlie! Hugs!

  13. It’s cold here and we got some snow last night…yuk!
    Funny how Ivy honed in on that curtain tie–no need to purchase toys I guess.
    I am glad Charlie seems better, poor little guy!
    Have a cozy weekend!

  14. Taking a walk in the sunshine and talking to people instead of staying home, is great for your spirit and soul!
    It finally stopped raining so I need to rake my front and back lawn b4 that weather comes here!?

    1. The poor maintenance men were in the office saying their shed was awful cold. I gave a Duraflame stove like mine to a maintenance man once for the shed, but he took it with him. So I told them to come get my other one. As long as I have heat, I don’t need it. Yes, I find that I’m getting out more.

  15. Adorable pictures and I hope your utility bills will drop! Be careful with those plastic bags as I don’t want Ivy to strangle her little self or decide to start chewing on that plastic. Atlanta is going to get freezing weather tonight too so I think it will be a nice weekend to snuggle with Molly. Enjoy your weekend!

    Carol and Molly

    1. Hahaha ,,,, not so innocent, BUT truly a funny & sweet kitty! Everyone loves ❤ your “littles” Brenda. Very cold (❄ snow! ❄) here in Chicago,,,,, brrr. Our joints know. My fingers & knees are hurting. Gotta prepare for a long winter. Let’s all cozy-up with our sweeties! Glad to read Charlie is a bit better. Eventually Ivy will keep her distance! Well, maybe. ? Enjoy the weekend Brenda.

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