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  1. This was a beautiful post. It made me smile bringing back my own childhood memories, much like everyone else’s. Good times. “The good ole days.”

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  3. I was remembering things about my grandmother and grandfather tonight with my husband, who knew them well too. They always lived in an almost poor fashion…even when it was not required. They gave to their family in so many ways. But lived a very simple life. Grandma did not make many different recipes, but whatever she fixed, no one made it better!! Tonight I made us a simple supper (kind of to celebrate our engagement 52 years ago tonight)…just some swedish meatballs, instant mashed potatoes and some green beans, with some canned apricots for dessert. Can’t get much simpler. But as I told my hubby and he agreed, no restaurant around here that we have tried cooks any better (and it costs a lot less to do at home too). I told him in a way, it was peasant food, but in a way we are peasants and would not want it otherwise. And you are so right…the food we had growing up DID taste better and was healthier!! A lot of it home grown. (I know eating canned fruit is less than the best…but here, other than apples and bananas, you can forget decent fruit anyway, for ANY price. At least the canned is not thrown away because it never ripened. This is a smaller town…must get all the leftover fresh stuff not wanted elsewhere…)

  4. Growing up in the midwest, my favorite breakfast was fried apples with homemade biscuits. My grandmother picked the apples from the huge tree in our backyard. I so wish I could remember the name of that apple tree. The ones I get out of the grocery store are always so tart or mealy-textured. Seems I remember the names Rome and Winesap.

  5. I absolutely crave sites like these. They give me such peace. Thanks for another great link! A woman after my own heart!

  6. I sometimes yearn for simpler ways, too. I like my modern conveniences (especially having a car!), but I’d love a bigger garden (we don’t have enough sun on our tiny piece of property), for one thing. My mom grew up much like you did, and lived some of her childhood with her grandparents. Her granny used to kill their chickens for dinner and my mom would always say she wouldn’t eat them. But then that fried chicken would appear on the table and look and smell so good…and when you’re hungry… 😉

    I would love to learn to can, if I could do it alongside someone who knew what they were doing. I have no desire to learn how to do it via a book or youtube.

    I’m going to check out that blog and book of the first woman you mentioned, thanks.

  7. Memories, yes Brenda different times for sure. My parents didn’t have a car, nor a telephone back in the “olden” days, 1940’s. My Mom had a small garden in the backyard of the house we rented. I remember the tomatoes, and lots of flowers, don’t remember what else was in the garden, but I loved the smell and the taste,of course, of those tomatoes.

    Back in the day, I played outside all day long, with the neighbor kids, roller skating on the sidewalks, playing hop scotch, jumping rope, playing marble games or Jacks. Lots of quiet days with a best friend sitting under a shade tree, with our dolls, or paper dolls.
    Wonderful sweet memories. So long gone…

    1. Bonnie, you brought back so many happy memories of my childhood. Playing with the neighborhood kids, especially my best friend. We would play “house” in my garage with our dolls. We also had paper dolls. I had a doll house. Played with jacks and marbles and jump ropes, roller skated. The good old days for sure!

  8. Even though I live in a large city I live a pretty quite, happy life. I love making my own plant based food, I don’t make bread anymore as it was never a success. Its easy not to buy as many clothes as I used to now I am retired. I don’t buy anything I don’t need, ok probably I do splurge on pretty paper for my crafts and a few craft tools. My husband and I love gardening and just being in the garden, the wildlife are welcome, even skunks if they are just passing through. It is good feeling to feel content with what you have and what you are doing to make your life enjoyable.

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