1. Yesterday here in lower mid-Michigan was beautiful with mild temperatures. Sunny and very pleasant for the trick-or-treaters. I didn’t have so many as some years and have way too much candy left over! Today has been cloudy with rain again this afternoon and evening and colder.

    Your photos of the park are gorgeous. It looks like a wonderful place to visit. Many of the leaves here have turned and fallen. It’s been so wet that they are plastered to the sidewalk and not much fun to walk through and collect. That is always one of my favorite things to do in the Fall. I love the image with the squirrel in the background and the one of the Queen Anne’s Lace or whatever it might be. Queen Anne’s Lace is one of my very favorite “weeds.”

    How nice that Charlie has decided to cuddle a little. Maybe he was chilly, too. Little Miss Lily is quite the girl. So curious about everything, as are most kittens, and full of energy. Don’t you wish you could read Charlie’s mind and know his tho’ts about her? I bet they would be pretty interesting! I can imagine him thinking in “dog language”, “Hmmn, she’s really crazy! But I kind of like her and she doesn’t seem dangerous…so I guess I’ll just keep watch. I think we might be friends after all.”

    By the way, Brenda, I apologize for getting your last name totally wrong in my comment yesterday. I don’t know what I was thinking, but somehow that name popped into my mind when I went to type your last name. I must know someone with it. But who is anybody’s guess! Anyway, sorry for being so dim.

    I’m hoping for sunshine tomorrow–as I always am. Lower Michigan is one of the cloudiest states in the Fall and Winter because of the “lake effect.” I should have re-located to a sunnier place right after I was born! The greyness is just so depressing.

    Tomorrow is Friday again. How does the week go so fast? Hope you have a good weekend with nice weather. Hugs and pats.

    1. No worries about the misspelling. It happens all the time. I often find that the “weeds” are better than the flowers when taking photos.

  2. Hi Brenda: You probably already know this but I thought it was worth mentioning. My last little female kitty got the spool of thread of my sewing machine and swallowed it all. She was unable to pass the thread and ended up having surgery that cost $1700 (5 years ago). I should have been more careful about leaving my sewing stuff out but wasn’t. She was very sick and lucky the vets were able to save her. Don’t want anyone else to have to go through this. Love your posts!

    1. Thanks for letting me know that. Ouch for the cost! But worth it to save her. I no longer can sew due to arthritis. But I’ll remember what you said about like objects. Don’t want to lose my Ivy!

    1. Welcome, Dianna! Hope you enjoy yourself here. We are a group of women that like to help one another.

  3. I’m loving those pictures of that beautiful park! All the wood cravings…someone’s creative! It’s been raining off and on today and it’s suppose to continue for a few more days. I need to rake all my leaves up soon b4 it s…not saying that word. ?

    I’m glad Charlie is getting closer to you. He doesn’t want to be left out it sounds like. ?

    1. I wrote all those wood carvings but of course it didn’t come out right. ?

  4. Looks like a pea vine blossom. Here in New England it is 65 degrees today. My burning bushes are bright red now and the maple trees bright yellow and dropping leaves like crazy. We are predicted to have rain and wind tomorrow. Love the pet pictures! Colleen and Baron

    1. Good morning, Colleen and Baron. I’m back to the comments this morning. We had rain for several days. Think it may be dry for a bit here.

  5. Gorgeous photographs! When I saw the photo with the Queen Anne’s Lace (I believe it’s a plant related to the carrot family, believe it or not; not sure about chamomile) I gasped; mine were over flowering by the end of September.

  6. I read your blog every morning and have been enjoying it for several years. In central Texas, it has been in the 80’s for the last several days, but yesterday around 5:00 P.m., a cold front blew in with wind, rain, and much cooler temperatures…not a great night for Halloween. Our native tree is the Cedar Elm, and its leaves have been falling for a while…the leaves are small and have serrated edges. I am so glad that you got a kitty…they are so entertaining. My daughter and son-in-law have three pups and two kitties. The kitties are named Ruby and Mabel (after two of my aunts). Have a great rest of your day.

  7. So sweet that Charlie is now more outgoing, wanted to snuggle with you and liking his picture taken now. He is really blossoming isn’t he?

  8. Hello. The first plant you ask about appears to be some member of the apiaceae family — that’s the family that has carrots, parsley and Queen Anne’s Lace in it. Plants in this family are also called umbellifers. I can’t tell how tall the plant is in your photo, so, I’m not sure of its exact identity. The second plant you ask about appears to be part of the fabaceae, or pea, family. That park looks very beautiful and full of wonderful things. Thanks for sharing it.

      1. I thought it was part of the Pea family, too.

        Gorgeous photos–again!

  9. How sweet that Charlie was snuggled up to you this morning!
    Your photos are lovely. The weather here has been beautiful for a few days. Many of the trees have lost their leaves but still some pretty ones to be seen. My Japanese maple is a gorgeous bright scarlet.

  10. Your photographs are beautiful; I always look forward to them. The one through the iron gate looks like a stain glass window.
    Do you think Ruby is part Turkish Van? She certainly has the personality of loving water, active and energetic. http://www.vetstreet.com/cats/turkish-van

  11. I always look forward to reading about you, Charlie and Ivy. I was awakened by tornado sirens @ 5:30 this morning uck! Luckily only just a few limbs down. My poor Priss was not sure at all about all the noise!

  12. Wonderful pix! Of course Ivy Lou won’t clean up her messes… that is what her 2 legged food dispensing unit is for!!!

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