Ivy has this thing about shoes.

Remember that first night when she stuffed a dead cricket into the toes of my house slippers and I got up in the middle of the night and put them on?

That was not pleasant.

Last night in the wee dark hours I got up and put one shoe on to let Charlie out. I used my other foot to feel around the floor to find the other. Finally I turned the light on.

She had put the other shoe under the bed in the middle where I couldn’t get it.

Vignette on wall shelf

This morning when I got up I got my yard stick to ferret it out. But Ivy had already pushed it out the other side, so I got lucky and didn’t have to get down on the hard floor.

She puts things in shoes. She plays with shoes. She takes my shoes and adds a toy to the mix and plays with them both, rolling around the floor.

What is this thing with Ivy and shoes?

ivy on her cat tree

After I wake up in the morning and I’m stretching in bed about to get up, Ivy typically plays on her cat tree by the bedroom window. She flips and she flops and she turns upside down.

Sometimes she looks to be hanging by a thread with one paw and I fear she will fall and hurt herself.

But then, don’t they say cats always land on their feet?

I sure hope so. She’s already goofy enough. I don’t want her brain addled as well.

Living room vignette

Then I finally get myself up and get the yoga mat out of the closet and get down on the floor for some morning stretches. It always makes my back feel better for the rest of the day.

Ivy decides she will stretch with me on the mat. But her stretching entails sinking her mighty sharp claws into my feet.

Charlie on pet bed

Then we all head to the kitchen, where I proceed to change their water and nuke myself a bowl of oatmeal. While it’s in the microwave I brew my one cup of daily coffee.

Ivy was in the hall playing with a toy when I sat down with my coffee.

She was not watching when I surreptitiously slipped my paper towel down the side of the couch cushion. Which I like to have handy in case I spill some coffee.

I’ll be darned if soon after that she jumped up here and dug the paper towel out and ran off with it. She did not see me put it there. So how did she know?

Do cats have eyes in the back of their heads?

Ivy with a paper towel

She rips at it awhile and then prances across the floor with it likes she’s the queen of Bounty paper towels.

She looks downright proud of herself.

charlie on the couch

Charlie is next to me on the pet bed and looking down at Ivy ripping up the paper towel. He seems to know she isn’t supposed to be doing this. So he started growling at her.

When she wouldn’t stop tearing it up, he began barking at her, as though that would put a stop to this silliness.

It didn’t.

Now he’s back to growling at her.

And guess what?

Ivy’s now trying to stuff the paper towel into my sneaker.

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  1. I’m a one cup of coffee a day person too. Nice to know I’m not the only one 🙂 I was curious about cats and shoes so I did a quick search. I had a hunch it has something to do with our scent, because feet put out sweat and a definitive odor in our shoes over time, even if we don’t really smell it (no gym shoes syndrome). Sure enough, this is what I found, absolutely fascinating: https://iheartcats.com/why-do-cats-love-shoes-so-much-here-are-some-possible-explanations/

    1. That’s some of what I was going to say, too. Our dog trainer told us the reason our furry girl was leaving drool in my Husband’s slippers is because dogs adore the scent of their owners, and it’s super-strong there!

  2. Ivy is the most busy cat I’ve ever heard of! She beats out any kittens I’ve ever been around. She seems like a happy gal. My husband does yoga or tai chi every morning for his back pains. Our cat Calvin likes it best when he does yoga because it involves getting out a mat. Calvin loves to sit on the mat and try to get a head scratch. We’ve been considering getting another cat for Calvin to play with because we’ve never had just one cat. We got Calvin when one of our cats died, so he’d be a companion to the remaining cat. But then she died, and we’ve had only Calvin for six months. I went to the Humane Society yesterday to look at the cats. I had a certain one in mind, a gray tabby boy named Julius. But the attendant said that Julius was very attached to his sister Julie. She asked if I would consider taking both of them. I had to say no, since we already have Calvin, and our budget and small house can’t handle three cats. I didn’t want to split up Julius and Julie, so, we will have to go back to the Humane Society on the weekend so we both can give the other cats a good look.

  3. This is a hilarious accounting of the antics of Ivy. Hey, that could be a book title: The Antics of Ivy, by Brenda Khula (sp.?) You are such a good writer I’m sure you could get it published! Of course Charlie would have to be included in the stories and perhaps also in the title. Such great entertainment the two of them provide for all of us!

    I love the big wooden cow in your one vignette in this blog. My little collection of cows is growing. The last one I found is a small brown iron one. Very plain but unique. I also found a tin one with a planter box attached to the back that I’m anxious to clean up and plant something in.

    Did Andrew do Halloween? My grandsons had a great time marching in the neighborhood Halloween Parade, then eating pizza at one of the parents’ houses and finally Trick or Treating around the neighborhood. But, lordy, lordy what a haul of candy they brought home. My daughter is good about rationing it out for a few days and at some point what’s left disappears. The boys dressed up like Mario and Luigi for the second year. They are characters from one of the video games they play at their dad’s. I’m not so gung-ho about the video games but they did look cute in their coveralls and Mario and Luigi caps. I had quite a few kids come to my door but I still have a ton of candy left as I bought way too much. I put some of it in the freezer: other wise I would eat way too much of it myself!

    I didn’t do nearly as much Halloween decorating this year as I’ve done before. I just didn’t have the energy and I’m okay with that. In fact, it felt good not to be doing as much.

    Well, I will say goodnight now and wish you and Ivy and Charlie a fun-and antic-filled rest of the week. Hugs and Pats.

  4. I love love love your post today I can just see all this going on in your cozy lil house . I await your photos and blog every day .You inspire me and mine .
    My Kramer cat also likes shoes but if he ever put a mouse in one I know I would have a heart attack .
    Charlie is like our Mallory she is Twelve and very tired but she will put up with Kramer cat to a certain extent but will growl also and bark if it becomes too much !
    Thank you for inspiring me and mine and I can hear the happiness and joy in your posts now !I am so glad you got Ivy she was just what you guys needed !Hugs to you all !

  5. I think Charlie is just enjoying his Alpha status which he has not had the opportunity to exert in the past. They both seem to feel very comfortable with one another while at the same time trying to establish who reigns which is of course Miss Ivy, but she obviously knows what she can and can’t by with which seems to be nothing. It doesn’t take long for them to realize who is the trainee and who is the trainer. Somehow I always end up being the trainee!

  6. Charlie trying to “police” Ivy is priceless! At least Ivy is keeping you two entertained. I think Miss Ivy has your routine down and she is a smart little kitty. I’m enjoying these stories of you three, keep them coming (doesn’t need to be said, but with pictures!)
    Enjoy your afternoon.

    Carol and Molly

  7. I don’t know why but some cats seem to have a thing about shoes. Our Dexter will lay with his head in a shoe and my hairdresser told me that her cat fetches her Dad’s sock out of his shoes and seems to be enjoying the smell!

  8. I’m lovin’ the escapades of Charlie and Ivy. I can just see him barking and growling at her. How fun is that. I’m so glad you got her. She is giving you so much fun, Charlie, too, he just doesn’t know it!!

  9. Ohhhh …… Sure ? loving these super funny Ivy. escapades! LOL with Charlie barking & growling! Obviously Ivy isn’t afraid of him. Wonderful ? Halloween “treats” for us! Thanks Brenda.

    1. She’s not afraid of him. But when he snaps at her, she stops what she’s doing and just stares at him as if to say: What put a twist in your panties?

  10. Not only did you get the perfect pet for you and Charlie, but Ivy’s an endless source of entertainment for you two AND for all of us readers! Never a boring moment with her in the house.

    1. She’s been sleeping for a couple of hours. Which means she’ll be full of energy about the time I’m worn out. She’s on one bed, Charlie’s on the one closest to me. They switch back and forth.

  11. What a great little group you three are! I’m enjoying the exploits of Ivy and Charlie. Isn’t it amazing how much Charlie has changed and “come into his own” a little? That Ivy is a real little pistol!!

    1. Yes, it is. He suddenly wants his photo taken. And he puts up with Ivy as best he can, but then he might snap at her if she gets too irritating. Especially when he’s sleeping.

  12. HA! Cats have some mighty strange wiring in their brains but this wiring sure makes it fun for us humans (and Charlie) to watch. Ivy is having herself a grand old time with the simplest of items and providing us all a wealth of entertainment. She is definitely not a boring fur baby.

    Have a great day.

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